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    How long until you get bored on a new world?

    my ultimate map has been going nearly a year, unleashed lasted 3 months, attack of the b team so far 1 month and going well
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    Weekly News Update #6

    nice one excited to hear the Mindcrack pack as it must be annoying for everyone seeing the Youtubers using it and we cant play along as the FTB community. think its also a move that needs to be done so we have something for the main base of ftb fans to play till monster becomes recommended as...
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    Ultimate for 1.6.4?

    i believe in the decision of the ftb staff, they said they couldn't viably do ultimate further then 1.4.7 it would be a replacement, so unleashed was tried but Gregtech killed that from what it seems reading round the forums on the TC thing so now we are going to Monster and it looks amazing but...
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    The slightly overdue updates

    nice was hoping to see monster move to stable too, really want to continue on the FTB side and don't want to move to another pack group like technic but monster has so many chunk loading errors and black parts to the map still when i use it that i can't really use it on a public 40+ server until...
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    OpenPeripherals and Trade-O-Mat errors

    yeh I get the same on mine even in non creative spawned trade o mats, it works till you put items to trade in the trade o mat, then it will no longer open again, it works till you set it up then try to test a trade. hopefully its getting looked at as there is no point trading in single player...
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    Hey All, my Minecraft name is Timmsy1986uk and I used to have an FTB Ultimate server which is now in back up currently while we play the new FTB Unleashed pack so 1.5.2 Game Version. If you would like to be part of a UK based and Mature (18+) community of technical builders and players...
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    Important - For Users of Direwolf20_1_5 Modpack - Urgent feedback needed.

    seems unanimous to me then, full fix it is :)
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    is there any known fps issues with unleashed?

    just started a new server and like clockwork every minute or two the FPS drops to like under 10! no server issues just this, cant be this much lag I am running half of my Memory at only 700MBif that on the server. Had no previous issues with ultimate will have to do a test. any other server...
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    FTB Unhinged Servers?

    its not that I am planning I think unleashed now not unhinged its just getting the plugins and essentials working and set up correctly like my old server before making it live, cant just chuck it on and go want to get it right.looking for a mature community UK based, we are all 25+ but 18+ is...
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    FTB Unhinged Servers?

    I have one are you UK? setting it up now
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    FTB Ultimate and other older modpacks.

    of course loads of people were still asking you, two months ago the news post was we will not update to 1.5.X but we will update a few weeks after the launch of 1.6.X so technically this was the biggest turn around ever and by not saying anything till now its like WTF?