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Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by bgsteiner, Sep 21, 2014.


Drop cauldron and all the plugins to update to 1.0.2

Poll closed Dec 21, 2014.
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  2. No

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  1. tigerfrog555

    tigerfrog555 New Member

    The server is down for some reason, although I feel I had something to do with it somehow... I was placing a planter on top of an item conduit and I froze, then it said I was disconnected. Are you currently updating it?
  2. Knotts

    Knotts New Member

    dont think its ur fault tiger, its gone down every day for 3 days that i know of. and its been around the same time, give or take a few hours. but i got server closed message when it went down.
  3. tigerfrog555

    tigerfrog555 New Member

    I wonder if this is either a side effect of the update in progress, if the update will fix this, or bg is just messing with us XD
  4. bgsteiner

    bgsteiner New Member

    I am not working on the server for future notice this forum is only checked once daily please use our forums or support email to contact me. As i will be able to respond in a more timely manor.
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  5. bgsteiner

    bgsteiner New Member

    I have finished updating the server to 1.0.4 hopefully this will resolve some of the issues we have run into recently
  6. Eleyond

    Eleyond New Member

    1.) IGN: Yagasira
    2.) Age: 35
    3.) Been so long I forgot. Think I bought Minecraft around 2009? 2012? One of those, so about 4-6 years.
    4.) I've been checking out the different modpacks, and I found the Direwolf20 modpack to have everything I need and then some. I want to join this server, because this seems to be the most popular server, and I like to have people to talk to as I'm planning world domination with my flower technology, err, I mean decorating my base :)
  7. bgsteiner

    bgsteiner New Member

  8. bgsteiner

    bgsteiner New Member

    A few quick things.

    I have noticed that the server has been empty most of the time as of late. I don't know if this is due to people not having time or deciding to play elsewhere either way I am looking to expand our community even to the point where we start having server staff.

    Also I have started looking into getting 1.1.1 working with our system
    I am also looking since there seems that less people have been on and new people may be taking their place it may be time to reset the map.

    Lastly I was wondering if it would be time to pickup another mod pack in conjunction with direwolf20 if people would be interested in playing another pack.
  9. Cik

    Cik New Member

    Resetting the map is a good idea from my perspective. I log on, and with how long the existing map has been up, and with no one on, It tends to be a short stay for me too.
  10. bgsteiner

    bgsteiner New Member

  11. Gibbo3771

    Gibbo3771 New Member

    1.) IGN: Gibbo3771
    2.) Age: 23
    3.) Since early beta, 1.4 I think? Can't remember it's been quite a while.
    4.) I have been playing solo/duo direwolf/tekkit games whenever I get the MC bug, we (me and my fiance) have decided that we are probably getting bored quickly due to the lack of social interaction/community. So we want to give it a try, this server stands out for 2 reasons. One being the small capacity and two being its life time, it's been around long enough for the admin to care.

    I also read past few replies and heard about a reset, are you going through with this? Is it also possible for me to apply for my fiancé on her behalf?

    If so, details below:

    1.) IGN: stacey93
    2.) Age: 21
    3.) Same as above
    4.) Same as above

    Hopefully that is acceptable.
  12. bgsteiner

    bgsteiner New Member

    Your are both approved.
    Yes I am planning on resetting the map as early as monday the 23rd there are just a few backend things to take care of first.
    And congratulations tot he both of you and welcome to the community.
  13. bgsteiner

    bgsteiner New Member

    I am in the process of upgrading the server and it will appear offline or be inaccessible until i have everything setup. Once complete it will be a new map in v1.1.1
  14. A4Brogan

    A4Brogan New Member

    1.) IGN: A4Brogan
    2.) Age: 24
    3.) How long have you been playing Minecraft? Since Alpha, but dabbled in its classic version
    4.) Why do you want to join our server? Tired of being all alone, especially since Nirrius shut down.
  15. Gibbo3771

    Gibbo3771 New Member

    Server appears to be up for me, however it claims I am not white listed.
  16. joi_98

    joi_98 New Member

  17. bgsteiner

    bgsteiner New Member

    Does no one read
    I am in the process of upgrading the server and it will appear offline or be inaccessible until i have everything setup. Once complete it will be a new map in v1.1.1

    But FTB went down for me and I cant get on anymore
  18. chimebox

    chimebox New Member

    1.) IGN: chimebox
    2.) Age: (optional) 25
    3.) How long have you been playing Minecraft? about 3 years
    4.) Why do you want to join our server? i used to be whitelisted, but stopped due to personal reasons. hoping to get back into playing smp again
  19. bgsteiner

    bgsteiner New Member


    You are already whitelisted please read the posts above

    Also even though I have no way of getting on the server ill put it up and open it so at least you all can play.
  20. A4Brogan

    A4Brogan New Member

    Apparently I am not on the whitelist yet. Thank you for the approval though!

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