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  • Thank you for the update jaded it is really nice of you and thank you and everyone who has been working on the pack we really apritate it even though allot just want you to fix bugs.
    Just wanted to say that you're really funny & you make me laugh when I watch Direwolf20's Server Let's Play video series on youtube. I've been going through a lot lately, & wanted to say thank you. Also, I think your caslte looks awesome with all of the different colored trees around it & the color of wood you chose. It brings out a lot in your building. May good fortune cross all of your paths.
    Hi Jadedcat, my girlfriend rally loves Your New mod pack. We have just installed it and are having fun. I just wanted to say thank you.
    I like your moderating text color choice. Purple brings attention to the text, but doesn't overwhelm people like red does.
    Jaded cat, if I want to make a public modpack, who should I contact. I've done all of the mod compiling and permissions, I just need to find a good medium of distribution
    Jaded, what's the best way to get in contact with Slowpoke or someone who can help me out with the 'private pack' feature? I've been working on getting permissions where needed from all nine yards and any extra information would be much appreciated.
    "Jaded is a sweet and innocent gal" If we look from my perspective(Lithuanian) the word "gal" means "maybe"
    If you know what I mean :D
    Would it be possible to Retitle my Thread in the Youtubers Section ? ( due to me adding the server name of a Server that just closed unfortunately and I would like to get rid of teh + Minequaft Server Lets play )
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