1.7.10 HQM/Survival - hypovolemia - something bloody [Open Alpha]

Discussion in 'Public Packs' started by Caithleen, Oct 12, 2015.

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  1. lok0143

    lok0143 New Member

    I seem to be spending about 90% of my time in game in front of the Altar cutting myself. Is there an easier way to get blood for the altar. I do have the chest armor the sucks my blood and that helps. Also is there any reason to explore outside of my base? Someone mentioned coming across a desert temple, are there also villages or anything else?
  2. Caithleen

    Caithleen New Member

    You get an early blood semi automation roughly an hour into the game. Another hour later it should be full auto ;)
  3. Jetsetlemming

    Jetsetlemming New Member

    I'm really enjoying this pack so far. Quick question: How come we don't get and can't make the Blood Magic guidebook? It's pretty useful as an ingame reference for how to upgrade the altar and craft rituals.

    edit: Every time I place an Agricraft reservoir next to another one (they're combinable, aren't they?), the game instantly crashes.
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2015
  4. Malrama

    Malrama New Member

    Thats a bug in Argicraft 1.4.3 which this modpack is using.

    It is fixed in 1.4.5 which has just released today. Lets hope the developer update soon. I have that Problem too!
  5. lok0143

    lok0143 New Member

    I am about 4 hours in now and haven't figured out how to yet. Maybe I just don't understand how to use something in that particular way. Any hints?
  6. Caithleen

    Caithleen New Member

    Tank on altar, shift-rclick with configurator, fill with buckets. Later pump network.
  7. 3xraze

    3xraze New Member

    not sure if its bugged looks like it but belladonna seeds dont seem to detect in the hqm for the witchery quest line ( mainly because after you mutate the seeds it says they are "unidentified" where as when i ment into nei cheat mode and got a "regular" seed it detected and finished)

    also im not sure i could be wrong but the mutating into a witch quest, seems to have gave me a lore page about botania not sure if its intentional
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2015
  8. Caithleen

    Caithleen New Member

  9. lok0143

    lok0143 New Member

    Thanks for the hint! My heart goes out to everyone in Paris tonight. What has happened is truly horrific.
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  10. Caithleen

    Caithleen New Member

    Couldnt find better words .. atm :(
  11. lok0143

    lok0143 New Member

    I haven't been able to get seed stats to increased. Everything I have tried still results on 1/1/1 seeds. Is this intentional?
  12. Caithleen

    Caithleen New Member

    Seems to be on your end ;)
  13. smashkeys

    smashkeys New Member

    Are you breeding them correctly? They have to be two mature plants, if only one is mature it will clone itself and not increase in stats.
  14. smashkeys

    smashkeys New Member

    Is there an early game cobble gen? I seem to be wasting too much time on it. :oops:
  15. Nedrith

    Nedrith New Member

    you can get an AE cobblegen pretty early using the annihilation plane, just requires a tier 3 altar.
  16. lok0143

    lok0143 New Member

    I deleted the mod and reinstalled. I am gaining stats now. For early cobble gen you can also use the buckets of lava and water for an old fashioned cobble gen.
  17. Zarvoxbe

    Zarvoxbe New Member

    I've a vanilla cobble gen since the beginning but I haven't finish chapter one.
  18. kurisu_TEPDCR

    kurisu_TEPDCR Active Member

    Every time I try to make a world it kicks me out back the the main menu.
  19. knoxz

    knoxz New Member

    Any plans for beta/release. Looking for something to play in a few days. ;-)
  20. Slind

    Slind Well-Known Member

    due to world reset on the server? I doubt it being ready for beta any time soon. There is still quite some content/quest lines unfinished.
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