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  1. Astasia

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    The quest that tells you to dial in the first world then step into the beam, probably doesn't need the first "go to location" step that requires rubbing your face on the dial machine. The quest tells you to use the machine and step in the light, it doesn't say anything about giving it a hug first. It's very easy to use the machine and not complete that step without realizing it, then you end up in another world with your quest progress stuck and no idea what to do. Not everyone knows to use /hqm edit to fix stuff like that.

    The items in the starting chest have a combined EMC value of like 200 million or something ridiculous. I've seen the recipe changes, but it's impossible to make ProjectE hard enough to get into where those kind of numbers make sense. That's free unlimited everything the instant you get a condenser.

    All of the people who have responded to complaints about the inventory issue (that I remember) have countered with "it's easy to get around using bags." If it's so easy to get around, what is the point? Why is it fun? It's just many extra minutes standing around moving items around between bars and bags and chests. I don't see that as a challenge, or an interesting mechanic, it's just tedium (and buggy). This is something I quickly disabled, and I would suggest at least making a note of what mod is doing this and how to stop it in the OP or something because I can see many, many, people just abandoning the pack the moment they realize they only have a few items slots. At least if they know how to turn it off before going into the mod they might do so and continue playing instead of just lolnope-ing away, the rest of the pack seems interesting and it would be a shame if many people missed out on it because of something like that.

    The recipes for the teleporting machine thingies you have set to only require a few pieces of wood, are just way too silly. I understand you want to make them easy to get, but making stuff like that out of wood is just very immersion breaking, and this pack otherwise has a very good theme and story going that is easy to get immersed in. I would suggest reverting their recipes or at least making them slightly more believable, and then hand out a few in the early quests so people can get a few worlds set up before having to craft more.

    For your minetweaker issues, split your script up into little pieces so when one breaks the whole thing doesn't fall apart. The way minetweaker works is if there is a single error in a script file, the entire file stops working, but every other script file will continue to work just fine. Most mod packs split them up by mod, that also allows mods to be removed without affecting the other scripts, though not exactly relevant when the mods are important to quest progression or whatnot. Also you say you have forced peaceful in the script, but I see that line as commented out.

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  2. Gemberkoekje

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    Sup. Nice pack. Question: How am I supposed to do the "Galaxy" Quest, the final quest in the Voyager section? Just create any other dimension? or is the "Sol" dimension something specific, and I'm missing something?
  3. chromo1418

    chromo1418 Active Member

    Can i recommend a mod for the next update? It would be Aroma Core + Backup. It seems i created a dim which destroyed my save.:(
    With that you could go back a save without loosing all your progress.
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  4. It actually is an ore that you can find while mining.
  5. Gemberkoekje

    Gemberkoekje New Member

    I found the sparkly stuff (can't remember the name of it) but the quest is talking about a place, not an item.
  6. Kaiasha

    Kaiasha New Member

    I think you have to go to a newer dimension, I completed by going to the second dimension I made.
  7. Kaiasha

    Kaiasha New Member

    By the way, is it the modpacks intent for you to be able to dissassemble the tools in the ship (Outside of the teleporter to home), so you can build RF stuff on your home world?
  8. Katekyi

    Katekyi Active Member

    Ive been following the quest book and upgrading my pickaxe as Ive got to the new materials. Ferrous pickaxe made but when I try to repair it with ferrous ingots (made in the smelter) it doesnt repair.
  9. Gideonseymour

    Gideonseymour Relatable Gamer Trusted User Retired Staff

    My issue with this is that people... don't read the quest book. If I don't have them go to the dialing device, they come complain that they don't know how to teleport.
    Yeah, I'm reworking the EMC values as we speak.
    I knew it was going to be unpopular going into it. But, I stand by my deciscion to have it in the pack. I'd prefer this over having it blend into the hundreds of pack that focus on hunger and thirst and tool progression.
    That's not a bad idea. I'll take care of that now.
    Yeah, it's currently commented out due to an issue with that mod. I believe it's fixed now.
    Sol is any dimension with ID 4, which should be the second world you create.
    Yeah, I already have those in my instance.

    As well, the save-destroying bug upon crash should be fixed in the latest RFTools, which will be in tonight's update.
    If you want.
    Fixed in tonight's update
  10. egor66

    egor66 Well-Known Member

    Note if you die you spawn on the ship, you will need to tp out, so leave the basics at least.

    By that stage I had alumite tools, so no need for the ferrous, hint make alumite asap to mine cobolt etc.
  11. NJM1564

    NJM1564 Over-Achiever

    There is a new FR tool config that lets you sleep in RF worlds. It won't effect day night but it will set your spawn point. Might want to add that to the next version.
  12. Dracology

    Dracology New Member

    Exploding beds is def not a feature that should be in this pack. re spawning on the path finder can get you stuck permanently. actually you can get stuck permanently pretty easy in this pack..
  13. NJM1564

    NJM1564 Over-Achiever

    Yah I'd like to see a power core surrounded in bedrock with a creative cap or cell set to output at a low level to keep things charged up.
    Though you would have to have the power conduit pass through a u bend to keep players from getting at it.
  14. Maybe I don't see something that is obvious, but how are we supposed to get nether wart for the Universal seed quest? Do we have to create a new dimension with specific dimlets?
  15. DeadLiner

    DeadLiner Active Member

    You can have it even more easy. Just mine some platinum ore which you can get with redstone mining level. A shiny ingot/platinum pickaxe-head can mine Cobalt and from there it's do whatever.

    After completing the pack, the only thing I regret is the length of the pack when you use ProjectE. By the time I had most of the book completed, I did visit like 5 worlds and had so much EMC....
    The only thing which kept me going was the search for nether wart and although there are so many structures that spawn in the world, most of them are just so repetative and offer almost no loot, except for cobwebs, bones and rotten flesh. And if Gideon adds a recipe for netherwart even this "searching" part is gone.

    In my travels I found several mobspawners, can I do anything with them?

    Also crossbreeding was for some part really annoying. Wheat has like 4 different seeds to mutate to alone with itself and if you try to get to 10/10/10 wheat this can get really tedious. Maybe get atleast some seed from grassdrops or hoeing grass blocks. And then there is this mod for "growing" mob drops. Which is really cool but still missing some parts like mob heads which I would have liked for farming stations etc.

    Another thing which bugged me a little bit were the reward bags. Although they are free and should just add something which is maybe not so easily gotten, the reward where entirely neglible. The bags always gave me something I just had build the tech to get or what I already had an overabundance of, and that was even before I had the Transtable. And I don't know if I was really unlucky but even the greater bag only gave me metal blocks, components for dimlets or dimlets themselves. Maybe add rewards for the other mods in the pack, so the player is encouraged to see what he can do with the reward. For example the only thing I touched from Bluepower is the alloy furnace and mining teslatite, although I know you can really build a cool sorting/storage system with it or automate things.

    So all in all, really cool pack, a little bit rough around the edges, but a good intro to RFTools dimension travels and things like the Clockwork Phase mod. 8/10 would play next modpack from PhoenixTeam. :D
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  16. Astasia

    Astasia Active Member

    I'm not saying remove it or even disable it by default, just that it's a really big deal and should probably have some sort of warning and instructions on how to deal with it, like how to expand it through gameplay, and how to remove it if the player just can't live with it. Maybe even do something like Crash Landing had where there were two exclusive quests early on, an easy mode and a hard mode, choosing easy mode could reward all the trophy items to expand the inventory and nothing else, hard mode could instead reward nothing but unlock another quest to craft one of those magnesium things and in turn reward something really good. It would give people a chance to opt out of the system if they wanted, but would reward people for sticking with it.
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  17. TerraSleet

    TerraSleet Active Member

    What I was hoping for was some way to unlock the inventory through quests relatively early on. Is this a thing later on? if not I suggest it should be a thing. It'd make a great quest reward or just a great mid/late game crafting recipe (I don't know what mod it is that disables your inventory but I imagine there's a consumable item to open up more slots?)
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  18. Cattatra

    Cattatra New Member

    So I've started a small animal farm but the babies don't seem to be growing up? Is that intentional? And what mod does it if so.
  19. Gideonseymour

    Gideonseymour Relatable Gamer Trusted User Retired Staff

    They will eventually. It takes longer, due to Hunger Overhaul.
  20. Cattatra

    Cattatra New Member

    Thanks :) I'll keep breeding then :) Also I'm struggling to find lava, or any caves for that matter, could my world have spawned without them?

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