1.0.3: Ore Generation Concerns

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  1. Jakalth

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    What is the bug:
    While most of the ores in the pack have fairly balanced generation rates(for the pack), a few of the ores seem a little out of balance. In my opinion anyways.

    1: Ferrous seems a bit too common for the number of recipes that use it. It seems to be nearly as common as iron when it should be less common then tin. IMO

    2: Lead/Silver seems quite rare, especially when trying to go along the factorization route. In fact, it seems to be as rare as cinnabar ore when it should be close to as common as copper.

    This is after counting the number of ore blocks gathered from running a max sized quarry down to bedrock 6 times, then averaging it out for the number of chunks mined out by the quarry. This should of been enough to get a fairly accurate average for ore generation.

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    Paste.feed-the-beast.com log:

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  2. Trisscar

    Trisscar New Member

    I don't use Fact. as of yet, so can't say there. But iron itself does seem to be pushed out by other ores. It's very hard to find any when you start out.
  3. Plainy

    Plainy New Member

    I can confirm the Silver and Lead issue.
    And Cinnebar is actually really common if you ask me, maybe I'm digging in the right spots.
    Ferrous well lets say I dont have to worry about that any more.
    It takes ages for me to find the amount Silver and Lead to keep supplied.
  4. itanshi

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  5. Plainy

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  6. 10pm

    10pm New Member

    It's true that Lead/SIlver are pretty rare, but after starting a enderquarry i had no problems with that so...
  7. Plainy

    Plainy New Member

    I dont have enough enchanted books to get it so shh!
    And I would probably need a lot and i mean A LOT more of power gen.. xD
  8. 10pm

    10pm New Member

    My quarry is powered by 2 magmatic dynamos and im pretty ok with that ^^
  9. Jakalth

    Jakalth New Member

    Thing is, with this rarity of silver/lead, it makes factorization difficult to say the least as an early game option. It requires some type of quarry and/or a really long time just to gather enough of those two ores to get anything more then just the basics going. And by then, your probably flooded with too many ores to wait for enough silver/lead anyways, and go with a different system out of sheer frustration.
  10. MacAisling

    MacAisling Popular Member

    It isn't that there is less iron over all, it just isn't where we were used to finding it. Iron is now more concentrated around y 30 & you don't see much if any near the surface.

    Agreed about ferrous. In my last map I started using it as a building block.

    Note that the level of ore spawning is high enough to make every mystcraft age unstable. I don't know if the fix for that was out in time for 1.0.3.
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  11. BrickVoid

    BrickVoid Well-Known Member

    As Direwolf20 himself showed when his AE system was up and running, you can also use enchanted item drops straight off monsters to make the specially enchanted blocks, question, are these the same blocks the Ender Quarry needs?

    Cheers ...

  12. itanshi

    itanshi New Member

    You can use liquid XP pumped into a fluid transposer with a bookshelf in it...

    Bit off topic tho, ore gen is weird in this pack. I don't like it but it can be overcome. Twilight Forest has normal ore gen btw.
  13. 10pm

    10pm New Member

    In the beginning we had trouble with iron, since one of us did pneumatccraft and another ic2 and i enderio, we had almost never iron
  14. itanshi

    itanshi New Member

    Iron is lower than usual (check spreadsheet), there's quite a bit. I raided every witchery ring I cold find as they have rail carts and the houses have cauldrons that can be smelted.
  15. Omnituens

    Omnituens New Member

    We've started up a world (BOP gen) and we are struggling for iron, but are swimming in ferrous. It's like they have these values the wrong way round. Lead/Silver do seem rare, but we don't feel starved of them like we do with iron.
  16. Jakalth

    Jakalth New Member

    Iron has a good spawn rate overall, but it is a lot lower then it is in vanilla. It also has the most ores in the "rare" clusters of any ore. But mining deep does mean you miss out on a lot more iron then you used to. IMO, just requires a different mining method.
  17. ljfa

    ljfa New Member

    You have to basically make multiple tunnels at the correct heights. Then when you're e.g. short on copper you can just mine at the correct height and get lots of it.
  18. Jakalth

    Jakalth New Member

    Though, even using height based mining tunnels, silver and lead are sparse enough that more time then necessary is needed to find sufficient amounts for use in factorization builds. At least early on. For all the rest of the ores though, height based mining nets you more then enough to progress through your builds at a good pace.

    It is to be noted that silver and lead are not all that commonly used by mods other then factorization. Which could explain why it's values are what they are. But then again, ferrous has even less uses then lead/silver, and is far more common of a spawn. Hmmm. No idea where I'm going here. Just thinking.
  19. ljfa

    ljfa New Member

    You need a crapton of silver if you want to make a solar boiler setup right?
  20. BrickVoid

    BrickVoid Well-Known Member

    I get plenty of silver and lead in the 1.0.3 modpack and don't seem to be short on it. Iron is always something that's hard to come by, although I tend to pick up anything and everything with iron in it, from dungeon loot, including any metal chest cart, and any metal armor that happens to spawn in villages, if it's made from iron.

    Something that is therefore always worth raiding is a mineshaft system, they also have a random chance of chests and dungeons connecting to them that will also have a random chance of having iron in them, due to the fact that mineshaft chests now spawn as chest carts, among other cart types, that include a bonus minecart.

    I am, however, considering doing a custom build based on the Loonium flower from Botania that Direwolf20 showed on his latest 1.7.10 single-player video. It would primarily be fed dungeon loot from one or more Looniums and either convert what it got, throw it away, or store it for later use.

    I also want to try building a setup based on the other common items that mobs drop, enchanted armor or weapons, mostly for the enchantments, but also for any iron or gold armor that can be scavenged, but this means handling damaged items so that they could be repaired somehow. Does anyone know of a reasonably decent mod in the Direwolf20 1.7.10 pack that can filter armor or weapons based on whether they're damaged or not and route them accordingly?

    I'd prefer something that's not complicated to program, like a computer or Steve's Factory Manager, unless you're willing to show a fully-built version that details all the steps needed to set up item filtering in the mod used.

    Cheers ...

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