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    Problem (workaround provided) latest launcher (2020-0626-0028) keeps reverting instance dir to a location in my user dir

    I installed the launcher to a specific directory (C:\MINECRAFT\FTBA), and then with the latest launcher download (2020 0626 0028) it wants to use a .ftba folder under my windows user folder instead. Additionally, no matter whether I'm changing it back from within the launcher or manually editing...
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    News Mod Permissions

    With the purchase of a new beast of a computer (, I somehow find myself back here in search of a monster of a pack to feed this beast. I don't know if anyone might remember me anymore... I used to help out a bit in the IRC channel assisting the hopeless new...
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    Open 1.1.0: Updating server losing ability to join islands

    In v1.1.0, the island data is still being stored in (serverroot)\minecraft\local\islands.ser, outside of the world directory (where it really shouldn't be since it's directly related to the world) You still need to bring this file over to the new server along with your world directory make sure...
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    Closed 1.0.4: Crafting Recipe Bug for TE Machines

    (unless tfox and the other powers that be simply overlooked it all this time)
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    Open 1.0.4: Rake & Sesame Seeds Crash

    game lore: sesame seeds are tiny, don't try raking them
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    Open 1.0.4: Random Crash Bug

    to see whether the virus scanner is the issue... add your FTB directory (find this at the top of the Launcher OPTIONS tab) into your antivirus EXCEPTIONS or EXCLUSIONS list (whatever your antivirus calls it) and see if the problem goes away
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    Open 1.1.0: No recipe for Hardened Lumium Glass -> Unable to craft Hardened Fluiducts

    i'm running infinity skyblock v1.1.0 right now recipe exists... tested, both recipes work are you playing on a server where the server admin might've tweaked some stuff? are you sure you're playing v1.1.0 of the infinity skyblock pack? are you possibly playing a...
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    Closed 1.0.4: 1.04 island creation problem

    just add another sign to the 3 already at spawn i'm lazy, but even i would go to that much trouble for a minor bug while you're waiting for the bugfix to be implemented
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    Closed 1.0.2: Flashing minecraft

    you clearly underestimate how severely stressing a large java program like minecraft is, and even worse such a heavy 3D java program.... and then to add 200 MB of mods to it that take away even more CPU time, and all the java objects floating around in memory.... like i said... try FTB Lite 3...
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    Closed 1.0.4: Rendering issue with barrels (MP only?)

    does it happen if fastcraft is removed?
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    Closed 1.0.4: 1.04 island creation problem

    two things i've found.... the /island create command cannot be run from console.. and cannot be run from a non-opped player make sure the player typing the command is typing it in-game not in the server console.. and make sure the player is opped
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    Closed 1.0.2: Flashing minecraft

    might i recommend playing a lighter pack on that laptop, like FTB Lite 1, 2, or 3.... until you get a better computer if the game is saying you're out of memory, then *it* evidently doesn't think it'll be ok
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    Closed 1.0.2: Flashing minecraft

    did you see all the out-of-memory messages in the log? am i reading the log correctly? you're using an old motherboard with intel 965GM graphics?
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    Open 2.2.2: ModPack Error: Mods aren't in file

    Jairson0 .. i was referring to the original poster of this thread, altrisi... in any case..... if anyone is having problems of this type... first thing they should do is use the FTB support chat link to get interactive assistance...
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    Open 2.2.2: ModPack Error: Mods aren't in file

    he downloaded the curse version of the pack, DIRECTLY..... that's why so much stuff is missing