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    Open Can't update/Install

    Yep, works again. Thx for keeping me updated :-) .
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    Can somebody explain to me how I add mods to ftb modpacks in twitch launcher? If it's not possible in the app, don't bother, if I need to go manual I don't need the app...
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    FTB: Revelation Version 1.5.0 download error

    Good I've just reported the same issue under the modpack because I didn't see this here, as it's in the wrong spot... Still no fix. I tried twitch launcher but that thing is serious horsecrap...
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    Open Can't update/Install

    Summary of the problem Can't update/Install Pack Version 1.5.0/1.6.0 What is the bug? I can't update or install these, because your md5 gets corrupted. No problem on my end, I can do it all day, always same error. Mod & Version Link to log file...
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    FTB - Curse FAQ (Help required)

    I'm still playing techworld2 with the old launcher. Until the curse launcher gets a decent installer, I'm unable to use it. Not sure why anybody would install something irrelevant like a game on C drive. The new mc versions sound nice, but in the end they add nothing of interest comapred to...
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    FTB - Curse FAQ (Help required)

    How do I install the curse launcher on a drive of my choice? Once that's answered: Will I need another account or does my ftb/minecraft account work?
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    RC/ReC/ElC/CC Policy Changes

    In my opinion this part of your page isn't that bad, it's just badly placed. If you don't want to just keep it in the background, I would recommend to push it to the bottom. At the moment it seems more important than the actual content, which might be considered bad advertising. Putting it below...
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    Unsupported FTB TechWorld 2 - 1.6.4 {PUBLIC BETA} Bug Reports

    Known Fix: [1.6.4]ReiMinimap_v3.4_01 -> don't know why this hasn't been included in the last release 1.0.2...
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    REIminimap crash in Tech World

    obviously, the 1.6.2 version just won't work with 1.6.4, this is also the case if you take vanilla mc 1.6.4 and install reiminimap 1.6.2. I don't know why reifnsk only updated his japanese site, but I think, as he doesn't speak english very well, somebody else might be responsible for the...
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    REIminimap crash in Tech World

    I already reported this in the Support Thread:
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    7 Days To Die

    I have already seen the game played live. I think the idea is nice and the concept is promising, but it has a long long way to go, before it will make fun. In my opinion this game needs to go for MMO playstyle, like to defend and extend a base in groups, rebuild civilization etc...
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    Unsupported FTB TechWorld 2 - 1.6.4 {PUBLIC BETA} Bug Reports

    Mod Pack: FTBTech World 2 v1.0.0 Mod & Version: [1.6.2]ReiMinimap_v3.4_01 Pastebin link to crash log: don't know how to do that after the console closed itself, but don't see a use in it either, as the problem is already known in vanilla MC... Whats the bug? minecraft terminates itself on...
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    So as compensation to all forum users. (Mod Pack Mod List - New Feature Pack)

    somehow I'm happy unleashed will be reevaluated completely. For instance the portalgun, that one object makes half of the game absolutely obsolete, as you don't need any other means of traveling... If integrated, it should be optional. Same goes for some other mods. For me, unleashed is an all...
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    1.6.4 Modpack releases

    basically somebody would have to write a script, converting the world. There would be problems, because some features like multiblock structures, alterable objects etc. would be hard to port exactly the way they where, if an ID has changed. Everybody who has worked with mcedit will know what I'm...
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    How do you decide the progression of your base?

    I most times experiment in creative and come up with a layout for my base. It's one massive fortress with many distant branches, so there is room for everything. I love absolute efficiency, thats why everything somehow has to be close in the central building. The rest is just a big village...