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    Open Garden Cloche + Red Orchid = Crash and Unplayable World

    Summary of the problem Garden Cloche + Red Orchid = Crash and Unplayable World Pack Version 1.5.3 What is the bug? (note that I'm actually using the 1.70 beta, was no listed option for that on the pack version. Singleplayer, should that matter.) I discovered that the new Garden Cloche from...
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    WTF is this?

    So then if I'm not using BoP generation it's safe to put thaumic horizons back in after updating? (Been holding off on the update because I've gotten very attached to thaumic horizons, and it'd feel like a downgrade to loose it.)
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    The state of 1.6 Modpacks

    I just hope they get Reika's mods up to date before they freeze Monster; I'm eager to play around with reactorcraft but its missing quite a few critical updates that make it usable.
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    resetting thaumcraft research?

    Just figured that one myself- for resetting Thaumcraft 4 research: using NBT you have to delete the TCResearch, TCAspects, and TCScanned info in BOTH the (playername) and level dat files or one will restore the other. delete in (playername).dat: forgedata/playerpersisted/(anything starting with...