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    If anybody here has any power anymore

    And that's why I have been twitch client free for like 2 years now.
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    What do you look for in a modded minecraft Let's play on youtube?

    For me personally I like seeing all the bits and pieces of building out a base and whatnot. I don't mind jump cuts while you collect mats for a project or while you craft the 2nd - 500th item for a build but show making each part at least once. Show placing and wiring all the machines in a...
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    Sky adventure question

    Environmental Tech Void Resource Miner
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    Problem How to protect chunks from fire spread ?

    Another option for the OP would be a layer of glass up at build height. Would stop the rain also. That high up you would be able to see it.
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    What Do You Wish You Could Do Better in Minecraft?

    Mine is also finishing buildings. I usually start a pack in a hobbit hole or a derp hut until I have sufficient resources to build a cool looking base. I usually spend a few days building the 1st floor and maybe a basement, make is mob safe, then move in. From this point I intend to finish...
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    Problem Twerking trees

    If the room is sufficiently high the tree should grow after 2-3 "bonemeals" from twerking. If it is having that much trouble growing I would suggest building up and taking out 2-3 more layers from the roof.
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    So, modded 1.14 is already here?

    Fabric is an alternative to Forge. @McJty did a video a week or so ago on Fabric. There are only a few mods written for it but it is out there. Wither it is meant to supplant Forge or run along side it I do not know, nor do I believe any one else knows at this time that I've heard.
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    Monk Mod Wither Skeleton

    Build a 3x1 hallway in a netherfortress with both ends open, 15 or so blocks long. the last 2 blocks put half slabs down. Lure a wither skelly into the 3 tall end of the hall and high tail it to the slabs. The Wither Skeleton is a 3 block tall mob so will be stopped at the slab. Stair at him...
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    YABBA barrels

    Only Lets play I remember of Yabba was one of Direwolf20's. For Minecraft 1.8 maybe. Was a dead spot in modding that a lot of modders decided to skip and wait for 1.10. Yabba was one of the very few large storage options that released.
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    YABBA barrels

    Yabba barrels are very similar to Jabba but just different enough to be unappealing. I also suggest checking out Storage Drawers. With a Drawer controller the cabling needed for a "Storage Room" is much easier.
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    Casting table not working

    Check JEI. I think SkyAdventures had an alternate Ingot cast recipe.
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    Why do you keep playing a world?

    My usual path to progression on any non-skyblock is to make basic tools and bed then go a hunting for a Village. Never fails, if I try to start somewhere not near a village I end up screwed/stuck needing Emeralds or something villager-ish. Once I've located a village I look for an interesting...
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    mid-level Power Generation

    The one time I got the Rainbow Gen up and running, because it ultimately is more of a PITA then the power output if really worth, I went through each of the generators and, using AE2, for them automated. Tricky ones are the potion generator, which can now be done with water bottles no...
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    Refined Storage Crafting Question

    you should be able to make a pattern with a bucket of creosote and planks. then just be sure to always have empty buckets, enough to fulfill the crafting request, in the systems. So if you request 64 treated wood be sure to have 8 empty buckets in the system.
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    ExUtils2 Resonator swallows input items

    I just completed StoneBlock and never had this issue so I believe it has been resolved, assuming it is as issue with the mod version/pack version.