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    Whitelist Server Intrinity SMP | DW20 1.7.10 | Nice, trustworthy community

    Age: 16 IGN: NinjaX11 Would you make a good addition to this server and why: Since I am easy to get along with and enjoy playing with others on Minecraft How often will you play: Depends how my schedule is for the day but for a rough estimate about 2-4 hours a day
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    Minetweaker Help

    I am making a modpack for a few of my friends, and want to delete the lamb added by magical crops since I'd like to use the kind from Gany's Surface. Can anyone help me figure out why my minetweaker code won't work? (I am an utter noob when it comes to minetweaker) Code...
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    {Alpha} Unstable Pack: Bug Reports

    In my case, loading chunks causes a lot of client lag and frame skipping.
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    Whitelist Server InceptiSkies - Recommended - Team Speak - Whitelist - Nothing Banned - Mature Community

    In game name: NinjaX11 Age: 17 Have you ever been banned: Nope Timezone: EST
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    Whitelist Server Small Server Looking For Active Players

    IGN: NinjaX11 Age: 16 Skype: mrcodpants How Often Will You Be Active: pretty active, maybe like, 5-7 hours a day depending if I have stuff to do or not Experience With Mods: I've been using ftb since it came out in November 2012. I've been self modding since 1.2.5 though A Little About You: just...
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    Casual Server Hosting AG Skies Server Max 3 People

    I'm sorta kinda interested, it just depends how old you are. I don't find it fun playing with 10 year old kids.... I know it seems stereotypical, but it just isn't fun in the past experiences I've had
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    Whitelist Server Idrols Server[Monster 1.1.1][Whitelist][Grief Prev][TS3][Keep Items on death][24/7][dedicated]

    1. In-Game Name: NinjaX11 2. Age: 16 3. Country: United States 4. Have you ever been banned? Why? Never been banned before. 5. Do you understand that we won't tolerate cursing in the public chat? Yes 6. How long have you been playing a modded version (like FTB) of Minecraft? I've been playing...
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    Cliffs of Dover in SSP (Legitimate)

    What resource pack are you using to make your health bar and hunger etc look so pretty? I'd think its some sort of faithful considering the font. Btw, pretty cliffs of Dover. Made me remember all about the song and I felt glad listening to it again.
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    Whitelist Server Private Server | Monster 1.1.0 |Whitelist |No Griefing | Survival|

    IGN : NinjaX11 SKYPE : mrcodpants AGE (13+) : 15 MOD EXPERIENCE : Been playing ftb ever since the beta 1.4.2 pack BUILDING QUALITY : average, 8.5 out of 10 COUNTRY+TIMEZONE : US, Eastern Standard Time ESTIMATED ACTIVITY TIME : 4-5 hours a day depending if I have any after school activities going...
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    Whitelist Server WannaCraft | 20 players | Direwolf20 v1.0.7 | Whitelist

    IGN: NinjaX11 Age:16 Skype: mrcodpants Why you want to play on the server: I've mostly been a hermit in single-player for a verrrryyyy long time, and thought that its time to spread my wings and go onto a server! general level of mod competence: I generally know most things about the mods...
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    Shoop LP [Season 3 restart] [Ended 2/10/14]

    What are you making your Tinkers tools out of? Haven't really seen those colors for tools ( I am going to guess its metallurgy )
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    Whitelist Server Triple Nation | Unleashed | Whitelist | PvE | Mature 16+ | TS3 | Plugins | Events | Dedicated Server

    In Game Name: NinjaX11 Age: 16 New to mods: Nope, I have used mods ever since 1.2.5 About yourself: I love touhou, playing video games and listening to music! Will you be on our teamspeak?: Most of the time yes.
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    Whitelist Server TechMess [FTB Unleashed 1.1.3]

    IGN: NinjaX11 Age: 16 Why you want to play here: I want to play on the server because I am looking for something more than just sharing things with myself in singleplayer, and hope to thrive and learn more from other people in multiplayer Why we should accept your application: You should accept...
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    If you have xeno's reliquary than use the tome of alkahest. If you have a lot of redstone however :)