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    Whitelist Server Beat The Beast[mindcrack 8.3.2]{whitelist}PvE

    IGN.. 2122000nrm AGE..14 HAVE YOU BEEN BANNED (if so number of times)[WHY] Never WHY SHOULD WE WHITELIST YOU.. I am very knowledgeable about FTB, am willing to help other players, and love a friendly, active community. Last server was too inactive, I felt as if it was singleplayer again :( DO...
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    Whitelist Server TeslaCraft [35 Slots][PVP Raiding][No Grief][Unique][TeamSpeak][Few Banned Items]

    1) Minecraft Username: 2122000nrm 2) Why would you like to join the server: FTB is one of my favorite games. My old server unfortunately moved from Ultimate to unleashed. (I love Gregtech) It was an excellent server. They didn't allow many "cheaty" (Unbalanced) items, no cursing, no asking...
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    Whitelist Server SG FTB Ultimate| Whitelist | 30 Slots, 24/7, Small Community

    IGN: 2122000nrm Age:14 Referrals: No Have you read server rules?: Yes Have you ever been banned, if yes why?: No Why would you like to join?: Because my old server went to unleashed (taking out Gregtech, a mod I think balances stuff out). The server I was on was no-swearing, no complaining and...
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    Ftb creative ways

    As none of you know, I am very uncreative. I want to build a super cool DIFFERENT base. (I am on unleashed) I am looking for rubegoldberg machine ideas, different or less commonly ways to get materials, cool base design(preferably modern since its ftb), non- AE storage and other stuff. As you...
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    Mac ftb Crashing

    Doing it right now. Its weird because before I went traveling, FTB worked fine.
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    Mac ftb Crashing

    When I start up FTB, it loads everything then it crashes. I'm not too good with computers or anything but I was able to detect that something is missing .. Obviously :P Here is the pastebin that was on the console Thank you for your help in advance
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    Funny or wild goals to obtain?

    Get quantum in three hours on the direwolf20 pack, solo. Or, make a team of like 20 people to try and get 1 quantum suit on Mindcrack pack in 5 hours Better yet, use no ore duplicating machines/picks (including fortune)
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    Best Non-lava power source for FTB pack Unleashed

    I am not going to encourage Gregtech on my server, as I am not a moderator, nor an admin, some people don't like it and will not be happy. This is a good idea, was considering this, though I am not sure what is better/more efficient in the bioreactor. As saplings are efficient, most trees...
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    Best Non-lava power source for FTB pack Unleashed

    So my server,, recently changed from Ultimate Pack to the Unleashed Pack. I really liked Gregtech because I could come up with creative power source ideas. Being more of an IC2 person, I face more challenges because of Gregtech being removed. Anyone have any ideas that produce a...
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    Crashing When a Access MC-Crafting terminal

    I am running on the Ultimate Pack and it gave this error message *edit* When I try to access any ME inventory.... I crash Inventory too Minecraft has crashed! ---------------------- Minecraft has stopped running because it encountered a problem; Rendering screen A full error report...
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    About GregTech Machines Blowing Up In The Rain

    Now this man is smart! ^^
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    About GregTech Machines Blowing Up In The Rain

    Also, pretty sure this glass fibre cable can't take 19101010229292929290220929292929020 packets of 512(in case you can't do math it equals to about 78428747838427785385783795749579489289834983959849 eu traveling in this little wire made of glass) I think Greg needs to add some iricopper wire (2...
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    Whitelist Server Bitcraft - Dw20 5.3.2 / Whitelist / Community server / New world

    After rethinking it, I've decided to go on an Ultimate Pack server.
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    Whitelist Server Bitcraft - Dw20 5.3.2 / Whitelist / Community server / New world

    Wild_turtle, Not to be a pest or anything, but Why wasn't I accepted? I want to get Into this server pretty badly because I'm in need of a server. Is there anything I could do to get into this server?