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  • Can people just hit "Report" instead of complaining in-thread re: bumps and necros? It's blah to delete 3-4 posts at a time. Thanks.
    General post-party thread scan complete. That was a healthy supply of posts to chew on. =)
    Was out this past evening at a wonderful party. Learned moderating via phone touchscreen is less than optimal though. =)
    "Just one Coke can't hurt" has transformed into "let's stay awake 48 hours and then crash miserably". Blegh.
    Curse you, stupid router. You must know your replacement reached the shipping hub for delivery today.
    It's about time. =)
    Happy to be working with you sir.
    What section do you moderate?
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    All of them. Just like you btw, congrats on both your promotions.
    I made thread in the hidden section. Promotions? Don't that mean section mods will be under us? Confused. lol
    Note to people running BOP on an Unleashed pack server: specify level-type=BIOMESOP in or you don't get them.
    Wait, what is trusted user? Never saw it before.
    Is it for long time users or something?
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    "Trusted Member

    These will be people who have been active and shown they are knowledgeable about the mods and other forum topics. They have no moderation privileges or responsibilities. They are just people the staff have found to be trustworthy.

    As with moderators asking for this rank will ensure you do not receive it."
    Mind I ask who you are?
    I've never seen you before, and you have a trusted user status.

    You also seem to be quite active.
    On your profile, at least.
    Nobody particularly important, just an early starter on FTB stuff really. =)
    I see my classic verbosity has decided to kick in this morning already. Oy vey, let's see if I can keep my feet out of my mouth.
    cpw you magnificent man, the new FPS boosts in Forge 644+ are amazing! Will be interesting to see how the packs run when they come out. =)
    Where better to build a new Applied Energistics storage facility than in a moonbase? Finally a use for all that aluminum as blocks...
    What to do with all this Cherry wood? Build a house that looks like a giant Alveary/Apiary, of course!
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