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Jul 29, 2019
Hello everyone, I've been busy the past few days updating the wiki skin and adding various new extensions (full list at the end of the thread) that improves user experience and ease translation.

The old wiki skin is can still be used by entering your user preferences and switching to the FTB Skin (Old) skin. However, I will not perform updates and provide support for the old skin and it may likely break in the future. I will also be adding a mobile skin to the wiki to increase accessibility for mobile readers in the near future. You can submit bug reports and feature requests to my public bug tracker on BitBucket.

Translation is also now 100% more simpler on the wiki, you'll only have to have minimal wiki markup knowledge to translate. You can view a list of translatable pages here (you can also use find pages that are partly translated), more articles will be gradually marked for translation. To translate a page, navigate to it then click the translate this page on the top of the article. Select your language, find an untranslated unit and start translating, you may also approve/review existing translations.

Modders are welcome to use this new translating tool to help internationalize their mods, just send me a message here on the forum.

We'll also be needing a translation admin who will be in charge of preparing and marking pages for translation, managing translations and will act as a bridge between the wiki team and the wiki translators.

  • Active on IRC and optionally teamspeak.
  • Must be familiar with the wiki syntax.
  • Must be familiar with the content and style guidelines on the wiki.
The wiki team is also looking for someone that is experienced in creating wiki templates.

  • Active on IRC and teamspeak.
  • Must be familiar with the wiki syntax.
  • Must be familiar with all of the guidelines on the wiki.
  • Understands jQuery, JavaScript, HTML and CSS.
  • Experienced with wikis.
To apply for the positions listed above, please PM me here on the forums. We're still looking for translators and editors, for more details read this thread.

Extension list:
  • Echo
  • MLEB: Babel, cldr, CleanChanges, LocalisationUpdate, Translate, UniversalLanguageSelector
  • SyntaxHighlight GeSHi (For those who wants to create guides for Computer Craft)
  • WikiEditor
  • CodeEditor
  • TorBlock
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