[1.7.10] Intro2Mods [Very Lite][For Uplifting Noobs]

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    This modpack is a fairly simple concept. It is meant to allow experienced players to show people who have never played with mods how cool they are (since said new users also often don’t have very good computers, I kept the mod count as low as possible as well). It does this by including standard, well-loved mods from the tech, magic, and exploration “branches” of modded Minecraft, including Thermal Expansion, Buildcraft, Thaumcraft, Twilight Forest, and several other mods to help balance out the experience. No configs have been changed (except for Headcrumbs), so this pack is as “authentic” as possible.

    Mods List:
    Buildcraft by CovertJaguar, SirSengir, Krapht, cpw, spacetoad, and asiekierka
    CodeChickenCore by Chickenbones
    NotEnoughItems by Chickenbones
    JourneyMap by techbrew
    CoFH Core by the CoFH Team
    Thermal Expansion by the CoFH Team
    Thermal Foundation by the CoFH Team
    Redstone Arsenal by the CoFH Team
    Headcrumbs by Ganymedes01
    RFDrills by goldenapple
    Thaumcraft by Azanor
    Thaumic Tinkerer by pixlepix, nekosune, and Vazkii
    Twilight Forest by Benimatic
    Simply Jetpacks by Tonius
    WAILA by ProfMobius
    Forestry by SirSengir

    Added ALL the things!

    Fixed Forge issues

    Added Simply Jetpacks by Tonius
    Added WAILA by ProfMobius
    Added Forestry by SirSengir
    Added SirSengir, KingLemming, ProfMobius, and cpw11 to Headcrumbs
    Configured Forestry to NOT generate it’s own copper or tin (so that there is only one type of copper/tin) and turned on retrogen in chunks generated in previous versions of this pack. Those are pretty much internal changes, so there’s nothing to worry about.

    Frequently Asked Questions:
    Q. Isn’t this a lot like Vanilla+?
    A. No. Vanilla+ is enhanced vanilla Minecraft, but this pack is “these are the best examples of what makes modding great.” Vanilla+ has decoration mods and biome mods and quality of life mods. This pack has mods which are very popular and included in many packs of all varieties, but not Vanilla+. V+ has it’s own place and it’s own user group, and that’s good. So does this pack.

    Q. Will you make HQM quests for this pack?
    A. At my current status? No. If I had infinite time and no obligations, quests would certainly be on my daily task list - as it is, though, real life happens, unfortunately.

    Q. I think Mod X is super important to a beginner’s experience; will you add it?
    A. Send me any and all suggestions you have! I’ll include any suggestions that make sense, given the goal of the pack. Of course, regardless of what I do, you can always include whatever mods you want in your personal pack copy/server. Don’t let defaults limit you! :)

    Q. Will you include Industrialcraft/Reactorcraft/some other non-RF power system mod?
    A. No. This pack is for new users, so any information provided should be as extensible as possible to new content. Given RF’s low difficulty and high compatibility, it will help new users the best as they venture further into the world of modding. As above, however, feel free to include these mods in your own private pack copies and worlds.

    Q. Will you include EnderIO/some other RF-based “core” mod?
    A. Probably not. The reason for this is that Thermal Expansion and Buildcraft (alongside the addons I’ve included) provide a uniform progression all the way from the very early game up to the end game.

    Q. Will you include RF Addon X?
    A. Maybe. I would like to keep the mod count as low as possible, and I think that with what I have included there is a good progression. Feel free to make your suggestions, of course, and add them to your private pack copies and servers.

    Q. Will you include Magic Mod X?
    A. Probably not. The issue with magic mods is that there are so many of them, and they’re all slightly different, and each one has it’s own merits. I chose Thaumcraft because it’s been around since the dawn of modding and is very definitively “magic,” by every definition. I’d say you can feel free to customize your private pack copies and servers, but by now (if you’re still reading this) you most likely get the point. :p

    Q. Will you include Thaumcraft Addon X?
    A. For the same reasons as the above “will you include RF Addon X” - probably not.

    Q. Does this question break the fourth wall?
    A. Only if you know what the fourth wall is. :p

    How do I set up a Server for Intro2Mods?

    This short tutorial is here to help you (the reader) set up a private, locally run server for yourself and your noob(s) of choice. Firstly, I suggest that you at least read (or at least skim and refer back to) the server tutorial that the Minecraft wiki has. It’s very in depth, and many of the concepts for that are the same with a modded server. If you want to connect over the internet (not two people in the same house), you will need to Port Forward. File extraction, text editing, and batch file creation/usage are all helpful skills that can be learned online.

    General Computer Recommendations: Since this is a small pack, recommendations are less strict than with other packs, but there are still some things to be aware of. You should use a desktop for the server computer, and you should be connected to the internet through a hardwire connection. It is possible to run a server on the same computer from which you run your client (I do this), but be aware that lag may become an issue.

    1. Download the server files for this modpack. The button for that is on the FTB launcher - select this pack, and the button will be at the top next to the “Edit Modpack” button.
    2. Extract the files into your server directory. Configure as needed.
    3. Port Forward for the Minecraft server.
    4. Run forge-1.7.10- You can run it using a batch file if you want to customize ram usage.
    5. The server will close itself after creating a few text files. Open eula.txt and set “eula” to true after reading the text file.
    6. Customize the server as you want to, using server.properties and the other generated text files.
    7. Run the server again. This time, it should stay open.
    8. Connect to your public IP. You can find what this is by going to www.ipchicken.com on your server computer.
    9. Everything should work! Post here or in the tech support section if not everything works.

    Pack Art:
    Pack Splash (full resolution):
    By a good friend of mine who wishes not to be named for privacy reasons.

    Pack Icon (full resolution):
    This one’s by me, but I made it by copying and pasting bits of the splash.

    Pack Code:
    In a vain attempt to get the rest of this post read through (especially the FAQ and Modlist), I’m putting this at the very end. Ah well; such is life. Here you go.

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    Ah, the long awaited intro2mods. I love it! I might be using this in the future.
    Good work!
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    Thanks! :D I'm surprised anyone remembers me mentioning this ever... Was it from the Vanilla+ thread?
    Be sure to post here again if/when you do use it. :)
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    A long time ago, this dude was posting about which modpack to use for introducing his cousins to mods, and you piped up saying how you soon might be posting your "intro2mods" pack. And i will be using this pack soon, FYI it feels like i get overwhelmed with all these packs today.

    I also think iron chests is a really important beginners mod. It introduces how well you can store things, and in the future with bigger mods you can store more stuff. :)
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    i know you disabled thermal Dynamiks in oder to let the beginners work around with These harder bc pipes so what about adding mods to use this more frequently like Mfr or progressive Automation one of them might be very helpfull
    Also looked forward to this too cause of the vannila + thread and the thread mentioned above great work dude hope you or someone else will Make some quests too
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    I'm not sure about MFR or progressive automation - I think that between Thaumcraft, Thermal Expansion, and Buildcraft, EVERYTHING is automatable, and I think that the challenge of mixing these three mods + the lower mod count makes it worth it to not add MFR or progressive automation, I think. But later on I may add one or both of those and set them to be disabled by default, especially if enough people ask.

    One note to everyone: Currently, this pack has issues with the FTB Launcher; the third party team is working on it and it will hopefully be fixed by this evening.
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    I dont Know if its gonna Be a Problem but when you are playing on a Server and the only Way of Auto Mining is the bc quarry i think the Game/server might lag more often espacially if the People do Place their quarries in the ocean so maybe quarry plus Cause i think they Cause less lag but im Not shure
    And what about a Storage mod like Storage drawers Cause there is no mod which Makes Storing Things easier
    But These are only suggestions
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    Thanks for the suggestions/questions, they are very much appreciated. ^^
    Remember that without as many mods as you would normally play with, there's a lot less need to actually mine or store things. BC quarries are also a lot less laggy if you don't fill them with water, and you can also just manually mine in the Twilight Forest. For storage, there are the strongboxes from Thermal Expansion, which work a lot like Iron Chests.
    I'll keep this in mind for if I ever want to add mods/add and then disable-by-default mods. :)
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    Also Srry i forgot about These New hardened Caches from te which Are as Good as barrels
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    No, it's fine; suggestions in general help me articulate why I've done certain things with the pack. :)

    News for everyone: the launcher issues are fixed, but I didn't give the right forge version when I submitted it to the FTB team. I'm currently submitting an update to fix that.
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    Also Maybe Logistik pipes as an optional mod for the "smart ones " Who are New to mods
    And a question are There only kinesis pipes for Power transport? That would be a even bigger challange also if i play this with My friends i will do everything with robots :D
    They are awsome :)
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    Yeah, thermal dynamics is flat-out not included, so BC is your only tech option for power, fluid, and item transport (golems add some stuff in as well, but fewer people know about that. I plan to use them extensively).
    I'd be glad to see screenshots of your (mis)adventures with this pack. Post them if you take them. :D

    IMPORTANT EDIT: This pack now works on the FTB launcher. You can now actually play it! :)
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    This hould have a quest system like hardcore questing mode to help people with no friends of "where to start"
  14. Type1Ninja

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    Yeah... I'd make that, except that I'm short on time right now. :( The pack itself was fairly easy to make; I just had to drop the mods in a folder, get some artwork from a friend, and publish it. HQM quests would, however, be much more involved. Maybe someday they'll make it in, or someone will make a set of quests for the pack themselves, which I can then approve and include. As it is, though, it won't be in very soon, probably.

    Still, thanks for the suggestion. :)
  15. fedprod

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    Some quick suggestion which in my opinion would be reasonable to add for beginners:
    Forestry (or MFR, even if that would overlap a bit with the mods already in) for Automating Farming and Project: Red for all the Redstone Logic needs.
    Also JABBA and/or Iron Chests for refined Storage handling and WAILA.
  16. Type1Ninja

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    Those definitely are mods which would make sense here... I do think that all of those can be accomplished (with effort) using just the current mod set. The challenge of using combinations of Thermal Expansion, Buildcraft, and Thaumcraft to automate tasks you would otherwise use one mod for builds character in noobs, I think. Farming: golems! Redstone logic: gates from BC! Jabba/Iron Chests: Caches and strongboxes from Thermal Expansion. WAILA... Figuring stuff out is part of the fun, I think. ;)

    It boils down to the fact that not adding any more mods is a large priority. The people who haven't played with mods are likely to not have done so because of lag, and every single mod adds to the lag, even if just a little bit. I really do think everything is covered between TE, BC, and TC; but I'd like to hear if you can find anything that can't be automated. :)
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    Only until they realise that vanilla MC is way more effort and "laggier" xP
    Of course one doesn't want to plaster new players with a huge pack (unless they have fun fiddeling with a zillion possibilities right from the start) ^^
    I definetly see what you want to accomplish, but don't forget modded Minecraft is about to choose how to do something and you said it yourself the "lag time invested". Also you can't simply define the time investment from the number of mods alone.

    Some mods are easier and faster to get into and expand with ease while playing, for example simply requireing rarer materials, versus mods that require a large amount of dedication, patience and time just to get halfway started, like Thaumcraft for instance. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Thaumcraft and can't have enough addons personally, but think of what you all need to do to just make a golem for farming.
    • Getting the basics of Thaumcraft, which can quite take awhile itself
    • The scanning game, luckily the aspects are not that deep in the tree for a golem.
    • The whole researching game (assuming standard configs ofc). If unlucky you need hunt down more research aspects.
    • Gathering Recources and building the needed infrastructure
    • Finally using alchemy and infusion to get the Golems, the cores and a Golemancers Bell
    If I should give an estimate and remembering my own beginnings I would say plan at least 4 ~ 6 hours in just for that task.
    Of course then they should have a quite good understanding about Thaumcraft in the end, but seen for the sole purposed example of an Autofarm I personally think that is a bit much for a forced linear way.
    If you set in comparison with for example Forestry the time to reach the goal is quite a ways of, since Forestry "only" needs some gathering of ressources (which one does anyways) and some crafting of a few machines.

    From a new players view having only Thaumcraft to automate that task will be very long and winding start versus a fluid progression doing what one would do anyways (gathering ressources) and simply needing to teach them to combine some engines and a few diverse blocks arranged in a special pattern to do the same thing in less time.

    That said, I am not suggesting taking Thaumcraft out, because it is a very versatile and powerful mod that can really show people how diverse and various alone one mod can be. But I personally wouldn't take it as the only one road to go because of the time investment.

    Taking and teaching the easier road first leads to a faster sense of achievement which is definetly what you want for new players.
    Also you can give them a whole lot of autonomy that way, instead of a quite set line of rules to follow.
    But of course that are only my 50 cents ^^
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    This is a smart post. :p
    About TC being hard to get into: that's true. On the other side of the coin, check out tech mods - how long does it take you to get any armor at all? It's the most expensive item in the mod. Personally, that's how I define tech vs. magic - with tech, infrastructure and automation and cheap, while gear such as tools or armor are expensive, while with magic, tools, armor, and weapons are cheap and easy to reach while automation is more difficult.
    For the golems - if I recall correctly, they're available immediately in the tech tree, correct? Like, you research the hungry chest, which is open immediately, and then you can get a golem.
    Also, I've found that the scanning and research minigames weren't *that* difficult/time consuming, especially if at least one person has done some of the mod before. This pack has Thaumic Tinkerer, so Tomes of Knowledge Sharing are a thing (also available immediately).
    There might be other ways to get an autofarm going - there's always the time-consuming "spam Autonomous Activators" method. BC robots could probably do it, although I've never played with them myself and I don't know how much stuff they require.

    All that said, I am writing down MFR and Forestry as possible additions to the pack. Autofarming is a large part of tech mods, and it is a bit of an investment with Thaumcraft. I'd like to see some feedback from people who have played the pack with a noob (or just people who have played the pack) before I do add anything; I think playtesting will be very valuable (I'm currently starting up with a couple people myself). If I DO add MFR or Forestry, it'll probably be Forestry, just because bees are pretty cool. :p
  19. Renato Lopes

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    tl;dr lol
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  20. LordSlyFox

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    You should add damage indicators plz, us n00bs don't now how to fite.

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