Open You get 4x the ingots back when smelting spikes

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  1. BigAl607

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    Summary of the problem You get 4x the ingots back when smelting spikes

    Pack Version 3.0.5

    What is the bug? Upon request, smelting the ExtraUtils2 spikes in the Tinkers' smeltery was added. The problem is that it only takes 18 ingots to make the 4 spikes, but then you smelt them down, you get 72 ingots back.

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    Is it repeatable? Yes

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  2. Quetzi

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    Is this single player or on a server, if a server is sponge installed on it?
  3. BigAl607

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    I've only tried it on single player. If sponge is installed in the pack by default, then yes. I haven't used sponges in single player or multi-player, so I couldn't tell you with 100% certainty.
  4. MirrorImage

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    Can confirm on single player in an unmodified 3.0.6 instance. The crafting recipe for spikes call for 18 of the appropriate material: 3x swords for 2 ingots each (6), 1 block (9), and 3 ingots.. That recipe creates 4 spikes.

    Putting a single spike into a TiC smeltery returns the full 2 blocks / 18 ingots of material, when that individual spike should only otherwise be worth 4.5 ingots.

    Tested in SSP with a Golden Spike.
  5. Aidoneus

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    I can confirm that this is a problem in singleplayer and multiplayer. The multiplayer server I help run does use sponge but that isn't the issue. This looks like a problem in the scripts folder in the tinkers.zs file. This is the file that adds the smelting in the Tinker's smeltery recipe to SkyFactory 3 as it isn't there by default. What I am guessing happened is that it was lost somewhere that when you craft the spikes, you get 4 instead of 1. So if you did smelt down the spikes, you should get 18 iron ingots. Instead, you get 18 ingots for every 1 spike. So the 18 iron ingots you used to craft the 4 spikes now turns into 72 iron ingots when you smelt them in the smeltery. In my fixes, I also changed the gold spike and the mob grinding spike as the mob one should be 15 ingots instead of 16. This is easily fixed by editing these sets of lines in the tinkers.zs file.
    //Other Items to be Smelted Down
    mods.tconstruct.Smeltery.addMelting(<liquid:iron> * 2592, <extrautils2:spike_iron>, 400, <extrautils2:spike_iron>);
    mods.tconstruct.Smeltery.addMelting(<liquid:iron> * 2304, <mob_grinding_utils:spikes>, 400, <mob_grinding_utils:spikes>);
    mods.tconstruct.Smeltery.addMelting(<liquid:gold> * 2592, <extrautils2:spike_gold>, 400, <extrautils2:spike_gold>);
    //Other Items to be Smelted Down
    mods.tconstruct.Smeltery.addMelting(<liquid:iron> * 648, <extrautils2:spike_iron>, 400, <extrautils2:spike_iron>);
    mods.tconstruct.Smeltery.addMelting(<liquid:iron> * 2160, <mob_grinding_utils:spikes>, 400, <mob_grinding_utils:spikes>);
    mods.tconstruct.Smeltery.addMelting(<liquid:gold> * 648, <extrautils2:spike_gold>, 400, <extrautils2:spike_gold>);
    My fix here gives exactly 4.5 ingot ingots when melting down 1 iron spike. You could also edit 648 to 576 for the extra utilities spikes to make it exactly 4 ingots per 1 spike.

    Hope this helps!

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