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  1. triforcekeagie

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    Hey! I'm triforcekeagie and I'm new to FTB. I just transitioned over from Technic due to constant problems with the launcher. I have actually had FTB for a few weeks, but I just recently decided to stop being lazy and sign up for the forums. I really like this corner of the internet, and am very impressed with the FTB launcher and modpacks so far! I haven't really gotten into any of them in depth yet, though I am familiar with many of the mods included. Now I must confront the ever-challenging feat of deciding which modpack to spend my time/ procraftinate (procrastinate pun:)) on. I would be super grateful if any of you awesome Feed-the-beasters would suggest one of the packs or something to help me decide! I can't wait to start loosing my social life even more with the only friend you'll ever need- Minecraft... FEED THE BEAST EDITION :D Thanks!
  2. PhantomRage

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    Welcome to the forums and FTB, triforcekeagie! We hope you enjoy your stay here (stay forever! :) )
    If you seek a basic introductory experience, I personally would recommend the Minecraft 1.6 version Direwolf pack. For a fuller experience, Monster would be a good bet. Under any of these circumstances, it is a good idea to watch Direwolf20. Great videos, informative, and very thorough!
  3. triforcekeagie

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    Thank you! Good to know everyone around here is so friendly! I actually have watched a few of Direwolf20's videos, but it seems now is a good time to look into it more. I'll be sure to try out the 1.6 pack, what is your favorite mod in it? Also how much ram would be enough to allocate? With Technic I gave 2 gigs, not sure what to do for FTB. Thanks again!
  4. PhantomRage

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    All FTB packs are ideally played with 64-bit systems at a minimum of 2GB of RAM. The only true exception to this is FTB Lite, which is designed for 32-bit at 1GB RAM. I, personally, by far love Thermal Expansion 3. Great mod IMO!
  5. triforcekeagie

    triforcekeagie New Member

    Wonderful! Should work nicely. I have seen a few videos on TE3, I look forward to learning more about it:)
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    Belated: Hello! Welcome to the forums :)
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    That is true, though be careful for some odd times when arguments occur.
    Welcome to the forums. :)

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