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Witch farm designs and makings

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by vineet, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. vineet

    vineet New Member

    I decided to make a witch farm, by which I found a swamp hut. So, instead of caving and lighting them up, I decided to use a frame quarry. I soon found out that clearing a 128 by 128 would take me 20 hours. Well I don't know about you but I don't want to spend 20 hours of my precious minecraft time pressing buttons, so I need to make a different plan. I could light up the caves, but there a lot of them, and the farm won't be as efficient as other methods. I was thinking the classical, go up 100 blocks and transport the witches through mystcraft portals ( one portal goes to the nether then the portal in the nether will take them to me. If mobs can go through do portals, and chunk loads cooperates then it should work, but I was wondering if there is a better method, and will my method work?
  2. Symmetryc

    Symmetryc New Member

    Use soul shards and get a witch spawner? Then you can put it in a void world and have a very efficient farm.
  3. Saice

    Saice New Member

    sadly with how which spawning works there are no really good ways to go around it. They have a vary limited area they spawn.

    I would sugest get your self a vile sword with soul stilling V on it (so each kill counts as 6) and build a basic farm from their hunt. get your teir 5 kills and then go take that and make a good farm else where. Still will take a few hours but in the end will be better.

    If you want a how to DocM77 has a nice how to for witch farming.
  4. thecheesethatbites

    thecheesethatbites New Member

    Soul Stealing V --> Soul shard seems like the best option, but you'll still have to kill a bunch before you even get a T1
  5. vineet

    vineet New Member

    Well I mean I did plan on using a soul shard, but if I could go up 100 blocks above it won't it wonk because mobs spawn 120 blocks away from you, so hey won't spawn in caves, but my problem is getting them up there quickly.
  6. zwahlm14

    zwahlm14 New Member

    you can use a filler and fill in all the caves with cobble, which if you don't already have you can use ingenious extruders to get lots for free.
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  7. whythisname

    whythisname New Member

    You can also use things like IC2 Miners and BC Mining wells (that's what they're called, right?) to dig 1x1 holes to bedrock and then just poor Lava in them. If you have the right spacing you can easily light up all the caves and stuff using a grid pattern.
    Lava is light level 15(?) and I think at 7(?) and below mobs can spawn, so you'd need a grid with 14x14(?) squares, which equates to ~90-100 holes for a 128x128 area (I think). Quite an operation, but I doubt you need the entire area to get enough spawns to get your Soul Shard going. And you might be able to get some nice resources out of the ground while doing it.

    The only problem you might encounter is any water you might hit in caves and stuff (because that'll prevent the lava from flowing all the way down).
  8. vineet

    vineet New Member

    Hmm, might try that tough, how much area can a filler hold, and want would be the pattern for it?
  9. DZCreeper

    DZCreeper New Member

    The filler can do 64x64x128, I think. Just place the landmarks in that pattern, fill all 9 slots with your material, and stock up the inventory, then apply power. Repeat 4 times in order to complete a 128x128 area.
  10. Nanakisan

    Nanakisan New Member

    Suggested the filler option to a player on our server. Even with everything filled with light. Other mobs can still spawn. So while yer at it make sure to make the 128x128 area covered in water outside of the witches spawning radius of their hut. This way you effectively stomp all other mobs abilities to spawn.
  11. Abdiel

    Abdiel New Member

    Be aware that the filler will use a re****ed amount of cobble to do that. I was filling a small hole after some explosive mishaps, maybe 30x30x10, and it took several complete refills of its inventory to fill. You'd have to get many extruders to get close to the speed of a quarry.

    [edit] DUH. Set the filler to clear. Take off everything down to bedrock, light the bottom-most layer up (if you don't want to pick at every single non-bedrock block in a 128x128 area).
  12. whythisname

    whythisname New Member

    Can a Filler really go 128 high? I mean according to the wiki markers can only go 63 blocks along 1 axis (I assume that's excluding the marker, so in total it would be 64x64). Though that should be plenty considering 64 is sea level and Swamps generally aren't much above sea level. If 63x63 works you'd only need to fill 4 areas though, in a 64x64 pattern.

    btw, you can also use my idea of digging 1x1 holes, but instead of poring Lava down just let daylight do the job. Though that would only work well in single player and using a bed to skip nights. And of course you need to make sure nothing that blocks light covers the hole.

    I still think you shouldn't go for the full 128x128 though, I mean you'll be investing a lot of time into a huge area of land which you're never going to use again after you've charged up your Soul Shard... I once started making a witch spawner in Vanilla, I cleared out most of the land on the surface (there was a lot of water around the hut, so clearing out a few islands was the easiest way to go) and with that and only a few caves lit up I already got pretty decent spawn rates. I'm convinced if I lit up all the caves in something like a 64x64 area around the hut that I would've reached plenty of spawns for Soul Shard harvesting.
  13. Abdiel

    Abdiel New Member

    The problem with the vertical shafts idea is that you might not hit every cave. Sure, the chance is quite high, but it's still possible that a small cave can go inbetween two shafts and not get lit at all.
  14. Stanekk

    Stanekk New Member

    Yeah the Filler will fill upwards 128 if you dont place a Marker in the 3 dimensional achsis (y)
  15. vineet

    vineet New Member

    So I have to place marker on bedrock to fill all the caves in? Thanks ofr the ideas everybody.

    Made a mistake my area should be a 256 by 256 because mobs spawn 128 blocks away from the player.
  16. Celestialphoenix

    Celestialphoenix Too Much Free Time

    Soul shards run at max speed regardless of surroundings.
    The spawning of other monsters/total monsters in area only affects vanilla spawns. ​

    As for clearing out the area- mark out the area in 3D- and wire in a filler. Give it 9 bricks and an igneous extruder to fill in all the caves.
    (digging out will drop a lot of blocks- crazy lags, lots of mob spawns until it surfaces, and lava/water flooding.)​

    If you want resources- 4 BC quarries, and do something else while you wait.​
  17. slay_mithos

    slay_mithos New Member

    Not exactly "regardless of the surroundings".

    It does count the mobs of the same type in the same radius as normal spawners (twice the spawn size).

    So you still need to get them away from the direct vicinity of the spawner.
  18. vineet

    vineet New Member

    So how much power will it require? And rember I need a 256 by 256 area cleared out. So it will require 16 operations. So any other, better idea will help. But overall you guys are helping quite a bit
  19. zwahlm14

    zwahlm14 New Member

    don't quote me on this but i am pretty shure you can put chests beside it and it should pull items from the chest. to set it to fill mode put 9 bricks in it.
  20. zwahlm14

    zwahlm14 New Member

    it requires as much power as you give it i recommend you use a redstone energycell. and set the output to what ever you want it at depenting on how much you are generating at your base. at 100 mj it would probably do a whole section in like 20 mins depending on how many caves there are.

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