1.6.4 Shader Mod working properly (Download link) or: Get your Minecraft beautified!

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  1. Siigari

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    Hey all. If you'd like to get your Shaders working I have a simple zip that you can unpack to get everything working.

    Shaders allow you to bring out some great visuals in your game by adding volumetric lighting effects, ambient occlusion, depth of field, realtime shadows, raytracing, living plants and more.

    Have a look below to see what you can do!





    Installation instructions:

    Download this package: www.siigarikitawa.com/minecraft/shaders.zip

    Navigate to your FTB install folder, then select the package you want to install it into (DW20, Monster, Magic World, etc.) Open the minecraft folder in that directory, then unzip the package to that folder. (It should create a folder structure leaving shaderpacks folder in minecraft/shaderpacks and mods in minecraft/mods.)

    Once that's set, open your game. Go to your options - video settings. Under the top left option of Graphics, select "Fast." If you have Fancy graphics enabled your shaders will NOT load. After you've set your fancy graphics options you can tweak to your heart's content, keeping in mind that OptiFine is now installed. And because OptiFine is now installed, to to Quality settings and turn OFF Antialiasing and Anisotropic Filtering. Also turn Mipmap Level to OFF.

    Now go back to your main options menu and go to Shaders... (under Esc>Options) and select the shader you'd like. I included a few popular shaders such as SEUS and Slidur's. Once you select one that you like there are some options on the right which you can configure.

    Shader Options:

    Cloud shadow: Causes clouds to cast shadows.

    New block breaking: This option highlights the block you are currently breaking. (I suggest true.)

    Hand depth: If you have depth of field enabled, this allows to you decide how in or out of focus your hand is. Smaller numbers means more in focus.

    RenderResMul: This allows you to flex the most power. You can do render image scaling with this. 1.0 means you are drawing at 1.0x your native Minecraft display. Turn this up to increase and scale down (higher quality) or turn this down to decrease and scale up (lower quality.) Increasing this number can increase the details present on your screen because you're taking an image larger than your display res and scaling it down. Decreasing it will pixelate your image because you are taking an image smaller than your display res and blowing it up. Pic below. Note: Pushing this over 1.0 means more video memory to create images for your screen which can bring framerates to a halt. Be sparing in this! I suggest maxing it for attractive screenshots.


    ShadowResMul: Allows you to increase or decrease the shadow resolution. The higher this number the smoother your shadows. The lower the number the more pixelated your shadows will be. Note: This consumes a *TON* of video memory. You can bring your computer to its knees pushing this over 2, so I don't suggest it unless you have a couple of high end cards in your system.

    Shadow frustum: This tells your computer to display shadows in a manner that takes most real-time geometry in account. Turn this on if you notice shadows are doing things they shouldn't, but it will impact your framerate.

    Tex Min, Tex_n Mag, Tex_S Mag: these three options control MIP maps (also known as Mipmapping.) Nearest provides mipmapping based on nearest mipmap image (simple quality.) Linear provides mipmapping based on a straight line from POV (Linear filtering, high quality.) Tweak these until you don't see artifacts especially with things in the distance.

    Anyway everyone I hope very much you enjoy your new Minecraft experience! Keep in mind this is extremely memory intensive so if you start capping out on memory, restarting Minecraft can generally relieve the problem (for a while, at least.)


    Thanks go to daxnitro and karyonix for producing GLSL Shaders Mod.
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  2. Siigari

    Siigari Well-Known Member

  3. 3pixel

    3pixel New Member

    well it works BUT it is still incompatible in a way. Mobs will not be displayed right, sometimes they miss a head, body or legs.
  4. ACGaming

    ACGaming Active Member

    Set Chunk Loading to Default and restart your game. This will fix the problem.
  5. SkeletonPunk

    SkeletonPunk Lover of Steel Plates

    I am a little confused here, there are like 20(all of which I love) why are they there?
    EDIT: Ya know what, why question good things. sorry
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  6. EPfencer

    EPfencer Active Member

    Blocks keep dissapearing and reappearing rapidly when I get close to them, does anyone know what causes this problem?
  7. Siigari

    Siigari Well-Known Member

    Have you tweaked any OptiFine settings?
  8. EPfencer

    EPfencer Active Member

  9. EPfencer

    EPfencer Active Member

    I've only got the problem when I use a shaderpack that makes leaves, wheat etc. move
  10. AforAnonymous

    AforAnonymous Member

    Oh lord. Before this becomes horrible with millions of replies saying it crashes:
    1. If you use Biomes o Plenty, you HAVE to delete <FTB Folder>\<Mod Pack>\minecraft\mods\1.6.4\WorldCore-universal-1.6.4- each time before you start the modpack, or Optifine will crash. Deleting the file is harmless as it is redownloaded each time you start the mod pack.
    2. @Siigari please change the zip file so the Optifine .jar is prefixed with 0000_, otherwise load order issues can occur.
  11. SkeletonPunk

    SkeletonPunk Lover of Steel Plates

    Use Meeps if you want a DOF type shaer it works and its even a little better than SUES
  12. Siigari

    Siigari Well-Known Member

    I can update it, but what will that do?
  13. AforAnonymous

    AforAnonymous Member

    Well, it's what the ShaderMod author recommends. :)
  14. hitman60

    hitman60 Active Member

    This shaders just not the same what you can get with Rudoplays shaders... they looks like some kind of mistake, like many postSEUS RC6 shaders, imo...

    Thtats my own tweaked version of Rudoplays Shaders, for realism and quality, and they exactly looks like old epic SEUS shaders, i can share it, if somebody wants...
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  15. Siigari

    Siigari Well-Known Member

    Hey Hitman, I can include it in my pack if you want to zip it and send it over. I'll credit you and Rudoplay for it at the bottom of my post.

    Tried this and my game did not load.
  16. AforAnonymous

    AforAnonymous Member

    Then you did something wrong. I'm tired of this being an issue, so I've uploaded my Optifine jar now, try this version:


    Should work, assuming you delete WorldCore-universal-1.6.4- before launching.

    Edit: I think I know what the issue is. You're using the 1.6.2 version of shader mod. Try using my .jar with the 1.6.4 version:

  17. accapulco

    accapulco Active Member

    Aaand shaders!! Thanks, though I can only use Chocapic's shaders, the others aren't working. I can run Low at 48fps and Med at 51fps, High brings me down to 9fps.
  18. Lsutigers527

    Lsutigers527 Active Member

    To bad my toaster can not run this over .000000003 fps

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  19. Omicron

    Omicron Over-Achiever Trusted User

    - Do you really mean that section in the opening post where you tell people to "set graphics to Fast because shaders do not load on Fancy"? I thought it was the other way around... :p

    - Do you still get that bug where terrain shadows do not display unless you (the player) have line of sight to the sun? This has always been a huge issue with these shaders ever since they were first conceived, all the way to when I tried them out last in November. Basically, you can look at a mountain casting a gigantic shadow... and then take a single step to the side, so that you end up behind the wall of your hut or some similar obstruction that blocks the sun, and suddenly the entire mountain loses its shadow. For me that absolutely kills the experience - there's no point to having good graphics if it's inconsistent. It will just remind you at every corner that you are sitting in front of a flawed videogame, not immersed in an awesome virtual world. Even vanilla graphics with 16x16 textures is better at creating gameplay immersion because it is consistent.

    - Why is Optifine in there? I didn't need it to make shaders work, and it's a massive source of potential problems and incompatibilities.
  20. Siigari

    Siigari Well-Known Member

    Hey Omicron, I posted a how-to on getting shaders to work and reproduced the step in doing it. Computers are weird and sure there are oddities especially when working with unoptimized third party code.

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