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    Whitelist Server Koala Konstructions FTB Direwolf 20 server! 1.6.4 Mature + Friendly players only. 16-20 Slots.

    Yeah we know about the Thaumcraft bug, we'll be updating the server to the newer version once an updated version is available on Nitrous Networks.
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    Crafting Grid

    Hi all. Was playing on a server yesterday and happened to hit the C key, which brought up a little 3x3 grid on the block I was looking at. I believe it's supposed to function as a crafting table, which would be really useful because I tend to make millions of the things and leave them all over...
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    Would you look crazy to a stream?

    I would probably just annoy people by wandering around my beehives checking them periodically and rebreeding the bees, rather than just spending some time actually automating the whole thing. Also not sure people would enjoy my "build high tech machinery just in a field" approach to FTB. One day...
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    Biomass/Sugar cane Question

    Or you can do what I did and do all your research in a field miles from your home... with no safety procedures at all... using what I only found out later is an unstable node. I am not a good thaumaturge.
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    Biomass/Sugar cane Question

    Or if you're into Thaumcraft you can set up a reed farm on XY soil (no water sources needed so can pack more reeds in to an area) with an intelligent straw golem (if it's not intelligent it will break the bottom reed as well) and a wood golem attached to a chest, ender chest, tesseract etc.
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    Whitelist Server CrazyCraft - Ultimate - White list - No Banned Items 24/7 - Keep items on death

    In-Game Name: Pyriell Age: 24 Country: England Time Zone: GMT How often will you play? Every day for a few hours hopefully Skype? I have it, for obvious reasons won't post it here :p Have you ever been banned? Why? I have not.
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    Casual Server Ultimate pack 24/7 Whitelisted, 5 - 10 slots searching for members [closed]

    IGN: Pyriell Age: 24 Reason why would you want to play on our server?: I love FTB but playing single player feels lonely, nobody to chat with. I'm not amazing at it, but I know my way around a few of the mods (more so the ones that are in Tekkit) and I'm more than capable of learning about the...
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    Whitelist Server Speed The Beast Ultimate| 24/7 | 18+ | 15 Slots

    -IGN: Pyriell -Age: 24 -Tell us a little about yourself: I love gaming and get addicted to games easily. Currently have the urge to play Minecraft again. I've been completely spoiled by modpacks so now I can't play vanilla without desperately missing all the weird and wonderful machines I'm used...
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    Question about Dragon Egg Energy Siphon

    I did a bit of testing in a single player world. Had a siphon set up with an egg on it, spawned in a new one. The existing one didn't blow up when I spawned or placed the new one. But placing the new one on its own siphon caused that one to blow up. The one I had on the server was running...
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    Question about Dragon Egg Energy Siphon

    Should have mentioned this is using Mindcrack, so no Mystcraft. I wonder if the friend I mentioned wanted to copy my setup (a common and annoying occurrence :p) and attempted to acquire a dragon egg in some way, it's his server so he has access to whatever commands would be needed to make that...
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    Question about Dragon Egg Energy Siphon

    On the server I play on I managed to kill the Ender Dragon and eventually build an Energy Siphon to use the egg. I was originally going to ask if it ever runs out of power or if it will output 128 eu/t forever... However I just received a text from a friend that plays on the same server that it...