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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    Personally don't see an issue with not being able to find hardened stone. Seems better suited as a crafted block imo. Don't find many "hardened" things in nature
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    FTB Beyond Release

    I'll put the same arguement I put every time the "something is op" discussion comes up... op is 100% in the eye of the beholder. For someone who decides "hey... I wanna see if I can fill a t8 energy orb (which I consider op) how many generators can I use?" The 25m/t is less op to them. And as...
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    The first thing....

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    The first thing....

    Big bang
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    Werewolf Organisation: Electric Boogaloo Redux

    Yup lol I'm good at being as clear as mud occasionally :P
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    Ask a Silly Question, Get a Silly Answer

    Since I have less money then sense.... Any idea where I put my paddle... this creek is a bit dirty
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    Werewolf Organisation: Electric Boogaloo Redux

    I'm game... work is crazy but that's only 8hrs here and there and even then I can sneak peeks
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    AE2 VS Refined Storage?

    Rs is the way I lean. No presses need. Going through and needing to make pure forms of s crystal isn't necessary. I find it just as aesthetically pleasing as ae. The controller has the same sort of pattern but it's only on one color. I will give you that the storage drives in ae are better...
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    When do you nether?

    I'm one to go when I start needing one of the resources that are only in the nether. Takes me at least two trips to begin with while I build the structure around the portal. I turn it into a little safe house amongst all the wee beasties who are out to murder me. Once I have that set up I...
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    Up to 9000

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    Ask a Silly Question, Get a Silly Answer

    Those ripped out sutures from that surgery named after you Because?
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    Ask a Silly Question, Get a Silly Answer

    Because of spherical chickens in a vacuum... Anybody get bit by a gnome?
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    Up to 9000

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    Good vs. Evil

    50 basilisk venom is good for making old voldy go moldy (and yes i realize that ship has probably sailed... but it's Harry Potter)