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    Do you like Bees? Do you want to learn how to mess around with Bees? Or are you looking for something different? This is the modpack for you:

    Get it on FTB Launcher
    The modpack is LISTED

    (you no longer need the code BeeHappy to get it)

    Delgar3 (Let's Play) and HaighyorkieChilled (Modpack Spotlight)​

    It's a full pack focus on Bees! 205 quests that are going to make you work hard, but the rewards are good! It's a unusual modpack because it's only focus on one thing! You can use Gendustry (and I advice) to get the next tier of the Bees! A lot of mods are added just for you mess around, but the main focus is really getting all the resources from them!

    This modpack was intended to be a very different from the others by focus only in one thing and be a skyblock! I hope you like it and I will make some progresses in the future!

    • I advice the use of AgriCraft Crops! Why? Because the Wheat grows faster (way faster) when using Watering Can! You can save some time in the first quests!
    • This is very important: you have a few Forest and Meadows Bees... I don't give you a lot and I don't have them in repeatable quests (on purpose). I suggest that, before using any Bee, first you try to get the gene sample with the Species aspect (in the Genetic Sampler)(Species: Forest or Species: Meadows). With this sample, you are able to modify the specie of a Bee to that specie (imagine that you have a lot of Frugal bees... You modify the Princess and a Drone with a Species: Forest, and you get Forest Princess and Forest Drone), and have spare Forest Bees!
    • Another important thing, and it's almost the same method as before, when you can, try to change the fertility of the Bee... For example, Rocky only have 1 of fertility, that means that you will never get spares Drones... Try to get gene samples (from Forest Bees, they have Fertility: 2 (?)) and apply to that bees! I highly recommend that!
    • This is for people that don't now how to mess around with Bees: the modpack was not made with the intention to learn from scratch... But, if you follow some order on the quests, you will see that it's very easy! I want people to enjoy mutating bees, see their own creations and have a lot of fun! But if you played and say "Nop, this is not that easy and I don't understand", don't hurry! In the Version 1.0.5, I released 5 special quests only for you! You can learn how to mutate, how to get gene samples, etc! I really want to make people enjoy this :)
    • The quests don't have a specific order (I'm lying), but you will encounter some problems if you don't complet some quests. First, do the Back to Basics, then do Bee Restaurant! With these two you will get a lot of Machines and PowerGen very handy for the other quests! Leave the magic to the end because you will need to complet the Minerals quests first!!!! But like I said, do that two sets first, and then you only have to have resources to do the rest!
    • The map is now the same as the singleplayer;
    • The quests can/cannot be taken by the players in the same party! It's your call! I personnaly think that is going to "bee" OP if you all get the rewards because you will get the X times more than the normal (imagine, one quest gives you 4 productivity upgrades... You are 3 in the same party, so you all together have 12 upgrades... Might be OP, but it's your call :) )
    • You are not required to go to the Nether; all quests can be done in the overworld (might be changed in the future);
    • Thus quests might offer you 2 types of Apiarys (Gendustry and Forestry), Gendustry is the most supported mod for mutating the bees;
    • It might contain bugs! If you are stuck in a quest, it's probably because I miscalculated the bees in another quest... I'll apologize abd give you a stack of cookies!

    It has 205 quests at the moment (22 of August)!

    In the screenshots below, you can check out some quests! They are not all there, and even some of them are now changed! Most of them are because of the suggestions that I have here, in the Forum :)

    The Basics
    These are the basics quests! You will get a bunch of things from here! Your first apiary, machinary, conduits and, of course, Bees!


    Here you can make all the metals Bees and some machines! From Applied Energistics to Big Reactors! You will have a lot of work to do... But don't worry, Bees will take care of that for you!

    Some Magic

    A self-explaining quest... Magic! Botania and Thaumcraft merge together in one quest set! Imagine this, you can use Bees to produce Mana! That's super interesting, why don't why see by yourself?

    Note: this modpack uses Binnie Patcher, by @Chocohead. Without it, I couldn't update Forestry and Forestry related mods! Thank you :)

    I want to thank nicolbw for making a Let's Play :) She started with the version 1.0.0, but with this newer version, the 2.0.0, she started again!
    Episode 3 (english)

    PowerDragon also made a series! This is the previous version (still in 1.0.0)! Thank you :)
    Episode 1 (english)

    RJAGgaming also is making a Let's Play with BeeHappy! But... É em português! It's in Portuguese! Yey ^^ Obrigado!
    Episode 1 (portuguese)

    And many others:
    [PT] Dinip12gamer and Tr0mb4s
    [IT] Matt Winchester
    [EN] A. Bear Hamman

    Via CurseVoice: http://minecraft.curseforge.com/modpacks/232091-beehappy
    Via FTB Launcher - 3rd Party tab (it's listed)!
    • Added Buildcraft;
      • You can, now, use robots and play with them, to harvest crops or protect your base;
    • Added 1 quest;
    • Changes in ModTweaker's script;
    • Changes in configs;
    • You can record videos and make Let's Plays with this modpack!
    • You can stream this modpack!
    • You can use it to private/public servers!
    • You can do Modpack Spotlights!
    • But I'll only ask for one thing: let me know! Put in the comments and I will put it here, in the main page :)
    Images: http://cliparts.co/bees-clipart-free and http://bit.ly/1JD6s6m
    Modpack Image (Curse): BeeHappy by Dylz101
    Text: Blocked (by A. Anderson) and Minecraftia (by Andrew Tyler) (http://bit.ly/1f6hszd)
    Mods: http://pastebin.com/JjcHUQtS
    Credits: all the mod authors!

    Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/tuberizing?ty=h
    Donation: Paypal
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    Extra Tips and Tricks by @rivvest
    - You can get a bed by the second night if you focus on getting wood, cobblestone and gravel.
    - Obsidian makes a great hatchet head. Not only does it chop quickly, it tears right through leaves.
    - In Chapter 1, wait until you've completed the main quest line and "Powering" before before starting the "Basics of Bees" quests. This will save you precious time and power.
    - If you find yourself out of mutagen and materials to produce it, you can always grab some glowstone from the Nether. ..And it might be time to focus on glowstone or redstone-producing bees.
    - Pumpkins give 4 seeds each in a crafting grid. This is an easy way to get tons of seed oil for impregnanted casings.
    - Spending a lot of time waiting for combs to produce for quests? Expand your platform or breed better wheat and pumpkins using Agricraft!
    - Use the Solar Panel V and redstone flux ducts to power your Gendustry machines, they provide more power throughput so you don't have to wait for them to charge up.
    - If you hate chopping wood, get the Forestry multifarm up and running as soon as you can. Wood is probably the most used resource in this pack between chests, barrels, apiaries, alvearies, and frames.
    - Use the sawmill. It provides 150% planks and the sawdust can be used to make charcoal or paper.
    - The basic apiary only gives 10% production.. however, the magic apiary gives 90% production, even with no magic! Add a few frames and some ducts to setup an efficient, automated system that requires no power or intervention.
    - Don't expect to get by with a single centrifuge, squeezer, and carpenter.
    - Unusual and Mystical bees have "slowest" production. Upgrade them to Eldritch (it's a "slower" worker.. but at least better!) as soon as you can to speed along the quests that need Mundane combs.
    - The resource bees quests offer little in the way of rewards (just more of the same bee..), focus on them as you need the resource, but do not make them a priority.
    - After you've imprinted the bovine bees, throw the template into a furnace to wipe it clean so you can start applying and imprinting your own genes!
    - Cuprum and Stannum bees are horrible producers, but provide some of the most important materials and a good early reward. Make a lot of them and quickly imprint them with better production genes. They are the gateway to all forestry machines!
    - You can also breed the Stannum and Cuprum bees to make a Bronzed bee, which is more efficient than combining tin and copper ingots.
    - The colored honey quests may seem pointless if you don't plan on dying things, however, the rewards are incredible.. and there's some nice bonuses for completing them all.
    - The quests that offer a choice of 8 production upgrades are the most resource-efficient reward to take, costing a total of 64 bronze to craft yourself.
    - There is no need to rush the Botania quests - you will need stacks and stacks of drones for mana production. Apply fertility x4 and shortest lifespan genes to all of your bees to maximize this.
    - Don't try to make Botanic drones in a mana pool next to your Beegonias.. you will regret it.
    - Check the production percentage of your bee products. Since the basic bees are available in the Store, there is no need to save a princess. It is often lucrative to upgrade them to a better bee in their line.
    - Princess and drone are swappable when breeding - If NEI says Industrious princess and Forest drone, you can use a Forest princess and an Industrious drone. Use this to your advantage and choose the cheaper bee as the princess.
    - Since all of your bees are Pristine stock, no need to worry about the Imprinter killing them!
    - Some bees have good effects.. you might want to keep Effect: None on a separate template from your main one.
    - Don't have a Beealyzer yet and want to know the default stats of a bee? Find it in NEI and hold shift.
    - Want to know what bees carry a certain gene by default? Search the trait in NEI and look at the recipes for that gene sample.

    Some more BeeHappy videos:
    Mr_LoGaN_ - in PT-BR

    HaZZoR - in EN

    kineticKirby! - in EN

    Squix - in FR

    Simu4you - in DE
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    I was just deciding what to do today. -snags pack-

    I'll try this out.
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  4. ZephyrWindSpirit

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    Erm, where is the pack itself? I see configs and a map?
  5. jtmnf

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    You need to use CurseLauncher to do download of the pack...
  6. LordSlyFox

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    This looks ridiculously good, if only you had entered this a few weeks ago during Jampacked II, it would have gotten so popular so quickly.
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    Thanks :) During Jampacked II I had no time to do whatever things I wanted to make... Now that I'm almost in vacations, I spent some time doing this and I hope that I can put people messing around with bees and also integrate it with other mods :)

    Like I said, I want Thaumcraft resources to be made with bees, but for now they are not yet made!
  8. Sedesin

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    Looking good! I am trying it and it looks awesome. Btw, the quest book is in editing mode
  9. jtmnf

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    Thanks for the warning Sedesin! I already updated to a new version! My bad when saving the configs...

    Thanks you :)
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    Gotcha. I don't have curse voice on my mac, so I'll just wait it out. Hope it is fun!

    Edit: Might want to mention the pack is on cursevoice only.
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    Yes, I'll add it too the description ;)
  12. Sedesin

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    Welcome chest > Invalid item in the rewards
    Cobble Trouble > Craffting task? Isn't that meant to be a detection task?
  13. jtmnf

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    Cobble Trouble is meant to be a Craffting Task because I want you to start laying down some dirt and plant some wheat... I might change that because I don't give neither bone meal or watering can... I'm going to put a note on that quest...

    About the welcome chest... I don't get any invalid item? Can you post a screenshot? I get the 4 tables + 1 furnace or 8 toast?
  14. Sedesin

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    oh allright. Yeah, you should give some bonemeal or a watering can (watering can would be the best :D).
    The invalid item seems to be the 8 toast: invalid.png
  15. jtmnf

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    That's very awkward... I have some friends that are testing it and never had that problem... Can you reinstall the pack? Maybe Pam's Harvestcraft couldn't be loaded properly...
  16. Sedesin

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    yep, some problem with pam's harvestcraft. Reinstalled and it's all good now ;)
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    Nice ;) Also, I already uploaded a new Version that adds the watering can in the first quest! Plus, in the previous versions was always day time... I changed that now!
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    In the curse launcher, when I click Install it doesn't install the newest version (it installs 1.0.1). Also, after installing V3, it says to "update", but actually installs a older version. Don't know if that's a bug of yours or of curse.
  19. jtmnf

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    I think that happens because the version is still coming out... Maybe a few more minutes and everything is going to be correct ;)
  20. pikminman13

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    I might try this, but then again I basically treat forestry like Simon and Nicholas Cage combined.
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