Tree Breeding (Spoilers)

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  1. Quesenek

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    Hello FTB mates, some of you like me have probably been wondering where the information for tree breeding has been. Look no more as a member of the minecraft forums posted a diagram of the breeding combinations a few days ago and up until now I've not been able to verify that its right (I haven't been able to completely verify it still since it takes ages to get anything) but I've gotten up to the sweet chestnut following the diagram.

    Link to the original post for the diagram:
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    Written out:
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    Oak + Birch = Silver lime 15% chance
    Oak + Birch = Willow 10% chance *
    Oak + Spruce = Mundane Larch 15% chance
    Oak + Silver lime = Cherry 10% chance
    Oak + Silver lime = Willow 10% chance *

    *With the help of MouseyPounds and through my own and other forum members experience we believe the trees have a requirement of being in a swamp or a damp humidity biome in order to get a willow sapling mutation*

    Birch + Silver lime = Cherry 10% chance
    Birch + Spruce = Mundane Larch 15% chance
    Birch + Silver lime = Willow 10% chance

    Spruce + Mundane Larch = Bull Pine 10% chance

    Bull Pine + Mundane Larch = Sequoia 5% chance

    Jungle + Silver lime = Teak 10% chance
    Jungle + Teak = Kapok 10% chance

    Teak + Silver lime = Balsa 10% chance
    Teak + Balsa = Desert Acacia 10% chance
    Teak + Kapok = Myrtle Ebony 10% chance

    wenge I think maybe bred by combining balsa and desert acacia, but it has no arrow and I haven't been able to get a sapling yet so its unconfirmed
    Wenge + Balsa = Baobob 10% chance

    Kapok + Myrtle Ebony = Yellow Meranti 10% chance
    Kapok + Yellow Meranti = Willow 10% chance

    Cherry + Silver lime = Walnut 10% chance
    Cherry + Walnut = Chestnut 10% chance

    Walnut + Silver lime = Chestnut 10% chance

    Tell me if I missed something.

    The key I've found is to create gigantic forests of the tree combo you need and have pure bee farms cycling 24/7 scattered throughout the forest.
  2. war_kittens

    war_kittens Member

    Just to make sure I'm reading this right, the arrows ARE backwards, right?
  3. Quesenek

    Quesenek Active Member

    You start out with the four basic minecraft trees and go up the line.
  4. emmasteadman

    emmasteadman Member

    Could you or someone simplify this?....the diagram for me is too confusing.

    I've only managed to get up too hill cherry, common walnut, bull pine. Tried all sorts of combos it feels, with 10 aviaries with pure bred industrial bees.

    Posting some combos would help.

  5. zooqooo

    zooqooo Member

    Firstly, the arrows are backwards. You start at one of the 4 base trees (oak, birch, spruce, jungle), when one of the leaves mutates, there is a certain chance what mutation you'll get. For instance, spruce has a 10% chance of Bull Pine and a 30% chance for mundane lark (I assume the boxes add together). Err, that is indeed less than 100, so now I'm more confused then when I started.

    Maybe the remaining 60% the mutation just doesn't happen? I have no idea.
  6. Quesenek

    Quesenek Active Member

    I added a written out combo to the first post sorry for any typos or repeats I am very tired but love to help people lol.
    This should be a complete list and they all are confirmed by me to be legit combos except the wenge I have no idea how to get it only theory's.
    Hope it helps.

    ps. figure the 10% or what ever into the chance that a regular sapling will drop and that's how rare a mutated sapling will drop.
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  7. emmasteadman

    emmasteadman Member

    Thanks Quesenek, I'll give these a go :)
  8. ICountFrom0

    ICountFrom0 Well-Known Member

    I very much enjoy seeing it written out like that, it is much easier to understand. Edit that back into the starting post maybe?
  9. Quesenek

    Quesenek Active Member

    done :)
  10. ICountFrom0

    ICountFrom0 Well-Known Member

  11. Is there a bee that needs to be working to bred some trees?
  12. Quesenek

    Quesenek Active Member

    All bee's will breed the same trees. The industrial bees will breed them a little faster but I didn't really see the difference. I just used forest bees.

    If your wondering if your doing something wrong because your not getting a new breed. Chances are you are doing everything right the problem is the chances of getting a new tree is very slim on top of simply getting a regular sapling. To heighten your chances of getting a new breed you want to plant a lot of the two breeds in the combo and nothing else.
  13. DoctorOr

    DoctorOr Well-Known Member

    Bee traits are not that cut and dry. There is a pollination trait, and industrious bees start with that at the best level available. But that trait can be bred into other bees, or lost from a line of industrious bees. I know the line of Industrious I'm producing with lost the pollination speed at some point.

    What happens is when the bee mutates, that "half" that mutated gets _all_ the defailt traits of the new breed, but the only thing connected directly to the breed itself and unchangeable is temp/humidity and outputs. Everything else can be changed through breeding or ExtraBees machines.
  14. shanebassist

    shanebassist New Member

    I Believe it means that there is x amount of chance to mutate, not that when it mutates this will happen this % of the time. Hope that made sense XD
  15. Setari

    Setari Member

    Does anyone know with the new forestry update if you can breed super fast growing apple trees?

    Also do the trees have to be grown in order to 'breed' them or do you just plant them as saplings and when they grow you have a chance for improved/different saplings?
  16. trunksbomb

    trunksbomb Active Member

    The leaves have a chance to mutate when grown near other species of trees and active bees.
  17. ThemsAllTook

    ThemsAllTook Active Member

    Thanks for this! I was having no fun at all trying to figure out arboriculture from trial and error. This has saved me a lot of headaches and wasted time.
  18. Do the Trees need to be pure bred to crossbreed?
  19. Setari

    Setari Member

    ... so if I have fir trees and regular apple saplings it may or may not give me faster apple trees or something like that? So I wasted a couple days trying to just breed between oak trees...
  20. Bickers

    Bickers Active Member

    if your useing the orchard to get the apples breeding oak and oak or spruce will have no effect as they dont give fruit you will prob need to breed oak with hill cherry trees

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