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  1. someone35
    I want to submit my modpack Better Lite, but it would not let me send a link, so just look up "better lite" in curse.
  2. ChadderVox
    ChadderVox gotbotaz
    Thank you for making this!!!! :)

    My friends and I are starting a new server and were just thinking it would be nice if someone made a run down list!!

    Made an account just to let you know!
  3. Evie Da Potato Jesus
    Evie Da Potato Jesus
    Hi I am Da Evie you might know as The Potato Jesus :>
  4. mythingie
    mythingie slowpoke
    hello i was recently on
    and i said (big gay)
    and got banned
    no profanity, no useing it againsed anyone or said who,
    and the reason doesnt even says why, it said a name
  5. Murder9
    Mod Pack Developer
  6. Stormy Spectre
    Stormy Spectre
    IGN: Indignor_Phasma
  7. BeerCav
    BeerCav Watchful11
    Hey brother, there's lots of spam going on in the General Chat forums from today. Just thought I'd let someone know.
  8. BeerCav
    Hello all! Sorry it's been a while. Been in school lately. Will be working on a new project in the near future. Just an update!
  9. Xepahr
  10. fire_fly43
    anyone know how to add tconstruct to ftb lite 3??? pls help
  11. Teris
    Very amazing friendly and helpful people. I am enjoying playing modded Minecraft with my friend. Nick - TeryJr
  12. Myran
  13. STATiK
    Glory to The Order.
  14. kolipiz111
  15. Numbah90
    [japanese characters are banned words apparently]何?
  16. Shadrack_Orbion_777
    I got stuck with minecraft 1.7.10 for 2 years now. Call me old fashioned, but i'm in it for the bugs and the way the mods are assembled.
  17. Shadrack_Orbion_777
    Hi fellow gammers! I'm a passionate minecraft maniac. I'm new to Curse so be gentle with me. Or not... it's up to u really...
  18. DarkArvy
    DarkArvy P4k3
    Hey man. I know it's a shot in the dark but I wanted to try anyway. I'm on old member of your server, and I wanted to download a world archive from the site, but it seems it doesn't work properly (it won't let me download the archive). Is there any chance you still have it somewhere? I'm looking for the dw20 1.0.3 (MC 1.7.10) played in 2014. Cheers!
  19. Harsh12
  20. Permold