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    "Under the radar mods"

    Dooglamoo Jr. archaeology was a small mod I liked it gives you a relatively easy way to craft blaze power, ender pearls, leather just some good stuff for early game it was in a version of ftb infinity for a short amount of time. I did like the textures it used for everything and had some neat...
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    Bug Error extracting native files/world not starting up.

    On the ftb launcher I get a popup saying error loading native files after two or three clicks on it I then can load up Dw20 1.7. When I click on my sp world it says loading building terrain then sends me back to the title screen. I had a unexpected shutdown which probably caused this. Also after...
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    Dw20 1.0.3 corrupted chunk, recommended programs?

    So I have a chunk that has hundred of entitys in it slimes and creepers. Changed gamemode to peaceful the world loaded and found the specific chunk and now there are thousands of bats and squid in it. I haven't deleted a chunk in a long time, what preferred program/method do you use for dealing...
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    1.0.3: Can't play on SP world. Opened text document and pasted hope this can help.
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    1.0.3: Can't play on SP world.

    Version: 1.0.3 What is the bug: After clicking on my SP world it sends me back to the ftb launcher. I can however create and play on new worlds. I did have a unexpected shutdown a few times that may have messed with the world, my world has few machines on it atm. Mod & Version: Direwolf20...
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    Whats the cause?

    Well with the cobble im getting from this next time I can just trash it. Or try ME storage.
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    Whats the cause?

    Adding a cable between the cell and quarry seemed to fix it. I did have multiple speed upgrades too, I tried removing them but I still had the problem also I kinda needed them to move that cobble quick even my ore chest fills up quick.
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    Whats the cause?

    This simple setup is causing spikes on my world every 5-10 seconds, I assume it may be the transfer node but why? The ender quarry seems to scan maybe 10 blocks per second im not sure if that is contributing at all, also the border for the quarry is pretty big in the twilight forest over a...
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    What are these config files?

    Thanks for answering thought it was something to do with ftb packs. I like the morph idea if I did'nt have simply jetpacks installed or other forms of flight I would use that.
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    What are these config files?

    I was looking in my dw20 config folder and found a bunch of config files for mods I don't have on my world? Are they there because they were in previous versions? Also what are some config options that you like to enable or disable? I just have all biomes in biomes o plenty all set to true...
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    SP world chunk errors persisting.

    Uh oh tried to use a program to fix the chunk and when I logged in there were over 4000 entitys, switched to peaceful to fix that but the chunk is still missing. Going to try to delete the chunk in mcedit will see if that will fix it. Edit: And for some reason the chunks are gravel pillars in...
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    SP world chunk errors persisting.

    Been having trouble on my sp world(dw20 1.0.25). Have had some chunk errors that don't seem to go away on a relog or reinstall of the modpack and client. It seemed to start when my pc had a unexpected shutdown. The next time I loaded my world I had lag and some crashes. Then after a reinstall...
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    Can use FTB advice.

    Ty guys ill look into some of that.
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    Can use FTB advice.

    Starting up a new world on DW20 pack and I could use some tips to get some fast ores and resources. Im probably gonna start up with some Tcon tools to get some quick resources, but im going to want to get alot of ores later on. Without making a mystcraft age or quarrys what are some ways to get...
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    What youtube channels do you watch?

    Been watching some of Bevos Agrarian skies too :)