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Whitelist Server ZexCraftEU [TPPI 1.1.2+ Galacticraft] [24/7] [Friendly] [Mature] [EU hosted] [Small]

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by Eidur22, Oct 25, 2014.

  1. Eidur22

    Eidur22 New Member

    Modpack: TPPI
    Version: 1.1.2
    Vanilla world seed (no biomes o'plenty)
    TS server available

    We're a small friendly community and would like to open our fresh server to new people.
    Server is still under development and new features will come. We would like to keep the vanilla feel and not overwhelm the player with easy mode plugins and unnecessary features.
    At the moment there are no banned mods or items and it will stay that way unless something negatively affects the server.

    We are funding the server and it will stay on as long as the playerbase has the desire to play on it.


    1. No griefing or stealing
    2. PvP is allowed but to fight you need to ask the other player for permission
    3. don't create new dimensions without admin approval (mystcraft etc)
    4. Respect other players
    5. Don't exploit
    6. Quarries only in mining world

    No form of grief protection is installed yet. We're using honor system.

    Whitelist application:

    How often do you play?
    Tell us about yourself

    After your application is accepted you will be sent a PM on FTB forums with server IP, Teamspeak IP and contact info for the admins.
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2014
  2. Eidur22

    Eidur22 New Member

    You've been accepted. I'm not very familiar with FTB forums, I started a conversation with you and sent you all the info required. Let me know if I screwed something up :)
  3. Ace5000

    Ace5000 New Member

    IGN: Ace5000
    Age: 19
    How often do you play? Whenever I'm available, ranging from 4-10 hours a day on average.
    Tell us about yourself I've been playing modded Minecraft for an absurdly long time, and after a pretty recent break, I've decided to try to get back into it! I am familiar with most of the mods that exist and have no trouble learning those I do not know well. I've ran my own servers multiple times, and am familiar with the way they work and handle stress, and will do my best to not annihilate the server with inefficient/buggy building. I'm looking forward to the prospect of enjoying your new server and hope it lasts an extensive amount of time :)
  4. Drag0notHutch

    Drag0notHutch New Member

    IGN: drag0nothutch
    Age: 19
    How often do you play?
    Well I actually have taken a break from minecraft lately to play other games but I'm looking to get back into it and I play games obsessively so probably a few hours a day if not more.
    Tell us about yourself:
    Well my name is Justin H. but you can call me Hutch IRL I'm a machinest and I really enjoy creating/making things and I have a decent history with minecraft started playing 4 years ago almost starting with vanilla and I wanted more options for creating so a friend (Acemagex) turned me onto mods with tekkit than ftb came out so we played that with custom packs and monster, also have hosted a server but it fell through do to financial reasons. That being said I feel like I'd be a helpful and productive member of your promising server.
  5. Drag0notHutch

    Drag0notHutch New Member

    Sorry about the format using Tapatalk
  6. nomer888

    nomer888 New Member

    IGN: HeavyTurtle
    Age: 15
    How often do you play? Almost every day, anywhere between two and ten hours.
    Tell us about yourself:
    I've been playing Minecraft since alpha, and half of my experience has been with mods. I have four years of experience programming in Lua, and I am currently starting to delve into Java. The two lovely people above this post and I have created very complex and awe-inducing contraptions with mods such as Applied Energistics, IndustrialCraft, BuildCraft, Gregtech, you name it. I aim to contribute to the reputation of servers that are as lovely-looking as this one, and I'd love to give to its community to the best of my ability.
  7. Eidur22

    Eidur22 New Member

    Welcome, it's nice to see a small group join us. Hope to see you in game.
  8. TheNecromage

    TheNecromage New Member

    IGN: TheNecromage
    Age: 19
    How often do you play? At least four times a week.
    Tell us about yourself: I'm a huge fan of the FTB modpacks. I am used to Direwolf20 pack and was hoping to expand onto a new pack I've never done before.
  9. Zynthetic

    Zynthetic New Member

    IGN: 0v3r1ord
    Age: 19
    How often do you play? 10-40 hours per week usually
    Tell us about yourself: I'm very advanced minecrafter, used to play with mods since beta. I'm looking for a good community-based server running on a balanced modpack, preferably with gregtech.
  10. Eidur22

    Eidur22 New Member

    The 2 players above whitelisted, have fun. From now on we'll be a bit more conservative whitelisting until the newest additions to our player base settle in a little bit ;)[DOUBLEPOST=1414511841,1414419106][/DOUBLEPOST]Server support mucked something up, I'll try to resolve the issue quickly and get the server back up asap. I'm sorry for inconvenience.
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2014
  11. Drag0notHutch

    Drag0notHutch New Member

    Hope its an easy fix :p
  12. Eidur22

    Eidur22 New Member

    Support is moving server to a different machine right now, it was a hardware/software issue. I'm going to sleep now, maybe it will be up by the time I wake up.[DOUBLEPOST=1414683113,1414538626][/DOUBLEPOST]I'm sorry but the server support is utterly incompetent. Most likely I will be requesting refund and then starting server elsewhere. I'm sorry for wasting your time and if you want to stick around and wait for it, it will take anywhere from 12-48h[DOUBLEPOST=1414779214][/DOUBLEPOST]Server is up and I sent all of you new IP
  13. MagicMilbow

    MagicMilbow New Member

    Hi! No plugins at all? such as the /home and etc?
  14. Eidur22

    Eidur22 New Member

    I just installed a couple of plugins and they will be configured today. Players will have access to /home /back and /tpa commands. They'll have a pretty long cooldown though (at least 15min).

    Also, we're considering adding Galacticraft to TPPI
  15. Drag0notHutch

    Drag0notHutch New Member

    Sweet those are some really helpful plugins
  16. Eidur22

    Eidur22 New Member

    Added mining world for quarries, available via /warp command
  17. Eidur22

    Eidur22 New Member

  18. Cray

    Cray New Member

    IGN: Ruby_Samurai
    Age: 16
    How often do you play? Few hours a day, meaby more on weekends
    Tell us about yourself I've been playing modded minecraft for about 2 years. I know almost every mod on a decent level. I am friendly and I can help other players get into the modded world of minecraft. I am from Poland ;3
  19. basseboy1337

    basseboy1337 New Member

    How often do you play? almost everyday
    Tell us about yourself I've been playing minecraft since alpha and started playing around with mods in beta then later decided to try vanilla again but im felling for modded yet again and Im looking for a small server to play and make friends on plus I have a little knowledge about almost all the mods. thats about it. PS I suck at building I can only Build 9x9s XD so sorry if my houses are stupid and ugly XD
  20. Seffers122

    Seffers122 New Member

    How often do you play?: I try to get on every day, and play for about 2-4 hours.
    Tell us about yourself: I've played minecraft since beta 1.7.2, i've been playing modded for about a year or two now, I've been admin on one of the biggest modded servers: ShadowNode and i'm usually a really good community person unless provoked.

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