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    Whitelist Server Direwolf20 Server Whitelisted 35 slots

    Minecraft name: barcode120x Age (optional): 22 Ever been banned?: Never Experience with the modpack: Been playing 1.4.6 since it was released and was on 1.4.2 prior. Most of my experience focuses on industrial craft.
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    Baconcraft|Direwolf20 Pack|Whitelist|10 slot|Hard Difficulty|25+

    IGN: barcode120x Age: 22 Hours: I work Tues/Weds/Thurs so I may not be on until afternoon-night on those days. Other than that, I can pretty much play the rest of the week. Playstyle: I'm more of gatherer/miner. I guess you could call me a soloer. Whenever I play minecraft, I just get a pickaxe...
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    IGN: barcode120x Why you want to join: Been browsing the server promotion forums for quite some bit and haven't found a steady home yet, but this looks like the place. Also have been looking for a server that is DW or at least has buildcraft, which this one has :D in addition to a "new world" so...
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    GetOnMyLevel|FTB Direwolf V3|White List

    IGN: barcode120x Age: 22 Why do you want to join? I want to join a server that is both PvE and PvP oriented server that is both friendly and hostile in certain situations. I've been looking quite awhile for a PvP oriented server that is somewhat "limited" and after reading the rules and what...
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    Dedicated|Direwolf20|50 Slot|No Whitelist!|Essentials!

    The lag subsided after the restart, hopefully it stays lag-free haha. First time playing on a public server and I like it and the community so far. Btw, I don't quite understand how to use the /chunk. I'm new to public servers, so I don't know how some of that works