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    magicmad11 | New Streamer | Multiple FTB Packs | Lots of derps | PG Stream

    I am new to streaming, and hoping to get into it, I will run a PG stream, and will probably derp a lot (mostly dying). I will use a range of packs, ranging from 1.2.5 retro, all the way to the 1.5 packs. I will at some point attempt hardcore, but I can only see that world lasting 1 minute. After...
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    Bullying and Attacks

    I have been waiting for this, so many people don't realise (or realize (Australian and American English Versions)) that not all mod developers do it for everyone, that might just be incidental, they might have thought of a cool idea, and decided that other people might want it in their game.
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    Direwolf20 Pack Lets Play with magicmad11

    Hi, welcome to the thread. I will be starting a new lets play with the Direwolf20 pack. I may modify some stuff to my playing style, but it will be that pack. I will start off on peaceful, then progressively get harder, every 10 episodes or so, going to easy at episode 2. My friends may join me...
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    direwolf20 modpack.. is auto brewing possible?

    I'm not sure, but I think forge would have made them iSided, I'm guessing you pull from the bottom :D EDIT: Never mind, I just noticed the above video :P
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    What if you could use only one mod?!

    Definitely a toss up between RP2 and Thermal Expansion.:confused: