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Whitelist Server ZexCraftEU [TPPI 1.1.2+ Galacticraft] [24/7] [Friendly] [Mature] [EU hosted] [Small]

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by Eidur22, Oct 25, 2014.

  1. Bkoenitzer

    Bkoenitzer New Member

    IGN: Bkoenitzer
    Age: 17
    How often do you play? Pretty much everyday or as much as I can.
    Tell us about yourself: I've been playing Minecraft for almost 4 years now. I've been playing various modpacks for 2 and a half years. I've played Tekkit Classic, Tekkit Main, Unleashed, Monster, and Agrarian Skies. I've experimented with pretty much every tech mod out there. I specialize in Applied Energistics and Big Reactors. I've been searching for a well rounded server with Galacticraft for a very long time. The issue is that none of the really good modpacks have Galacticraft. This server is literally exactly what I've been looking for. I hope that I can be a good addition to your community. Thank you!
  2. kavin1337

    kavin1337 New Member

    IGN: kavin1337
    Age: 14 almost 15
    How often do you play? Almost everyday. 1-8 h now whgen its christmas and 1-3 when its school.
    Tell us about yourself: i have been playing ftb for about 2.5 years. Im from sweden. Im a pretty good builder. Also i play other games as CSGO asnd ARMA3
  3. k4gan

    k4gan Guest

    IGN: k4go
    Age: 14
    How often do you play?
    Every day about 2-5 hours depending on if I have a play going at my school.
    Tell us about yourself
    I am a 14 year old I love to build and explore. I am a theater geek and love a good play. I think im mature for my age, but I can be very immature when I want to be. I have played on many vanilla whitelisted server but never a modded one and I have been wanting to get back into modded.

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