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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    Minecolonies: If I have my miner excavate one of the levels, can I safely use the cave tileset to build an underground bazaar or such, or might the miner destroy that work later given some accidental settings? In other words, does Minecolonies recognize buildings as off-limits when citizens are...
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    I'm guessing if it stopped and you're not sure why, it was something you had equipped. Things like that are normally the simplest answer, and if you're not sure about equipment, that would be easy to overlook. You could also check if you have baubles in the pack because those can add functions...
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    Astral Sorcery -- Celestial Crystals Not Growing In Purity

    I'm trying to grow some pure crystals, but throwing starlight on size 3 crystals doesn't make them split. I've done it dozens of times with not a single split, so either the feature is turned off in ATM6, I'm EXTREMELY unlucky, or something's broken. Has anyone dealt with this before? Is there...
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    Nature's Aura -- Breathlessness Killing Me Even With Average/High Aura

    Finally found the config file and turned those off. But I also got ahold of the author on the mod's github, and he said that breathlessness disregards local aura once it's started and reaches into high-aura areas. Apparently there was a low-aura area nearby (I had an infinite water block that...
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    Nature's Aura -- Breathlessness Killing Me Even With Average/High Aura

    I've been playing ATM6 for a while now, and I've always been aggravated by Nature's Aura giving me breathlessness. I didn't do anything with the mod until it started killing me, so I got into it enough to learn the mechanics and set up a swamp homi to replenish the aura around my base, since it...
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    Twitch Launcher -- Infinity Reloaded Stuck At 84%

    Eh, I think I spoke too soon. This new launcher uses around 90% of my CPU, and it got stuck at 166,465 recipes and wouldn't go any further. I let it sit for about ten minutes and it didn't budge. I just manually stopped it and it gave the same error. So I guess I'm back to where I started. At...
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    Twitch Launcher -- Infinity Reloaded Stuck At 84%

    I saw in the Twitch Launcher that they're dumping mods into a new app run by Overwolf and decided to move over there now rather than waiting a week until they drop support from the Twitch app. I found the same mod pack in the new launcher so I could try it there and found some interesting stuff...
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    Twitch Launcher -- Infinity Reloaded Stuck At 84%

    I know this is a forum for FTB stuff but figured maybe someone here would have some ideas on this since it was based on an FTB pack. I'm using the Twitch Launcher and am unable to load Infinity Reloaded. I've manually closed the launcher three times now because it always gets stuck at 84%. It's...
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    FTB Infinity Evolved Expert -- Magic Apiary Broken?

    I played through this modpack once and started a new world, and a few things are working differently than before, so perhaps this is connected to that. I set up a bunch of Magic Apiaries, and I love how fast they produce. But for some reason, several of them stopped processing the bees. Not all...
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    1) Anyone know how to fix my aforementioned Hats Mod buttons missing issue? 2) The IC2 wiki says the reinforced stone single-walled reactor room is 5x5x3 (roofless) and the double-walled version is 7x7x4. Shouldn't the double version be 7x7x5 to maintain a proper block wall doubling?
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    Hats mod issue: I don't know the controls very well and was messing with the buttons and found one that lets you rearrange them by removing them and adding them back. Unfortunately, this includes the rearrange button, and now it's gone along with 1/3 of the other buttons. I've looked and looked...
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    RFTools -- Creative Experimentation With Shield Projector Blocks Leaves Unusable Spaces?

    I'm experimenting with the shield projector because I've never used it before, and I tried putting down some of the shield blocks manually before realizing they're transformed from templates by the projector itself when everything's set up (I go back and forth between reading the manual and just...
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    Infinity Evolved -- Draconic Evolution Energy Pylons Don't Update With Storage Tier?

    I started off with the tier 3 storage multiblock because that's what got me past my storage size from other mods. I just upgraded to tier 4, and the pylons are still reading the tier 3 numbers when I look at them. I slapped a comparator on one of them, and it seems to be outputting the right...
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    Infinity Evolved -- Some AE2/Extra Cells 2 Components Not Working?

    I added some EC2 fluid level emitters to my system the other day, and they won't measure the guild levels. They'll output whatever I set them to output when conditions are met, but nothing changes when the conditions change. I also had a system set up for my thaumatorium (both essence...
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    "Your Content" Giving Only Error

    No error code, just a generic one. Tried it multiple times on different days with the same result: ___ Feed the Beast - Error The search could not be completed. Please try again later. ___ I can kinda find stuff via my watched threads, but this feature ought not be broken.