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    New Server Monetisation Guidelines by Mojang

    I can the from this statement that you are not a server owner. For many, server ownership is a process, most owners learn a they go with a server and therefore can take several months or even years to get to a 'perfect standard'
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    Looking for plugin..

    world border will work with direwolf and will allow you to pregenerate the world
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    New Server Monetisation Guidelines by Mojang

    To be honest both sides of this have valid arguments. I do feel though that mojang could have done more in order to help servers out. Perhaps they could have worked more on making a multi-threaded system for minecraft prior to announcing this, thus significantly reducing the running costs of...
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    FTB forum promoted servers and the now enforced rules

    Im fairly sure, though don't quote me on this, that they explicitly ask you not to mention anything to do with donations in their server posting guide. So I would assume they wouldn't see the need to act any further. Particularly as it is now technically more legal to accept donations than it...