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  1. H | Premium FTB Server

    Wow, this server got popular fast... Currently LOVING being a part of it, although its taken me a while to get started :P
  2. H | Premium FTB Server

    wow, whats the capacity of this server? you seem to be accepting loads of people
  3. H | Premium FTB Server

    IGN: Htothe2oh Where you heard about the server: Browsing FTB Forums Why you would like to play on the server: Would like to play with the FTB Pack in a community environment. Would like some collaborative activity with others who enjoy the FTB Modpack Do you have any bans on record: None that I...
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    Countdown is off!

    I live in GMT -5 and the countdown is suggesting 1pm. Clearly this is larger error than we thought
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    Typo on the downloads section

    Under the download server, there's a small typo. Not sure where to put this thread but I don't know where else it could go. Anyway, the server download says "The server download is a direct download to only the server, it allows you to wget it right to your server for easy installation" Notice...
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    Client-side utility mods

    I would say that Daft PVF's InGameInfo is much nicer, and much more customizable.