[1.7.10] Explora Experimentia (v1.4.4) (Not your average kitchen sink pack!) (138 mods and growing!)

Discussion in 'Public Packs' started by sgbros1, Aug 5, 2015.

  1. pikminman13

    pikminman13 New Member

    Is that for a machine casing? Or just a specific machine, because IMO the matter transporters/receivers are perfectly fine the way they are its just dimension creating that is OP.
  2. Coco12570

    Coco12570 New Member

    For the Machine Frame.

    In my defense, the pack this is being used for has everything but the dimension stuff ported over to TE machine frames via minetweaker
  3. sgbros1

    sgbros1 New Member

    Yeah, although if you look in your Minecraft folder there would a folder called Crash Reports. Just give me that.
  4. pikminman13

    pikminman13 New Member

    I didn't know that and that was just my view, so if you think differently that is perfectly fine.
  5. pikminman13

    pikminman13 New Member

    No idea if i did that right

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  6. sgbros1

    sgbros1 New Member

    @pikminman13 Ah. There's something derpy regarding Java 7 and HxCCore. Update HxCCore and HxCEnchants manually.

    I have them in a file here.

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  7. pikminman13

    pikminman13 New Member

    Now it works, thanks. One suggestion- make one ore of each. What i mean is there are 4 types of copper so disable 3 of them and then do that for each ore. If you already planned that i apologize.
  8. sgbros1

    sgbros1 New Member

    JSON is not my forte, so I might not be able to do that in a while. I do plan to get it done in the near future.
  9. pikminman13

    pikminman13 New Member

    The configs of all 4 mods have a way to disable the ore gen, just set the corresponding category to false for every mod but one of them.
  10. lenscas

    lenscas Over-Achiever

    The problem is that you then only have the amount of ores that that mod thinks you need, which is probably lower then the actual amount of ores you will need.
  11. pikminman13

    pikminman13 New Member

    True, but iron and gold aren't tweaked and that is always shared between mods. Maybe at least narrowing it down to 2 mods will be better.
  12. sgbros1

    sgbros1 New Member

    I'll see what I can do @pikminman13. I was planning to change ore gen before I made the public, but I'll probably release it next update.

    And CoFH ores are set using JSON, which I had no clue how to use. Thankfully I read a tutorial and would probably be fine.

    TL;DR Ore gen update will come out next update, probably Saturday or Sunday.
  13. logdogzip

    logdogzip New Member

    Is there a possibility of you adding one or two more mods to this pack? I've found a few good ones which have not been looked at too much.
  14. sgbros1

    sgbros1 New Member

    I'm constantly adding new mods from the Curse site.
  15. DrLucky

    DrLucky New Member

    I've noticed that the water bucket recipes seem to consume the bucket along with the water.

    Version: 1.10

    Get a bucket of water. Craft it into "Fresh Water". Note the bucket is also consumed.

    Expected behaviour:
    Bucket should be returned to inventory on crafting.

    Tried this with a few recipes. Salt (Pot + Water Bucket); Fresh Water (Water Bucket); and Clay (6 Gravel, 2 Dirt, Water Bucket) all appear to eliminate the bucket.
  16. sgbros1

    sgbros1 New Member

    Huh. Maybe a mod overriding.

    I'll try to see what I can do, Minetweaker should do.
  17. turbodiesel4598

    turbodiesel4598 New Member

    Author of NuclearCraft here - thank you very much for adding the mod to this pack - I'm really enjoying playing with a lot of mods I've not touched before!
  18. sgbros1

    sgbros1 New Member

    Thanks! I'm trying to add more integration with NuclearCraft.
  19. VictiniX888

    VictiniX888 New Member

    WHY DID I NOT SEE THIS EARLIER (probably exams :p)
    Took a quick look at the modlist, nice, so many mods I haven't played before.
    Looking forward to playing this after exams ^^
  20. Renato Lopes

    Renato Lopes New Member

    Horizons: Night Dreamers?

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