Open Garden Cloche + Red Orchid = Crash and Unplayable World


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Jul 29, 2019
Summary of the problem Garden Cloche + Red Orchid = Crash and Unplayable World

Pack Version 1.5.3

What is the bug? (note that I'm actually using the 1.70 beta, was no listed option for that on the pack version. Singleplayer, should that matter.)

I discovered that the new Garden Cloche from immersive engineering accepted redstone ore as a substrate, so after I went down the line testing various plants and substrates in other cloches to see what worked, I happily attempted to shift-click in a red orchid from a stack of 64 I pulled out of storage. Cue "everything but the sky gradient disappears" flavor crash.

Upon reloading, it would load the world, but as soon as the cloche would start to load the crash would repeat. (Apparently the crash was soft enough that it saved after I placed the orchid into the cloche. Yay. XP )

Note that the redstone ore had been sitting in the cloche for several minutes while I was seeing what the other cloches could be used to grow. It was only when I put the red orchid in the cloche that everything went haywire.

No further issues after reverting to an older save, but adding this to my "don't do that" list for the time being.

Mod & Version Immersive Engineering v0.10-58
Extra Utilities 2 v1.4.1

Link to log file

Is it repeatable? Too scared to try recreating the situation again, but the issue persisted over multiple reload attempts before I finally broke down and reverted to the server backup.

Known Fix None, had to revert to a backup save.


same thing happened to me on 1.8.1 of the modpack. instant client crash and had to go to a backup world.