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    Forum Game - The Ban Game

    banned for being a jello hater... and a bothersome-to-the-eye color scheme:3
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    Strange/Useless powers.

    the power to make everyone laugh- but only at the most serious and inappropriate of times, like funerals. the power to scream... but only in sound proof closets (I think they exist?).
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    Forum Game - The Ban Game

    Banned for having no avatar/pic (lame) and trying to get me to put my name there to steal my precious identification...
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    time paradox pudding:P

    time paradox pudding:P
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    [1.6.4] Tier-based modpack - Looking for TESTERS!

    I'm not quite as expirienced with FTB as the others who have posted here, but I would love to help you test the pack if you're still looking for people.The way some mods give advantage over others quite bothers me too. :)
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    (non)sense - a storywriting game.

    Mac had a tummy ache, so he barfed all over his dressing table. It slid down his gown in chunks. This intrigued his puppy, who proceeded to lick up the regurgitated macaroni bits. Mac called his dressmaker at the number he was given at the farming convention. "Hello? Hello? HELLO?" He went into...
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    Wonderful! Should work nicely. I have seen a few videos on TE3, I look forward to learning more about it:)
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    Thank you! Good to know everyone around here is so friendly! I actually have watched a few of Direwolf20's videos, but it seems now is a good time to look into it more. I'll be sure to try out the 1.6 pack, what is your favorite mod in it? Also how much ram would be enough to allocate? With...
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    Hey! I'm triforcekeagie and I'm new to FTB. I just transitioned over from Technic due to constant problems with the launcher. I have actually had FTB for a few weeks, but I just recently decided to stop being lazy and sign up for the forums. I really like this corner of the internet, and am very...
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    Custom modpack mod suggestions

    Not sure if it would be very good on a server... but I really like the SecretRooms mod. Good luck with your pack!
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    feeding the beast:D

    feeding the beast:D