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    Open User cannot use/break/place on LAN World

    Is the chunk he is in claimed? Open your inventory and click on the map icon on the left side
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    Help with Botania.

    What version of the pack are you using? Exactly what recipe are you trying to make? I ask because when I look at 1.10 of the pack (not MC1.10) there are no mana pedals. Don't play the pack based on that video/series. A whole heck of a lot has changed since Direwolf made that video. The recipes...
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    Open Game crashes on main world

    You can get the latest version of the Faithful 32x with mod support pack from It's what I use and it's working fine for me. Also from looking at the crash report it says that one of the resource packs you're using is for MC 1.11.2 That might be an issue as well.
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    Open recipes not working

    Then you're doing something wrong because this is the recipe for the masher, as it is in SF3 This is the recipe that the mod has by default, which is also what I saw at the end of your video...the split second that it was visible.
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    Open recipes not working

    You must not have watched the video. It didn't show you doing anything. However at the very end I was able to see what you were trying to do. You're doing the mod's original recipe for the masher and yet you're playing a mod pack that has a lot of recipe changes. Forget what you think you know...
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    Open Vanilla Golden Apple recipe overridden by Tiny Progression

    Summary of the problem Vanilla Golden Apple recipe overridden by Tiny Progression Pack Version 3.0.8 What is the bug? Actually it's Sky Factory 3.0.9 No crafting recipe for the vanilla Golden Apple because Tiny Progression's recipe overrides it. Mod & Version Tiny Progression...
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    Open recipes not working

    I know the Mob Masher recipe works because I've done a few times. And the Ender Generator looks like it works fine for me. Maybe post a screen shot of what happens when you try to make it.
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    Open Storage Drawers transmogrifies Ender IO Quite Clear Glass and Vanilla glass

    They are part of the same ore dict. Not a bug, it's normal. Clear Glass from Tinkers' is the same way.
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    Open SkyFactory server keeps creating normal world

    One thing I found was, let the server create the first world. Stop the server and delete the world folder. Then start the server again and it should work like it's suppose to.
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    Open googly eyes

    Disable the Googly Eyes mod. If you're doing single player, this shouldn't be an issue. If you're playing on a server, give it a shot and hope the server doesn't complain about a missing mod.
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    Bug Creative+ only works once

    Can someone, anyone, at least confirm that this is a bug and just me? I forgot to mention this only seems to happen with MC1.10 mod packs.
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    Open Mob Grinding Utils

    Exactly which recipes are you having problems with? I've done most, if not all, of them without issue.
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    Open Dirt in Barrels

    Should be updated and fixed in SF3.0.9
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    Open Ex Nihilo Adscensio - Barrels

    Should be updated and fixed in SF3.0.9