[1.6.4]Crash Landing [Hardcore, HQM] version 1.1.x BETA STABLE

Discussion in 'Public Packs' started by Iskandar, May 31, 2014.

  1. Iskandar

    Iskandar Popular Member

    Ah, yeah. Quite. Fixing recipes and such is one thing that is ongoing. And yes, I will tweak that for the next version.
  2. Croccy

    Croccy New Member

    This pack is looking awesome!
  3. Whurm

    Whurm New Member

    I've been playing a this pack for a few days now and I have some questions.
    Why can't you upgrade the tinker's tools? That seems like one of the main reasons to include them. I should be able to stick a flint ax head on my wooden one.
    And I don't know if it's broken, but I can't smelt ore dust in the crucible.
  4. LordDusk

    LordDusk New Member

    It would've been nice to let us know HQM was being used in a public pack. Since its in our license and all...
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  5. Iskandar

    Iskandar Popular Member

    Odd, I thought I had messaged VSWE when I was putting together my modpack permissions. Apparently I didn't. My apologies, I didn't mean to step on anyone's toes.

    Hmm, that means I should go back over and see if anyone else got missed in the ruckus. I certainly meant to inform all the mod authors of this pack.

    Edit: Oh dear. And this is what I get for putting this thing together in the middle of the night. Apparently I owe a general apology to pretty much every mod author in this pack. I know it isn't required for most of them, but still. Right. Well, now to fix my stupid.
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  6. Iskandar

    Iskandar Popular Member

    Yeah, I derped up that config option. You will be able to place ore dust blocks in a crucible in the next version.

    And you can't swap parts because there is no Iguana Tweaks. The start is hard enough without the changes that mod introduces to TiC.

    I might reconsider at a later date, though.
  7. Pip69

    Pip69 New Member

    Igunana, could be used just for the parts upgrades.

    I already changed mine. but If there are any other config derps, mentioning the file & line would make it easier to fix.

    It seems that by the time you get enough seeds for the quest you'll have gone through enough dirt have found a rubber sapling. Maybe change "Hunger games" to not need seeds, but replace with 2 cooked silkworms. That would go a long way to help avoid starving by reminding players of that food source. (I'd forgotten that I could make a wooden frying pad)

    The recipe for dirt+bottle is kind of useless, your better using the dirt to get the furnace. With metals you get a bucket, to improve the Accumulator speed. Add a tank on top for pure water, and your set.

    Things to note when starting (for myself anyway, maybe it'll help others)
    -wooden frying pan for silkworms
    -grindstone for invar, not the smeltery
    -do the furnace quest before food quest, iron for shears lets you finish the other faster.
  8. Iskandar

    Iskandar Popular Member

    I am working on a pack update that will fix those config problems.

    The recipe for dirt+bottle is simply there for emergencies. You screw up and you need water right now it will be there for you. Accumulator water gen has been nerfed. You will need 30 seconds more or less to generate 1 bucket.

    I am working on quests to help the food issue and, yes, to remind players of recipes that they might not be aware of.
  9. Iskandar

    Iskandar Popular Member

    Finished the pack update, waiting on upload now. I added a few quests and tweaked a couple. Added a lot of flavor text to the quests, plus helpful hints. Hunger should be a lot more manageable now.

    Full changelog will be posted when the new pack version is up.
  10. Pip69

    Pip69 New Member

    When I see the update I'll go through the beginning again too see how close to starving I get.

    I'm sure the grinder will get us more then enough arrows, but can we get some way to get a few before that? Maybe be able to use plastic sheets to replace the feathers. And/or give a 1% chance to sifting dust to give an arrow.


    What's the point of the flux potato & generator? Once you need a generator it's easy enough to make and you can't use the potato until it's not very useful. Now if you replace the generator with the sawmill then that would help when you get it.
    Add some arrows as a reward.
    Idea, give some metal tool heads (tic)
  11. Pakhomoff

    Pakhomoff New Member

    Hey! I'd like to try out this map, but can't find necessary modpack at FTB Launcher. Could you help me out, haha, I think I'm lost.

  12. Pip69

    Pip69 New Member

    It's not on the launcher by default. You need to add the pack, use code "boom"
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  13. Wolfcraftian

    Wolfcraftian Guest

    Saw a bit on youtube, immediately want to play. Seems so much more interesting and purpose driven beyond a hardcore tutorial with high random insta-death for difficulty. Looks like it makes great use of a frame work designed for that purpose.
  14. DragonNinjaGolem

    DragonNinjaGolem New Member

    You should add a way to make it nonhardcore or make a way to get more lives, would make map much more enjoyable!! Great map!
  15. Iskandar

    Iskandar Popular Member

    You can get more lives. That is what Sync is for. Make more shells.

    That, btw, is why I am using vanilla hardcore. Sync does not play well with HQM hardcore, unfortunately.[DOUBLEPOST=1401903184][/DOUBLEPOST]
    YouTube? I wasn't aware that anyone had recorded anything, beyond one guy doing Twitch. Care to link?
  16. arufino32

    arufino32 New Member

    Realy great job on the pack!
    This is the link of the youtube video:
  17. Wolfcraftian

    Wolfcraftian Guest

    I watched Anesos' version

  18. Iskandar

    Iskandar Popular Member

    Awesome. Heh, always look behind you! Oh, and as long as 1 person survives in multiplayer, the dead person can be removed from the ban list. Unless that was a LAN game, in which case I'm not so sure.

    And add bonemeal to that sprinkler, it helps.
  19. Iskandar

    Iskandar Popular Member

    Side note: I need beta testers for this mod pack. Those are people who play the game and tell me what I screwed up and what is working, since I am too close to this thing to see problems a lot of the time. Likewise, I need YouTubers and such to both spread the word and let me see how people play the game.

    In both cases, I will give access to dev versions of the pack. Which is both good AND bad. Good because you get bleeding edge versions. Bad because said bleeding edge versions are likely to be occasionally horribly, horribly broken.

    There is a pack update coming. I've given the link to FTB, just waiting on the launcher to update. Things should be quite a bit clearer, and hunger should be a bit less frustrating.
  20. Wolfcraftian

    Wolfcraftian Guest

    Actually finding getting to food producion in a timely manner pretty hard right now, water is not so bad, but not having an oak tree is killer.

    Oh lol, just as I post this you message that, maybe I'll wait a bit for it to become available then.

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