Jul 29, 2019
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    1. Orien
      Hey parcel, I'm making my own modpack and I was wondering how you got Quadrum items to not have a name that starts with item. And ends with .name?
    2. PrinceDeathica
      My client crashes in material energy hypercubed whenever I step on the dimensional anchor, anything I can do?
    3. AManNamed2
      Any chance you can upload the ME 4 server files?
    4. awmathwhiz
      I cant get on, I finnaly got to the main screen but when i tried making a new world it just brought me back to the main screen and wouldn't make the world. I hope you can fix this because I was really looking foward to playing ME^4
    5. WikidSick
      Can i get the server files for Material Energy 4
      I wanna play it with my mate
    6. IceMasterJ
      K it crashed 3 min in, the game froze all the blocks turned a different shade of plan grey and than the window closed on its own. Is this a planed feature? ITS STILL REALLY AWESOME THO GOOD JOB!!! k second crash, it says "this block can only be edited by parcel31" and than it crashed. STILL AWESOME!!!!!
      1. HeroGabe
        This is due to an issue, it is not intended by parcel31u.
        Feb 17, 2015
    7. IceMasterJ
      2:35 PM EST: turns on computer, looks at FTB private packs, sees ME^4, Screams and runs in circles. passes out, wakes up 5 min later and writes this post. THANKS SO MUCH parcel31u I LOVE ITTTTTTTTTT. YOUR THE BEST, LIKE ACTUALLY. THANKS SO MUCH, IM YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!!! THANKS!!!!!
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    8. purplefantum
      How are you controlling Mob spawns in ME^4, since MSC2 doesn't work for 1.7.10. I want to make an HQM map, but I don't have any idea how to set mob spawn locations or create custom mobs. Since I mostly want to work with Zombies. Can you point me in the right direction please? ^^
    9. AwesomeBroSki
      Parcel I am working on a project and I want your opinion on It, if you will.
      1. parcel31u
        send me a message on the forums
        Dec 19, 2014
      2. AwesomeBroSki
        I think I did.
        Dec 20, 2014
    10. Igamer178
      do u think it would be possible for me to get an alpha verison for my yt channle
    11. ThomazM
      Nice new avatar, man! :P
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      2. Strikingwolf
        I should have commented on that :P
        Dec 16, 2014
    12. Scipio^2
      Parcel are you gonna stream any time soon?
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      2. parcel31u
        probably not, but I just released the final alpha version to a couple streamers
        Dec 12, 2014
    13. Scipio^2
      Parcel for the compressed cookies what food value would you want each one of them to have?
      1. parcel31u
        compressed: 1
        double: 2 hunger
        and so on
        Dec 5, 2014
      2. Scipio^2
        do you mean bars or points,cause if you mean bars a regular cookie recovers 2
        Dec 5, 2014
    14. Kinganderson
      I love your material energy^3 mod pack!
      Will you be making any like it in the future?
    15. AwesomeBroSki
      Hello, I have severe OCD, and I know many people do also, but we still love your pack, So I was wondering if there is a way, I can rebuild the map and if you like it add a choice to pick OCD or normal map. When I build it Do not Worry I will include all components needed for proper gameplay. So what do you say?

      P.S. Do not worry I know how to build properly. ;)
      1. parcel31u likes this.
    16. VapourDrive
      So have you considered working on a 1.7.10 pack?
      1. parcel31u
        Working on ME^4 for 1.7.10 :P
        Nov 14, 2014
    17. Electrobob99
      I know I shouldn't ask this here, but I really am wondering... How would I go about using Me^3 for a server, like step to step. My friends and I have been having trouble with setting it up. Just wondering
      1. parcel31u
        Download the server files, click lauchserver.exe
        Oct 31, 2014
      2. Electrobob99
        Ok, I think my friend did that, but for some reason his server only runs for a time and then stops, before anyone else can get on.
        Nov 1, 2014
    18. parcel31u
      9:00!!! Winning!!!
    19. parcel31u
      9:00!!! Winning!!!
    20. parcel31u
      9:00!!! Winning!!!
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