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Whitelist Server Zerro Skyblock! Agrarian Skies 3.1.1! No banned Items! Whitelist!

Discussion in 'Agrarian Skies' started by DaMueller, May 4, 2014.

  1. ZethHQ

    ZethHQ New Member

    Ingame Name: ZethHQ
    Age: 18
    Timezone: (UTC+02:00) Athens, Bucharest
  2. dilbert541

    dilbert541 New Member

    IGN: dilbert541
    Age: 35
    Timezone: Pacific
  3. DrAtakanD

    DrAtakanD New Member

    Ingame Name : DrAtakanD
    Age: 16
    Timezone : GMT+3
  4. LOOL

    LOOL New Member

    Name: SuperToxin
    Age: 17
    Timezone: Russia/Siberia GMT + 7:00
  5. simom

    simom New Member

    Ingame Name: simom100
    Age: 17
    Timezone: GMT+1
  6. Presterguedes

    Presterguedes New Member

    Ingame Name: Presterguedes
    Age: 21
    Timezone: -3 GMT
  7. Feeka

    Feeka New Member

    Ingame Name: FE3KA
    Age: 18
    Timezone: GMT +1
  8. Andromeda63

    Andromeda63 New Member

    IGN: Andromeda63
    Age: 18
    Timezone: GMT +2
  9. twynham

    twynham New Member

    Ingame Name: twynham
    Age: 16
    Timezone: GMT +3
  10. JesusTheAlmighty

    JesusTheAlmighty New Member

    Ingame Name: CharizardScorch7
    Timezone: (UTC+10:00) Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2014
  11. KuRlOz

    KuRlOz New Member

    IGN : elthomaso1
    age : 15
    timezone: CEST UTC+2

    looking for a server where I can play with others who like this pack as much as I do
  12. OldDogy

    OldDogy New Member


    IGN: OldDogy
    Never been banned
    TimeZone: UTC+1
    I'm 23 years old Looking for a nice mature community to play around have fun, meet people.
    I'm up for Co-Op, or competition... this pack is afterall all about expanding your mind and using every single bit of it to create something new :)

    Used to play AG on a friends server with 2 friends, we got to 40% of quests done and the world got corrupted :( Now i just want to find a server where i can get up to 100% without anyone placing down an "ender block" -.-'
  13. hghazni

    hghazni New Member

    Ingame Name:hghazni
  14. xxmasas

    xxmasas New Member

    Ingame Name : silfu12
    Age : 15
    Timezone: MST (UTC-7)
  15. HeyItsRobbie

    HeyItsRobbie New Member

    Ingame Name : HeyItsRobbie
    Age : 20
    Timezone: EST (UTC-5)
  16. wadio

    wadio New Member

    Ingame Name:wadio
    Timezone:Gulf Standard Time (GST)

    Looking for a server that isn't full of griefers and this server seems promising
  17. sunbub

    sunbub New Member

    IGN: sunbub
    Age: 15
    Timezone: GST +10 (Sydney)
  18. Monkehhhh

    Monkehhhh New Member

    Ingame Name: EvanTheMonkeh
    Age: 20
    Timezone: Central
  19. DoÄŸukan

    DoÄŸukan New Member

    hi, i-mode, because I love to play and requires information on your server, I'd like to do something different I would be happy if you add :D
    Ingame name: Johnny152004
    age: 16
    timezone: utc +02:00
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2014
  20. Siedhuss

    Siedhuss New Member

    Ingame Name: Siedhuss
    Age: 24
    TimeZone: UTC + 0100

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