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    What's new in modded minecraft today?

    Not typical mod news but congratulations on getting this thread to 500 pages over the past year and 9 months (give or take a day). It's been my single most favourite point for news about modded minecraft and it shows how great this community is that it's went this far. Here's to 1,000 pages!
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    Direwolf20 - Material Emancipation Grid unfinished?

    That wiki page was made for something like Minecraft 1.4.5 or 1.5.2. The current version of Portal Gun for 1.7.10 is incomplete and likely won't ever be as finished as the mod was for previous versions.
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    Horizons: Daybreaker Released

    "Mods that have flown under the radar of players" "Mekanism and Galacticraft" I'm pretty sure these are two of the most popular mods out there and have been for years, the fact they've neglected to be put in an FTB pack doesn't mean they've flown under the radar of most players.
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    What theme of packs would you like in 1.8

    Microsoft have created development tools specifically for modding the game, want to open up modding and make it even easier for both experienced programmers and new ones to get into, and even had a presentation with Aidan C Brady (the developer of Mekanism) about how great modding Minecraft is...
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    FTB News - May 1st, 2015

    Regarding the forum moderator position, the opening post of that thread said that the next stage would be moved onto "in a couple of weeks" not a single week. Are you still accepting applications or was it just cut short?
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    Forum Moderator Applications

    I fourth @Gideonseymour, he's a great person and already active on the forums and knows what he's doing in the community, he'd be a great person to have in this position. I also feel like @Yusunoha would be a good pick, if he's interested at all ;)
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    What's new in modded minecraft today?

    Is that Morgan Freeman narrating a modpack? Woah
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    Lets See Some Bases! Give Us a Tour!

    Inspired by @rhn's awesome base while he's playing with a different biome mod, I decided to add ATG onto my current world to give it some interesting mountains, there's some really great terrain so I decided to build my base into one, trying to make use of the terrain around, which is a bit of a...
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    Modded UHC tournament

    Honestly I'm not really confident that you're the right person to make this pack looking at this. You've refused to join in any of the discussions about the actual pack, don't seem to know how to even upload it, refuse to share a mod list, and have included Galacticraft which everyone except one...
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    Modded UHC tournament

    Could you make a list or screenshot of the mods you've decided to include?
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    Modded UHC tournament

    I'm not even sure why we're discussing a server yet, to be honest. We can do nothing about a server without knowing what mods we have, how many players there'll be in that first tournament, how much RAM we'll need to keep everything running smoothly for the players with that many mods, if we'll...
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    Modded UHC tournament

    If there's to be a dedicated place to get more ores, perhaps it would make more sense to make use of nether ores and the nether? You'd have the added bonus of being able to spot ores easily and get double the ore per block, but still have to worry about all the dangers of the nether and...
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    Modded UHC tournament

    Pam's Harvestcraft could be an interesting option for things like the gardens around, although all of the basic food only gives half or one hunger shank back so they're mostly useless, added to the fact the issue of inventory clutter and no time to worry about processing or crafting any food...
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    Modded UHC tournament

    We've not even decided on a set mod list or know what we need yet - the server isn't a problem at all at this stage. I'd be more than happy to pay for a server myself if people are genuinely interested in this and it's properly organised. Similarly because we've not agreed on a mod list we don't...
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    Modded UHC tournament

    I agree with this kind of idea, that would make things interesting. One similar thing I thought about was making apple tree saplings from Biomes O Plenty spawn rarely in dungeon chests - if you happen to get one then you could be set for apples with a little bit of effort. You could just...