Bug Xbox One X Game Upgrades: Can We Expect True 4K?



  • Achieving 4K from 1440p (PS4 Pro) with only ~40% is a "tall order"
  • Skyrim is 4K on both the Pro and the X but Fallout 4 might achieve a higher resolution that Pro's 1440p, but 4K is still questionable
  • Halo 5 dynamic scale or checkerboard to 4K is likely based on Forge on RX 580 Overclocked
  • Halo MCC should be a viable candidate for enhancement
  • Quantum Break could theoretically bump all the way up to close to 1800p using reconstruction techniques
  • Tekken could get up to 1440p if MS' 4X resolution boost claim holds up
  • Sunset Overdrive might fall short of 4K because it was 900p on XBO but could improve on effects and AA
  • Witcher 3 could get to native 4K, but with console level settings
  • DF now comparing XBO X to an RX 580
  • Lots of hype around the capability of XBO X but not many real life examples to narrow it down
Dixita Patel
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