[1.7.10] Another Way To Start v 1.2.9 - Step-by-step fresh survival! [Stable] [250+ Mods]

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Which mod you want to stay in AWTS 1.2.4

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  1. Witchery

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  2. Galacticraft

  1. BigRice1018

    BigRice1018 New Member

    An enjoyable modded minecraft journey for everyone!

    Current Recommended Version : 1.2.9
    Github Least Version : 1.2.9

    Pack Code : TheBeginnerPath

    You can also get our pack at Curse now!
    If you find any bug, please report at following website: [Github]
    You can also find me at [Discord]


    AWTS brings you a brand new possibilities and balancing for your minecraft world.

    Providing different variation of mods, including magic, tech, exploration, etc

    Also brings you a step-by-step progress line you need to go through.

    And balance all overpowered items recipes within all the mods.

    We modify most config to enhanced the gameplay experience but also come with good performance.

    Progress map



    Matter Overdrive、Quantum Flux、Pistronics 2 and over 250+ different variation unique mods
    (Magic, Tech, Exploration)

    More balanced surviving, including bosses fight (No more 2 days dragon slayer~) food, farming, etc.

    High mod compatibility between 250+ mods

    Over 90% Custom ore generation system. (All ores boosted~)

    Pile up your ingots, dust and more

    Fully custom evolved healing axe [​IMG] (Boost in next version)

    Creative item crafting recipes!!!!

    Custom ore generation



    • No squid spawning in our pack. Use a black dye and an egg to craft squid spawn egg.
    • Not suggested to add mods by yourself, as the pack is tested over a year to get the stability.
    • As soon as you go ingame you will be connected to our discord channel AWTS #ingamechat.
    • If some item recipes is conflicted, you can use the arrow next the crafting grid to switch between recipes.


    After ONE year development (Yea, very long period but a slow process), we finally release AWTS.

    As a beginner of a mod pack developer, we think lots of new gameplay element.

    Try to put our ideas of rebalancing and new game element into this pack to create an ideal minecraft world.

    We believe there still lots of thing we need to improve and more ideas can be put into minecraft to make it more interesting.

    If you have any opinion want us to achieve in our pack, please let us know. Don’t be shy, we want any ideas you can think of.

    Hope you can enjoy our work!


    We suggest allocating at least 3 GB (4 GB is suggested) ram to run our pack.

    You also need Java 8 to run.

    If you want to install AWTS on MultiMC, Forge version is 1.7.10 1614.



    Github [Least version sometimes will be Beta]

    Client Least Version All Version
    Server Least Version All Version

    To Do List

    Now Only focusing on bug fixes and better performance

    Special Thanks To

    Chifung & Wendy - Developers

    All mods author

    Frank, SL-TW - beta testing server

    Alan, Frozenmouse and Mayacraft

    All beta testers

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  2. lok0143

    lok0143 New Member

    Trying the pack out now and looks good so far.
  3. legomike

    legomike New Member

    any chance of a server?
  4. BigRice1018

    BigRice1018 New Member

  5. bremmon

    bremmon New Member

    A couple of things to note:

    This looks interesting and looks to have a lot of mods that are rarely used. We just started so we will see how this goes.

    To those who downloaded this hoping for quests: There are absolutely no quests for this yet. Unless I missed it, this isn't made clear above. I don't mind not having quests but there are some who do mind if there are no quests. Though the TO DO LIST says "Quests", I took it to imply that more would be added to what was already there. My mistake.

    BIG problem right off the bat which prevents playing with the pack. . . Put one oak log into crafting grid and get one oak log back. The recipe in NEI says put one log in get two planks. Doesn't work for me. Kind of stuck already.

    This looks like a promising pack. The progression looks promising.
  6. BigRice1018

    BigRice1018 New Member

    About the problem you got, really sorry about that, it is a bug from my script and It will the fix in the next version which coming up soon
    There is a button next to the crafting grid that you can click to cycle through the recipes
    Quests are still in development
    Hope you enjoy AWTS
  7. bremmon

    bremmon New Member

    Awesome! Quick response :)

    Thanks and we look forward to the update!

    The button next to crafting grid works great! Thanks again.
  8. bremmon

    bremmon New Member

    Another odd thing. . .

    Hunger level never seems to go down. In three hours of playing I am still full. Is this intentional?

    Maybe it is just that it goes down Rrrreeeeaaallly sllllooooowww. Not sure.

    I think it should at least go down quicker. Right now, as it stands, there is little use for the food mods.
  9. bremmon

    bremmon New Member

    Ok. . . something cool but not sure it was by design. . .

    A biome from More planets we found while exploring around.

    Also, one of the flowers from that biome doesn't seem to have a texture.

    Loving the pack so far!!!
  10. Rishenda

    Rishenda New Member

    I found that biome too and get the non texture item as well. It is such a pretty blue biome.
  11. legomike

    legomike New Member

    looking to join a server :)
  12. BigRice1018

    BigRice1018 New Member

    Because you are wearing our starter armor
    "Potato chestplate" which will recover the hunger with the cost of durabilty
  13. BigRice1018

    BigRice1018 New Member

    Thx for the report
    The problem will fix it in 1.2.2
  14. BigRice1018

    BigRice1018 New Member

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  15. DoomSquirter

    DoomSquirter Well-Known Member

    BOP seems to have taken over all the biomes and put them in (and gen them). which is a shame. I'm probably starting a new world and removing bop from the get go. It's not really one of my favorite mods whatsoever anyways.

    I'm also seeing galacticraft mobs (mobs with oxygen helmets on their heads) all over the place as well. you need to add the player api mod from gc to get them to disappear I think (and to get other things to work like the deep dark portal for example).
  16. BigRice1018

    BigRice1018 New Member

    Some biome id conflict cost this, i will fix that in the next version
    Also, i think it just too many gc biome around so there is gc mobs spawning because playerapi is already installed
  17. DoomSquirter

    DoomSquirter Well-Known Member

    yeah even removing both bop and natura, all those biomes still show up in the OW. worldgen now is completely corrupted. I'll wait a month or so and give the pack another try then.
  18. bremmon

    bremmon New Member

    Ahhh. . . That explains why all of a sudden I am worried about food again :)

    Nice! Nice starter armor:)
  19. BigRice1018

    BigRice1018 New Member

    Don't need to wait a month
    The next update will be fix
  20. bremmon

    bremmon New Member

    BTW - my son and I are really enjoying this pack! Keep up the good work:)

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