Problem (workaround provided) latest launcher (2020-0626-0028) keeps reverting instance dir to a location in my user dir

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Lone Lycan

New Member
Jul 29, 2019
I installed the launcher to a specific directory (C:\MINECRAFT\FTBA), and then with the latest launcher download (2020 0626 0028) it wants to use a .ftba folder under my windows user folder instead. Additionally, no matter whether I'm changing it back from within the launcher or manually editing every settings.json file I can find, my changes are ignored and reverted as soon as I restart the launcher.

My current workaround (because I prefer NEVER to have gigabytes of minecraft in my personal windows user folder).... is to set up symlinks for the .ftba folder as well as the roaming\ftb-app folder so both of those are being stored in locations inside C:\minecraft\ftba where I installed

While I feel this is probably the most elegant workaround possible, it should not be seen as a final solution. I will be expecting the developers to fix the issue post haste. After all, the weekend is almost upon us, and with that, a larger number of people trying to play.
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