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    Cookie Clicker

    No :
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    FTB Mod Updates to 1.7.2!

    MFR is finally out for 1.6.2/1.6.4. but it seems that other mods still have to update API. Still, MFR is back YAY
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    Applied Energistics keep x number of item in machine?

    if you want to put multiple items in an inventory (1 stack of each, for example) Put a ME interface set with the correct export config and use translocators upgraded with diamond nuggets to act as a regulator from RP2 but a lot simpler
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    Moderators: They make you lose count(Longest thread still alive!)

    31, like 30 but a 1 instead of 0
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    The rebirth of IC2 ?

    It is compiled just download the last one of the three files and throw it in your mods folder and it's good to go !
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    The rebirth of IC2 ?

    There's work done around UU-Matter, it's now a FLUID and has that wierd pink-purple texture.... I don't know where that's leading to but my guess is that ( as they tend to add machines to do everything ) there will be another machine to do whatever UU has to do. I think this a big change in IC2...
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    The rebirth of IC2 ?

    And TE3 aswell... THE POWER OF THE THREE
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    Anyone Else Playing 1.6.2?

    with the ue mods in addition to forgecraft mods, it makes 1.6 really cool, but the mod that's missing is Thermal Expansion
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    The rebirth of IC2 ?

    it seems like it's ore processing things are a mix of GT industrial grinder and also with some mechanics of mekanism in the way that you have to purify the ores and you'll get a little plus ( small dusts ) I like it a lot actually, and i hope it'll turn out great
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    New Launcher/Website

    can't access the page... says there is a redirect loop
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    The rebirth of IC2 ?

    i'm installing IC2 on its own to see the changes
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    The rebirth of IC2 ?

    I just checked the IC2 experimental jenkins and found this : Will we see some new things in IC2 soon ?
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    Shoop Resonant Rise [Season 2] [Ended]

    you haven't got an up to date version... that's why. you'd better update as soon as possible because this this is just awesome !