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Discussion in 'Web Feedback' started by htothe2oh, Oct 29, 2012.

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  1. htothe2oh

    htothe2oh New Member

    Under the download server, there's a small typo. Not sure where to put this thread but I don't know where else it could go. Anyway, the server download says "The server download is a direct download to only the server, it allows you to wget it right to your server for easy installation" Notice wget instead of get. Also, quick note, the sentence isn't properly structured from a grammar standpoint. It should either be "... only the server. It allows you..." or "... only the server, allowing you to..." Thats all I have to say!

  2. TheSandwichMakr

    TheSandwichMakr New Member

    I think that by wget they mean the linux command to download files that's used if you're using a command line only install.
  3. Rob

    Rob New Member

    Not its a spelling mistake :p

    Ill be fixed in the next website update. Thanks
  4. kells117

    kells117 New Member

    A bit picky lol just one tiny mistake
  5. Greedseed

    Greedseed New Member

    yes "wget" is a linux command and it makes the lives for OP's who have linux command line servers so much easyer :p
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