[1.7.10] Material Energy^4

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    Spatial IO, Cookies, Potatoes, EXPLOSIONS!!!

    Imgur Album

    Mod List
    • Ancient Trees
    • Applied Energistics 2
    • BiblioCraft
    • Big Reactors
    • Chisel
    • Code Chicken Core
    • CohH Core
    • Compact Machines
    • Dense Ores
    • Ender IO
    • Ender Zoo
    • EnderTech
    • Ex-Nihilo
    • ExtraTic
    • Extra Utilities
    • HQM
    • Holo Inventory
    • Iguana Tinkers
    • Improving Minecraft
    • Inventory Tweaks
    • Lockdown
    • Mantle
    • Metallurgy 4
    • Metallurgy Core
    • Mine & Battlegear 2
    • Minechem
    • Minetweaker 3
    • Mobius Core
    • NotEnoughItems
    • OpenBlocks
    • OpenMods
    • Perfect Spawn
    • Poor Ores
    • Quadrum
    • Random Things
    • Santa's Decor
    • SciMLib
    • Thermal Expansion
    • Thermal Foundation
    • Tic Tooltips
    • Tinkers' Construct
    • Torcherino
    • Waila
    • WorldStateSaves
    • YAMPST
    • Ztones

    Updating Spatial Drives

    An update will update configs, mods, template, and scripts, however; it will not update the spatial areas you haven't explored yet. Simply move the dimension folders according to the numbers into your save to overwrite those spatial areas.

    1. null
    2. null
    3. null
    4. null
    5. null
    6. null
    7. null
    8. Chaser’s Memories
    9. Endside
    10. Inclusion Chamber
    11. Fade
    12. Reflection of Space
    13. Biosphere
    14. Miner’s Delight
    15. Rotunda
    16. Miner’s Delight^4
    17. Nethersphere
    18. Inclusion Chamber^4
    19. Rotunda^4
    20. Biosphere^4
    21. SAND
    22. Nethersphere^4
    23. null
    24. DIAMONDS
    25. Wyld’s Dreams
    26. Minime Lab
    27. Vanilla Mining
    28. Amusement Park
    29. Thermal Mining
    30. Mob System
    31. Idea Machine
    32. End Swirl

    Trouble With Performance?

    Try adding fast craft and optifine to the pack, and turn all animations off and mipmap levels to 0 in the video setting.

    • Where is the map? - Just create a new world and it will generate.
    • The game crashes when I create a new world. - Try moving the template folder into the saves folder.
    • MineChem Crash? - Post on the issue tracker here after reading this.
    • The game crashes at the Mojang screen, on first startup. - Make sure you're using the latest version of java 7, RAM at least 1GB, perm gen to at least 256. If it still doesn't work, try deleting the pack and re-install.

    For all things Material Energy^4 and my other packs:

    Player.me: player.me/parcel31u

    IRC: #MaterialEnergy
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    Aww yisss.
  3. yusei1e

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    thank you for making such amazing map as the last one
    you trully make great maps
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  4. Legacy

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    Im so excited for this pack!!
  5. CuriousBat

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  6. LivingAngryCheese

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    *backs away slowly*
  7. arunesh90

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    Awww YES I waited soooo long for this im so pumped to play it!
  8. MrDokeve

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    whats the code for the pack
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  9. sugdenjack

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    just been watching runew0lf streaming this pack. can't wait.......
  10. nintendolover123

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    I know that this is coming out in the 20th, but at what time?
  11. Strikingwolf

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    So close to the time to add this to the directory...
  12. szymex73

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    Parcel31u can I be beta tester of ME^4?
  13. Bearnado123

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    Check parcels twitter :p
  14. Yulife

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  15. Strikingwolf

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  16. Yulife

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    That one is quadruple times cuter than mine 3: ...
  17. Yulife

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    TIL: Don't step on Impluse Plates when you are low on health.
  18. Yulife

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    A few notes...
    #1 Go into "configs" -> "IGWMod.cfg" -> set update notifcation to false. It is not needed and spams the chat on login.
    #2 The reward bag with the Shortbow needs to be changed once you switch to Tinkers' Construct 1.8 as they will get removed. Rather use a Long or Crossbow.
  19. RehabOholic

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    HaHa!! I didn't know what those were, so of course instead of looking it up, I place it, and lets just say, I was screaming no,no,no,no... then that was cool.lol
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  20. parcel31u

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    Yeah, I assumed that's why it crashed when I tried updating. What's IGWMod? Lol

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