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Hello hello hello! Big week for FTB, so let’s get started!


Our newest pack Trident was released this week. Following the aftermath of an impact that left a large portion of the world scorched, Trident tasks players to choose an alliance and establish military and technological superiority over the other teams. This modpack focuses heavily on PVP combat and is geared towards small-to-middle-sized servers. It is currently available on Curse Voice as well as the FTB Launcher.

To learn more about Trident, click here to view Trident's press release.

Additionally, we hosted a stream over on our Twitch account to celebrate the pack’s release and answer a few questions. For those who were unable to attend, we uploaded the recording to our official Youtube account.

You can watch the stream here:​


With the release of Trident, we decided to revamp our server promotion section. To quote the Trident’s press release:

We hope this new system provides a more adequate experience for both players and server owners.​


New Trident-themed merchandise has been added to our storefront! Be sure to check them...
Announcement FTB Trident Released

Prepare for impact. Prepare for war. Prepare for victory.

Today we’re proud to release Trident, the latest member of the Feed The Beast family of modpacks.


In Trident, players are thrust into a land well past the brink of war. For as far as you can see, the world around you has been reduced to a smoldering expanse of death and decay. Sharp, craggy hills dot the landscape, carving ravines teeming with tainted water and deadly radiation. What does remain is a small oasis: one filled with plants and wildlife that haven’t succumbed to the poisonous environment. There may be more places like this- land without the deep scars of blight, but you’re not sure of where they might be. For now though, it is here in this tiny paradise that you shall set up your base.

However, you’re not alone. Like, you, others have been drawn to this gleaming desert gem. They want what you want. They want what you have. They don’t hesitate to take it.

To survive, you have allied yourself into one of three factions: Red, Green, and Blue. Your goal: establish dominance over the opposing teams and secure your victory on the battlefield. You can accomplish this by building up your infrastructure, quickly harvesting resources, and utilizing the very same weapons of war that destroyed this land.

The Great Battle is over, but the war has just begun.


Trident is a PVP-centric modpack and map designed for small to mid-range servers. Players are assigned to one of three teams and tasked with effectively eliminating the other factions while simultaneously protecting their own. Players can gather resources from the main oasis and risk detection by opposing teams, or travel far into the wasteland to see what riches it can offer.

In our testing, a typical session lasts roughly a month. Quicker or experience...
With less than 24 hours to go, Feed The Beast is planning a Twitch event for the release of its newest pack, Trident.

Join us this Thursday, April 16th, at 3:00PM EST (12PM PST, 7PM UTC, 8PM BST) on the Official Feed The Beast Twitch account for an afternoon of celebration and festivities. We’ll be discussing the development of Trident, playing a few skirmish matches, showing off some new store merchandise, and hosting a Q&A session with lead Trident designer and head of FTB Modpack Development tfox83.

Hope to see you all there!
Got some interesting stuff for you guys this week!


FTB Infinity received an update in the form of a beta release this week. Infinity 1.4.0 is now available as a non-recommended build. This new version contains updates to over 35 mods and 7 config file changes.

You can grab this non-recommended build from Curse Voice as well as the FTB Launcher.

Speaking of beta updates, Direwolf20 1.7.10 will also get an update of its own as well. Direwolf20 1.7.10 1.3.0 will be released early next week as a non-recommended build.​


This week saw Trident wrapping up its closed beta tests. We’re currently making small tweaks here and there, but so far everything is looking promising. At this point, we can announce that we’re planning for a release date of April 17th.

Because Trident is a multiplayer focused pack, we’ve been looking into revamping our entire server listing section as to better accommodate players both advertising for or looking for multiplayer sessions. Some new systems have already been installed and are currently under reconfiguration before we deploy them. Stay tuned!​


As many of you are aware, we had to freeze and shelve FTB Resurrection, our successor to 1.4.7’s Ultimate, earlier than expected due to the discontinuation of Gregtech 5. At this time, I can happily announce that we’re in the very initial stages of resurrecting Resurrection 1.7.10.

The pack, which is being rebuilt from the ground up, will feature Gregtech 6 as its core mod. It should be noted, however, that it will not be possible to play with worlds utilizing Gregtech 5. Therefor, saves created in Resurrection 1.0.0 and 1.0.1 will not be compatible with future updates to this pack.

Resurrection joins previously announced packs Departed, Relentless, and...​
Now announcing the prizes for Jampacked II

Huge thanks to our partners at Curse and Creeperhost for making this possible.
  • 1st Place winner
    • 15K Curse reward points (worth $750 USD in Amazon or PayPal gift cards)
    • £500 Creeperhost credit for servers
  • 2nd Place winner
    • 10K Curse reward points (worth $500 USD in Amazon or PayPal gift cards)
    • £350 Creeperhost credit for servers
  • 3rd Place winner
    • 5K Curse reward points (worth $250 USD in Amazon or PayPal gift cards)
    • £150 Creeperhost credit for servers
"Keep in mind all prizes are by pack, meaning that if you are in a team, it will be up to you to decide how to split the winnings."

Change in the submission rules.
FTB team members and employees of Curse and Creeperhost are not eligible to enter. If you’re on THIS PAGE or are payed by Curse or Creeperhost, you cannot enter.

The submission form will be made available closer to the close date of 11:59 UTC on the 15th of May, 2015.

- Modpack tools thread
- Creation Forum
- Subreddit

If you have any questions, please post them here and we will answer them as quickly as possible.
Thank you for all your entries!

Infinity 1.3.4 and Direwolf20 1.7 1.2.1 were reclassified as Recommended Builds earlier this week. We suggest updating to these latest releases as these updates provide tweaks, mod updates, and bug fixes.

Both packs are available on the FTB Launcher as well as Curse Voice. Changelogs for these packs can be found here. New, non-recommended beta builds for Infinity and Direwolf20 1.7 will also be available as downloads later next week.

Future FTB Packs Departed, Relentless, and Horizons 1.7 are also still in development.


If you’ve been vigilant, you might’ve seen some Trident streams on Twitch from some of our beta testers over this last week. We decided to temporarily lift the veil of secrecy while our testing team is putting the pack through its paces. On our end, we’re continuing to run our own trials as well as put some additional touches onto what will be the initial release build.

Testing is expected to wrap up within the upcoming week. Once we analyze our data and make any necessary changes, we’ll be able to solidify a release date.​


So we totally did a thing this week!

TERRA was our little joke pack that we thought might get a little chuckle out of you guys. We wanted to thank everyone who played along, posted on social media, recorded videos, did streams, made speedruns, and showed off their bases. We loved seeing how the community just ran with it. Thanks for making our April Fools special, everyone!

The pack itself will be bumped off of CurseVoice’s feature packs as well as hidden behind a password on...​


I /guess/ we can release these:


TERRA prints, wearables, and phone/iPod cases are now on our storefront.


Today, Feed The Beast is proud to both announce and release its latest pack: TERRA.

Designed as a whole-new play experience, TERRA rewards both unconventional play styles as well as those who take the time to fully appreciate the resources around them.

We don’t want to post too many spoilers about this new pack, so we’ll just say that you should be prepared to get a little down and dirty.

You can download and play TERRA from the FTB Launcher and CurseVoice.
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