What's new in modded minecraft today?


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @PegBeard with Dungeon Tactics
PegBeard said:
*Grenades now require something to light the fuse (flint and steel, fire charge, blaze powder, blaze rod, or a lava bucket)
*Grenades will now explode instantly, if they are on fire (i.e. if they land in fire or lava)
*Grenades are now stackable, up to 16
*Added a short cooldown to grenades, to prevent accidental double use
*Improved Grenade entities (they're much less jittery now)

*Let my chikas out for a walk. They went on an adventure in the fields.
+Added some more unique items
*Worked on some item models that looked a little wonky
*Fixed registered ores (forgot to do this after switching to forge registry event)

*Woke up to some massive, lumbering, thing climbing onto my bed. Turned out to be my doggo.
*Various code improvements and clean up
*Flamers can now ignite vanilla furnaces that are directly infront of them
*Duct Tape repair amount is now a little less consistent
*Worked on Fans a bit - movement should be a lot smoother now


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @mennomax40686 with Astikoor [Horse Cart]
mennomax40686 said:
This mod adds a horse cart that can be attached to a rideable entity (horse, donkey, ...), contain stuff (equal to a double chest) and can even be ridden by a player! The amount of stuff on the back of the cart changes depending on how many slots of the carts inventory you fill.


Why I didn't just call the mod "Horse Cart Mod"? There is more stuff to come, as I am currently working on more medieval stuff that fits into minecraft for an upcoming RP-Server. So stay tuned!

Currently supported languages:

- German (Deutsch)

- English


Spoiler (click to hide)
To attach a cart to a horse, you have to ride a horse and press the action key once. (DEFAULT: "R", can be changed in your settings)

If you want to ride the cart itselft, simply right click it. You can open the carts inventory by sneaking+right clicking.

By downloading this mod, you agree with the "Terms & Conditions".


Spoiler (click to hide)
Current Version: Version 1.12 - 0.0.1

Known issues:

Spoiler (click to hide)
- cart stutters on every entity update (every 20 ticks, the cart moves for twice the distance and is set back to the intended position)

- cargo isn't being shown when the inventory hasn't been opened yet

- wheels turn forward while the cart is moving backwards


Spoiler (click to hide)


Crafting Recipes (yes, it currently has to be oak):

Spoiler (click to hide)



Spoiler (click to hide)
MOD - modification, plugin, a piece of software that interfaces with the Minecraft client to extend, add, change or remove original capabilities.
MOJANG - Mojang AB
OWNER - MennoMax, Original author(s) of the MOD. Under the copyright terms accepted when purchasing Minecraft (http://www.minecraft.net/copyright.jsp) the OWNER has full rights over their MOD despite use of MOJANG code.
USER - End user of the mod, person installing the mod.


2. USE
Use of this MOD to be installed, manually or automatically, is given to the USER without restriction.


This MOD may only be publicly distributed where uploaded, mirrored, or otherwise linked to by the OWNER solely. All other mirrors of this mod must have advance written permission from the OWNER. ANY attempts to make money off of this MOD (selling, selling modified versions, adfly, sharecash, etc.) are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN, and the OWNER may claim damages or take other action to rectify the situation.

This MOD may not be decompiled, reproduced and/or modified under any circumstances without prior written permission of the OWNER. This MOD is not open source.


"Mod packs" containing this MOD may only be publicly distributed with the permission of the OWNER.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @deflatedpickle with JustBiteTheDust
deflatedpickle said:
Spoiler (click to hide)

Modpack Permissions
You may use this mod for any mod pack, as long as you credit me and leave a link back to the CurseForge page.

This mod is inspired by Another One Bites the Dust.

Official Postings
The sites listed below are the only official ones.

Please do not post my mod on another site without asking me and having that request approved first.

If you find this mod on any sites other than the ones listed, I would appreciate being notified.

and @Konlii with Simple Bedrolls
Konlii said:
I was trying my hand at a much more robust (and more ambitious) bedroll mod and got a little frustrated at my slow progress.

So I made this mod. It adds a simple bedroll item that does all the normal bed checks (no nearby mobs, not in the nether, etc.), then instead of mucking about with Minecraft's code for sleeping and spawning and all that, it just sets the time to day. Not as elegant, but it gets the job done.

Bedrolls come in all colors, recipe is three carpets in a row (unlocks in the recipe guide when you pick up a carpet).


Spoiler (click to hide)
# Configuration file

general {
# Bedrolls can only be used at night
# [true, false]
# [default: true]

and @Flaxbeard with Immersive Petroleum
Flaxbeard said:
Immersive Petroleum 1.12-1.1.3


+ Added Emergency Paddles for the Motorboat

+ Added config option to require pipes to Bedrock for pumpjacks (default off)

~ Lubricant extra ticks now consume power

~ Motorboat and Automatic Lubricator store fluids when broken

~ Distillation Tower no longer flickers during operation

~ Biome configs for reservoirs now use the biome type dictionary instead of biome names

! Added additional safechecks to config file

! Fixed typo

and @Thiakil with Applied Fluidics
Thiakil said:
The wait is over, once again you can store fluids in your Applied Llamagistics ME networks! Completely new code, more of a spiritual successor to Extra Cells than anything.

Items Included
  • Fluid Interface - craft bucket patterns with fluids in your network! Use a normal pattern with a bucket of fluid in it. Will also supply fluid ingredients from patterns directly as a fluid where possible.
  • Fluid Import Bus - import fluids to storage
  • Fluid Export Bus - export fluids from you network
  • Fluid Storage Bus - store and access fluids in a tank or subnetwork
  • Fluid Level Emitter - emit redstone based on fluid store in the network
  • Fluid Storage Cells - store fluids in you ME Drive
  • Fluid Formation Plane - place fluid blocks from the network
  • Fluid Annihilation Plane - absorb fluid blocks, milk cows, or supply infinite Water to your system (place on a Water block that has 2 adjacent Water blocks)
  • Fluid Terminal - store and extract fluids in your system into buckets and tanks
  • Advanced Interface Terminal - an Interface Terminal that can also display the contents of Fluid Interfaces
  • Certus & Nether Quartz buckets - who needs iron for buckets?!
  • Certus Tank - Basic 16 bucket tank made of Quartz Glass
  • Fluid Processors/Presses/Printed-Circuits - the recipe part of the fluid items.
To Come
  • Bucketing Machine - to craft buckets from your networked fluids
  • Crystal Water Injector - inject water to grow your crystal seeds faster
  • More fluid crafting options
A note on assets
Many of the textures/models are recolours of original AE2 textures/models, as such those textures fall under the AE2 texture licence; CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

This project requires Applied Llamagistics for 1.12. Any use with Applied Energistics 2 mainline is unsupported. This may change in the future when AE2 is actually usable.
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Jul 29, 2019
Sleep is now out for Minecraft 1.12!
- Added a health increase after successfully sleeping (with configs)
- Fixed the force set spawn mechanic
- Changed default values of regen timers
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @FerroO2000 with Immersive Tech
FerroO2000 said:
Immersive Tech is an addon for Immersive Engineering.
Basicaly, it adds a new method to produce energy (RF) using the sun.
It adds 4 multiblock structures:

  • Distiller, 3x3x3 machine which produces Distilled Water from normal Water.
  • Solar Tower, 3x7x3 machine which produce Steam from water distilled and normal (distilled is more efficient). The Solar Tower needs at least 1
  • Solar Reflector to work.
  • Solar Reflector, 3x5x1 multiblock which reflects sunlight in the direction of the Solar Tower.
  • Steam Turbine, 3x4x12 massive machine which produces energy from steam.

I'm searching for a 3d artist for the next models of the mod

and @cyrilgenin with Storage Tech
cyrilgenin said:
This mod add other disks for Refined Storage:

  • 1 Storage Disk (1 item)
  • 64 Storage Disk (64 items)
  • 256k Storage Disk (256000 items)
  • 1024k Storage Disk (1024000 items)
  • 4096k Storage Disk (4096000 items)
  • 16384k Storage Disk (16384000 items)

  • 1024k Fluid Storage Disk (1024000 mb)
  • 2048k Fluid Storage Disk (2048000 mb)
  • 4096k Fluid Storage Disk (4096000 mb)
  • 8192k Fluid Storage Disk (9192000 mb)


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @MrTutankhamun with Storage Boats
MrTutankhamun said:
Storage Boats 2.5
*The storage boats now keep the items that are in the inventory!

*When you break a shulker box boat, it will now drop a shulker box with all the items inside the block.

*If you place a shulker box in a boat that has items in it, they will be in the storage boat's inventory.

*The storage boats now do not drop shovels when they break.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Lycanite with Lycanites Mobs
Lycanite said:
Lycanites Mobs
Lycanites Mobs Update: Whirlpool - Version for Minecraft 1.11.2
Configs older than will be reset.

New Features:
Added new commands /lm mobevent enable/disable random which will specifically enable/disable random events but not scheduled ones or ones started via commands.
Added a new FISHING spawn type! Yup, now when you real in a catch, you may get a lot more than you bragained for! Configs will need to be manually cleared or updated with the FISHING type for this to work. The default mobs that spawn from this are: Silex, Abtu, Lacedon and Roa.
Added the Shadow Clown skin to the Grue, these will spawn on halloween and Grues with the name "Shadow Clown" will use this skin.

Major Fixes:
Refined AI targeting to match vanilla Minecraft in order to increase performance.
Improved melee attack range calculations, large mobs like the Crusk should now once again be able to actually attack!
Added wrappers for DataManager calls, this should hopefully stop the casting crashes for clients on servers.
The 'Disable All Spawning' config setting should now work correctly, all the custom spawners were ignoring this!

Config Changes:
The size of each mob can now be scaled, the hitbox will scale with this and can still be scaled again with the hitbox scale config if needed.
The natural spawning of a mob's subspecies can now be disabled per-mob via the spawning configs.

The Ent's model and texture has been improved!
The Ventoraptors and Uvaraptors now have deadly sickle claws!
Killing mobs now has 10% (configurable) to add it to the Beastiary, bosses have a 100% chance.
The chance of a Crusk or Serpix spawning as a baby is now 25% up from 10%, these can only be tamed as babies. The upcoming Gorger will also follow this.
Vespids (non-queens) will no longer attack Conbas leaving them for their queen to infect and Conbas should never attack Vespids, they're too afraid!

Scepters now deal double damage to anything that isn't another player and have 4X increased durability.
Rahovart and Asmodeus should now be more effective at sending Nether Souls to high flying players and will no longer take damage from high flying players.

Minor Fixes:
Fixed a bug where mobs would sometimes spin around when attacking, this doesn't fix the spinning bug caused by base Minecraft pathing.
Fixed a bug where mobs that pickup other mobs/players weren't always successful.
Fixed a bug where players were inside of mobs that had picked them up instead of hanging from the pickup point.
Improved Lacedon/Dweller swimming, still a bit buggy at water surface, fine underwater and on land.
Alpha Makas now receive double damage from each other when fighting.
Baby mobs should show Baby in their name again.
Familiars should now spawn in correctly when rejoining a world.
Named pets now only show their given name instead of their name along with their owners name and species name.
Buckets of Pure Lava and Ooze should now dispense properly.
Fixed seasonal mobs skins not being applied.

and @Tschipp with Carry On
Tschipp said:
Carry On

Ever wonder why you can carry a stack of 64 empty chests in your pocket, but you can’t move a filled one with your bare hands? Well, wonder no more!

Carry On is a simple mod that improves game interaction by allowing players to pick up, carry, and place single block Tile Entities (such as Chests, Furnaces, and your favorite machines from other Tech Mods) using only their empty hands. No items (or pickaxes) required. States, meta data, inventory and NBT data are retained.

How it Works:

  • Sneak + Right-Click (with Empty Hands) on any Tile Entity to lift and carry
  • Right-Click to place

Other features:

  • Works with single block Tile Entities from any mod (yes, tech mods too)
  • Respects the ‘lock’ functionality so Tile Entities cannot be stolen
  • Powerful config allows you to blacklist entire mods or specific blocks, and additional customization
  • Players can only carry one Tile Entity at a time, and are prevented from other actions when carrying
  • Carrying a Tile Entity slows the player. Items with fuller inventories will cause additional slowness

  • Are you making this for 1.10 and 1.12 also? Yes, we are.
Known Issues:

  • Rendering while carrying is a bit 'janky' on multiplayer server
  • Armor still animates when carrying a Tile Entity
  • On a server, in first person, the right hand of a players disappears when another player is carrying a Tile Entity

Please feel free to use this mod in any modpack, public or private. There is no need to notify or ask us, please just mention Tschipp and Purplicious_Cow in the pack if you do make it public, and link back to this forum post.

Find us on Reddit:

Purplicious_Cow is u/purplicious_cow
Tschipp is u/Tschipp


© Purplicious_Cow and Tschipp 2017. This mod (plugin, patch to Minecraft source, henceforth "Mod" or "The Mod"), by the terms of http://minecraft.net/terms are sole property of the Mod author (Purplicious_Cow and Tschipp, henceforth "Owners" or "The Owners"). By default it may only be distributed on minecraftforum.net and curseforge.com by the Owners. They may not be mirrored or reposted with advance written permission of the Owners. URL shorteners or other attempts to make money off The Owners' Mods are strictly forbidden without advance written permission.

and @Mrbysco with Just A Raft
Mrbysco said:
This mod adds Rafts to the game.

You can crafts from any 3 logs and some string, these floaty pieces of wood are a great addition to your minecraft waters.

there are currently 6 types of rafts one type for each log.

This mod has been created due to a idea Darkosto has been pitching for weeks

and @Buuz135 with Despawning Spawners
Buuz135 said:
Despawning Spawners allows you to automatically destroy spawners when it reaches X amount of spawns. (50 by default). The only config available is the amount of spawns a spawner can do.

general {
# Amount of spawns can a spawner do. It won't stop the remaining spawns of a spawner 'work'. [range: 0 ~ 2147483647, default: 50]


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @RWTema with Extra Utilities
RWTema said:
Extra Utilities 1.12 - 1.5.2
- Add TCon Integration (For 1.12 Only!)
- Magical Wood
- Demonic
- Evil-Infused Iron
- Enchanted
These each have different traits, to see what they do you can check out "Materials and You"
- Fix Speed upgrades of different types stacking in transfer nodes
- Disabled unloaded chunk tracking of GP sources
- Magical wood is now registered as "blockMagicalWood"

and @McJty with XNet
McJty said:
XNet 1.12-1.4.0

  • Removed CommandGen command
  • Implemented a search bar with hilighting in the controller. Makes it easier to search your device on the network

  • Made the router gui a bit more compact so that longer controller names are easier to use

  • Fixed a bug where removing a configuration for a block on a connector with other blocks on that same connector might remove the wrong configuration

  • If you hold a connector, cable, or facade all other cables and connectors covered by facades will be hilighted in the appropriate color. That makes it easier to examine your hidden XNet network
  • Added the ability to disable directions for a connector. Helps relieve clutter in the gui and also makes the cables less confusing in case you don't need some connection. To do this you need to access the GUI of the connector


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @ProPercivalalb with Doggy Talents
ProPercivalalb said:
Doggy Talents 1.12- | 15th July 2017
+ Added Dog Sunglasses
+ Added Dog Leather Jacket - turn your dog into a secret agent!
+ Added Creative Collar which gives your dog 1000 points to spend on talents (only available in creative obviously)
+ Added Spotted Collar and Multicolour Collar
+ Readded doggy texture index (for now) you can add your own skins assets/doggytalents/textures/mob/dog/doggytex$NO.png up to 128 textures
+ Added 8 new textures for dogs - 2 of the textures are from an old mod "Extended Wolves". We are trying to contact the owner, it is unlikely he will reply, he hasn't been on his MCF account in over a year. Hopefully he doesn't mind, if he wants us to remove them we will.
+ Added dyeable capes that you can put on the dog
+ Added tartan cape that you can put on the dog
+ Added throw stick that you can play fetch with your dog
+ Collar shears now remove all items on your dog
+ Added wings on your dog when you have level 5 Pillow paw (can be disabled in config file/gui)
+ Added 3D saddle when you have at least 1 level in wolf mount
+ Added Tiny Bone and Big Bone this decreases and increases your dogs size respectively
+ Added support for MC 1.8.9
+ Added support for the wooden planks from Botania mod to be used as casing in dog bed
# Changed incapacitated blood to look much better
* Fixed no message being displayed when riding a dog and it runs out of hunger
Special thanks to knuckles001 for lots of the content in this update

and @HellFirePvP with Modular Machinery
HellFirePvP said:
A modpack-maker toolset to create custom, massive, unique and complex machines and recipes from scratch with JSON.

The mod includes decorative casings and tiered, configurable tiers of item/fluid/energy input/output buses/hatches to allow for the creation of big multiblock machinery like Gregtech's Implosion Compressor, Vacuum Freezer, ... and whatever you might imagine.

The mod is intended as toolset for modpack makers and not meant to be just thrown into a pack and not modified at all. Adjust/Add/Remove recipes and machines to fit the pack you're creating!

The mod also comes with 3 pre-defined machines and a couple of recipes that are meant as examples to show how recipes and machines can be defined and how the result of that then looks like.

Planned Features:

- Expand the RecipeAdapter system to allow for more things than just the minecraft furnace-recipes and allow for more customization of said adapters

- Extend Input-checks to check for specific NBT-tags

- Extend Output-definitions to allow to set specific NBT-Tags on output items

Wiki: https://github.com/HellFirePvP/ModularMachinery/wiki

Questions/Feedback/Suggestions on the AstralSorcery discord: https://discord.gg/q37VRcT

Mod introduction video:

and @Seth0067 with "To the Bat Poles!"
Seth0067 said:
"To the Bat Poles" creates a one-way ride out of everyday iron bars!

Simply stack iron bars one-on-top-of-another to create a pole length of your choosing. Make sure the top of your pole is easily reached, jump at the pole and (provided you don't miss) off you go!

Created for firehouse builds and Batcaves in mind, your poles are an invaluable design tool to facilitate one-way dungeon travel. For the "immersion" sticklers among you, we have provided a cfg option to allow a slow climb back up if that's more your thing.

Pole-dancing skill tree not included!

and @gr8pefish with Open Glider
gr8pefish said:
Open Glider 1.12.1-1.1.0
Version 1.12.1 - 1.1.0:

- Heat updraft system!
- Experimental, so disabled by default (configurable), but it does work if you want to try it out.

- Changed to 1.12.1, update Forge and mappings for that

Bug Fixes
- Disable update checker for now , as it was giving false positives

and @BloodWorkXGaming with Ex Nihilo: Creatio
BloodWorkXGaming said:
1.12+ Version of ExNihilo, based on Adscensio.

Play your skyblock Packs in the known and loved way, but with a twist:

All known Features remain:

  • Crucibles
  • Sifting
  • Barrels
  • Dolls
  • Hammers
But that's not all. Creatio has his own rotational Power system for automating various parts which were a chore in previous versions of the mod.

Like for example Automating your sieves!

What is going to come in the future?

  • Grinder
  • Auto hammers
  • more axles
Please provide feedback on balancing and suggest features.

For questions and feedback, visit the ATM Discord and ping @BloodWorkXGaming or message me on Reddit.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @iChun with Clef
iChun said:

This mod adds the ability to have instruments which plays ABC files.

By default the mod comes with several ABC tracks, and also adds the 32 instruments available in Starbound (with permission).

Clef reads any ABC files in the /mods/clef/abc folder, and instruments in the /mods/clef/instruments folder, so you are welcome to add your own ABC tracks or Instrument Packs. As an added bonus, Clef is also able to read Starbound mod packs in a .zip format.

Getting Instruments

Once in-game, to view the instruments in creative, open up the inventory and open up the Instruments creative tab. There, you will find all the instruments that Clef was able to load.

In survival though, there are three (configurable) ways to get instruments. Chest loot from structures, Mob drops, and the Instrument Player (more on the player later)

Instruments can be either two handed or one handed. By default configs, all two handed instruments will be one handed, to allow you to hold it in your off-hand slot whilst you adventure around!

Using Instruments

With your chosen instrument in hand, press the use key and a GUI would pop up, allowing you to select a song, play solo or in a band (with options to sync to their play time or their track), and to force the mod to reload all the ABC files or Instruments, and finally a Play button. Double clicking a song in the song list will immediately begin playing it.

Whilst playing an instrument, if the instrument is two handed, both hands must be free to play them. If they are one handed, the main hand will be prioritised and that will be played. To stop playing, merely use the instrument again or attack with the instrument.

Right clicking the Band Name will cycle through the available bands currently playing.

Bear in mind not to reload your ABC files if you have a significant number of them, it will cause the game to stall momentarily.

Holding shift whilst mousing over the instrument will tell you what pack the instrument is from, and what the item name for the instrument is.

The Instrument Player

The crafting recipe for the Instrument Player is as such: Planks, a chest, a note block, and a redstone torch.


Once placed, right click the block with an instrument to place the instrument inside. The Instrument Player has enough space for 9 instruments to be played simultaneously, once redstone power is applied.

Right click it again and you will see a similar GUI to the instrument GUI, but with some added features, most notably the storage space of the Instrument Player on the bottom right. Clicking any of the instruments there will eject the instrument on the top of the block.

There are also two buttons on the bottom of the song list, to allow you to add and view the playlist. Once you are viewing the playlist you will be able to see standard playlist settings such as shuffle, repeat, etc.

Making instruments with the Instrument Player

To make a new instrument with the instrument player, you need to fill up the Instrument Player with 9 instruments, and right click it with a name tag named as the item name of the instrument you want. To get the item name of the instrument, mouse over your instrument in the inventory and hold Shift. This item name is different from the name of the instrument.

You can only make instruments that either you have loaded to your game, or the server has loaded (configurable).

Getting more tracks and instruments

The way Clef works, is that tracks and instruments exist in actual files outside of the mod. As a result, you can easily drop any ABC file that you want to listen to in-game into the abc folder, or you can add new instruments by adding Starbound mod packs (in zip format) in the instruments folder.

There are ABC libraries available online, especially since Lord of The Rings Online and Starbound are both able to play these files.

It is also possible to unpack Starbound mods in pak format and rezip it into a zip format for Clef to read. Just be sure that the file structure follows Starbound's file structure and the root of the archive are where the sfx, items folders belong.

Known issues

The ABC files may play a little off key or off tempo or play incorrectly

Playing a little off key: I've tried my best to identify this, but I'm chalking this up to the Sound System having trouble adjusting the pitch of the tunes

Playing a little off tempo: Minecraft has a limit of 20 ticks per second. Some of the ABC files I've found has notes much shorter than that. Slightly off tempo is the best I can do.

Playing incorrectly: The ABC parser that I'm using, I wrote from scratch, so there's bound to be some problems with parsing some files one way or another. If the tune plays incorrectly, drop me a message (along with the abc file) and I'll see what I can do. At the moment the mod doesn't support more than one tune per ABC and it doesn't support verses/voises in the abc.

Instrument sounds tend to clip

I've been stuck on this issue for a while. The only way I've found to fix it is not conventional. This is not something I can fix easily.

Pausing the game doesn't pause a specific tune

I think it's a Minecraft thing. Just unpause and repause the game until the tune pauses.

Certain instrument sounds can freeze the game

Minecraft's Sound System doesn't play very nicely sometimes with sound files that it doesn't understand. Because of the way the mod works, there potentially are some files that could cause the game to freeze (servers will remain fine). I don't have a way to detect this. Try and identify which instrument causes this and avoid using the instrument. Such as the drumkit. Especially the drumkit. Fur Elise freezes the game on this. Use this information as you will.
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Jul 29, 2019
and @Furgl with Minewatch
Furgl said:
Minewatch 1.12-3.1
  • New heroes have been added:
    • Bastion

    • Mei
  • New abilities have been added:

    • Soldier76’s Sprint

    • Soldier76’s Helix Rocket

    • Hanzo’s Sonic Arrow

    • Hanzo’s Scatter Arrow
  • New: Added support for choosing alternate hero textures in the config. Let us know if you have a skin that you want us to add as a hero texture!
  • Added a Reaper skin by _Phantom
  • Fix: Reequip animations now play consistently when weapons do not have full durability
  • Fix: Weapons can no longer get stuck attacking after releasing the mouse
  • Fix: Soldier76’s bullets are now mapped to their texture properly
  • 3D models have been optimized and have a much smaller impact on performance
  • Reinhardt now continues to swing when left click is held down and attacks in the area in front of him regardless of if he directly hits an entity or not
  • Added proper sounds for hurting and healing entities with weapons and attacking with Reinhardt’s Hammer
  • Particles have been added to projectiles and Tracer’s Chestplate
  • Left click no longer punches while using a weapon
  • Projectile lifetimes have been adjusted
  • Projectiles now spawn closer to the hand that they were shot from (in most cases)
  • Projectiles no longer have client-server syncing issues at high velocities
  • Projectiles will now hit targets that are up close properly
  • Hanzo’s arrows have been retextured
  • The file size of the mod has been drastically reduced

and @codycoolwaffle with Tinkers' in the Sky
codycoolwaffle said:
Ever wanted better hammers and crooks from Ex Nihilo?

Well, now you can! With Tinkers Construct versions of both tools, you can make your hammers and crooks however you want!
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @TheIncgi with Advanced Macros
TheIncgi said:
This mod has the intention of hopefully being able to automate the player completely with both simple and complex macros.

Scripts can be written in Lua and triggered by events and keybinds.

Currently I would call this mod incomplete, but has enough features to be quite usable.

Some of the events are not setup yet. See this for a list of events and their details.

The LuaJ-jse-3.0.1.jar is needed to run this mod.
download it here:
or here:

Just put it in your mods folder

Features include:
  • Colored chat logging with simple codes like &B for bold, &I for italics and &0 thru &9 and &a thru &f as colors
  • Fast scripts powered by Lua on multiple threads
  • A syntax highlighting text editor with strings clearly marked by boxes with text codes showing the effects.
  • Log tables in an easy to read way
  • Tooltips on many functions in the editor. (Just hover over it)
  • Easy to re-order macros in the main menu.
  • Multiple profiles for different configs.
  • Easily kill scripts that don't exit/return (CNTRL + Macro Menu key)
  • Easily remove bindings (CNTRL + Click on trashcan)
  • A more advanced chat log function that allows for tooltips and clickable text
  • Quickly access a script related to a binding
  • Event fired macros like
    ● Chat event ● Hunger changed ● And more on the way
    ● Joined the world ● Weather changed
    ● Respawned ● Item Durabilty
    ● Died ● Leave the world
    ● Health changed ● XP gained/used
  • Key and Mouse button triggered macros
  • Key events can be set to trigger on key up, key down, or both
  • change profiles from a script
  • make the player speak into the chat (command work too)
  • edit settings and bindings from scripts
  • Get lots of information about the world and the things in it like:
    ● Connected players ● The current weather ● Current time in the world
    ● Nearby players ● Light level at a coordinate ● Biome names and a little bit of detail
    ● Items visible on other players ● Information about a block at some position ● All the entities that are loaded in your chunks
  • Render a 3D HUD into the world [see screenshots]
    Currently includes:
    ● Blocks
    ● Text
  • Play sounds
    ● Sounds can easily be looped
    ● Sounds can be stopped after starting
    ● Sounds can be paused
  • Toggle skin layers
  • Spelling errors (I'm sure they're around somewhere)
  • File IO
    ● Read from file
    ● Write to file
    ● Random Access Files (read and write at same time, can jump around in file too)
  • Prompt (get user input) [see screenshots]
  • Control player movements
  • Manage your inventory (you can access the 2x2 crafting as well
  • A hoard of information about a player (even more for yourself)
  • And some other stuff I'm sure I forgot
Planned features:
  • Some type of wiki or detailed in-game help
  • 2D HUD text and other 2D elements
  • HoloCube rotation
  • HoloCube with multiple textures (per side)
  • More event types
  • Auto-complete
  • Prompt menus for:
    ● Number Input ● Player selection ● Limited Item selection
  • Obfuscation, Strike-through, and Underline for 2D and 3D HUD text
  • A proper Icon for this mod
If you find a bug and would like to report it, the following things help:
  1. Finding the simplest way to recreate the bug
  2. If the error came from java, then having the error from the console helps
    (the line number, class and error type in particular, stacktrace too)
Known bugs:

Can't currently create new profiles from the new profile button.

Suggestions for features are welcome.

and @Tschipp with Carry On
Tschipp said:
Carry On 1.12 v1.2
Carry On

Release Notes 1.2 (for 1.10.2, 1.11.2 and 1.12)

“Picking up all the things!”

New Features:

  • Mobs and other Entities can now also be picked up!
  • The slowness effect can now be disabled for Creative Mode.
  • [1.11.2 and 1.12] Added support for GameStages by Darkhax : Individual blocks and entities can have custom pickup conditions.

Bug Fixes:

  • Jitteriness of blocks when on Servers has been removed
  • When MoBends is installed, the Head and Arms will again be rendered, but the arms won’t have rotation (credit: TenebriSWS)
  • Fixed players being able to steal chests from eachother, even when the chunks were protected with FTBUtils (credit: EmosewaGamer)
  • When the player is shot with arrows, the world no longer freaks out (credit: Fogrits, Darkosto)


  • Change to Forbidden Blocks config : It’s highly recommended that you reload your config file and read the wiki

and @Lycanite with Lycanites Mobs
Lycanite said:
Lycanites Mobs
Lycanites Mobs Update: Ultimus - Version for Minecraft 1.11.2
Configs older than will be reset.

New Features:
New Arctic Mob Added: Maug
New Desert Mob Added: Sutiramu
New Forest Mob Added: Calpod
New Freshwater Mob Added: Thresher
New Freshwater Mob Added: Ioray
New Freshwater Mob Added: Abaia
New Inferno Mob Added: Gorger
New Jungle Mob Added: Dawon
New Mountain Mob Added: Wildkin
New Plains Mob Added: Feradon
New Plains Mob Added: Quillbeast
New Saltwater Mob Added: Herma
New Swamp Mob Added: Aglebemu
New Swamp Mob Added: Triffid

Added new Beastiary commands for adding creatures to the Beastiary. (/lm beastairy add creaturename -or- /lm beastiary complete).

Major Fixes:
Fixed a bug where flying mounts would ignore player mvoement and fly where they want.
Fixed a major pathing issue causing large water mobs to not move at all unless they were near fully submerged.
Fixed a bug where pet/mount/familiar inventories weren't be loaded causing the loss of their items.

The new Sutiramu have joined the Arachnophobia event.
The new Triffids have joined the Root Riot event!
The new Aglebemu have joined the Bamstorm event!
The new Quillbeasts have joined the Blade Flurry event!
The new Gorgers have replaced Salamander in the Eruption event!
Updated some of the Russian language entries for the demon mobs content.

Picked up or feared entities including the player are now immune to suffocation damage.
Large mobs such as Arisaurs, Striders, Threshers, etc are no longer affected by whirlpools and can no longer be picked up.
Roa/Thresher whirlpools will no longer affect allied creatures such as their owner and owner's pets.

Minor Fixes:
Disabled Hit Areas for performance as they are no longer required.
Fixed a bug with the new model system causing the Roa and Thresher to render the saddle/armor textures on their whirlpool effect mesh constantly.
Suppressed a crash caused by setting a certain key for Minion Selection.

and @Buuz135 with Industrial Foregoing
Buuz135 said:
Industrial Foregoing 1.12-1.1.1-33
+ Added Black Hole Tank
+ Decreased slot stack size limit to 16 for the Plant Sower
+ Added a Contributor Reward as a Patreon Reward http://i.imgur.com/ReDZDWP.png https://www.patreon.com/buuz135
+ Added support for pumpkins and melon for the Plant Recollector


New Member
Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @kroeser with Integrated Tunnels
kroeser said:
Integrated Tunnels 1.12-1.3.0
As always, don't forget to backup your world before updating!
Requires CyclopsCore version 0.10.13 or higher.

* Add item, fluid, energy and block world importers/exporters
* Add player simulator
* Add new advancements
* Add manual entries and tutorials for the new world and player parts
* Add blacklist toggle properties for list-based aspects
* Add tooltip information to aspect settings with value restrictions

* Fix fluid transfer losing NBT tag information
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Orange1861 with Improved Villagers
Orange1861 said:
Improved Villagers 3.0.1
Major Update:

Butchers can now harvest meat from pigs, cows, chickens and sheep.
Villagers now get willing after getting beetroots. -This fixes a vanilla bug
Villagers will now pick up emeralds, don't drop them.
Added an option to bypass the tab system for those who don't like the tabs or they are causing issues.
When you kill a villager, it now drops its inventory.
May have fixed the no GUI popping up issue on servers.
Fixed the notification marker recipe.
Fixed a bug where villagers from other mods got deleted. They will now spawn in small houses.
Decreased amount of time before villagers go inside when night time starts.
Villagers now move slower when going indoors, to fix them going super quick at nightime.

and @BluSunrize with Immersive Engineering
BluSunrize said:
Immersive Engineering 0.12 - 71
- added missing recipes for Scaffold Slabs & Stairs
- added Albedo compat for Flare Cartridges
- added a recipe to make torches out of wool and creosote
- added the "Ancient" shader
- added the Covered Vertical Conveyor
- added the Chemthrower Multitank upgrade
- re-added the Hemp to String recipe
- changed logging to use separate logger rather than FMLLog (thanks Malte)
- changed Garden Coche to allow Podzol as a mushroom soil
- changed the Cloche to run at a reduced speed
- changed all multi- and dummyblocks to be immovable by Pistons, because Quark
- fixed Core Sample Drill animation (thanks Malte)
- fixed a bunch of Capability errors (thanks Malte)
- fixed turrets causing issues in target acquisition (thanks Malte)
- fixed client disconnecting due to NBT overflow in crates and toolboxes (thanks Malte)
- fixed broken remapper (thanks Malte)
- fixed conveyor recipes requiring single inputs (thanks Malte)
- fixed Tesla Coil animation not getting reset (thanks Malte)
- fixed Chisel compat conflicting with CTM
- fixed HarvestCraft compat not handling water and milk in the assembler properly
- fixed auto-breakers causing issues with Storage Crates and others
- fixed shiftclicking being broken in the Cloche GUI
- fixed Manual not reopening on the selected page
- fixed Railgun not working on Ender Dragon, Crystals and non-living entities (thanks Malte)
- fixed Bullets not loading the damage from the config properly
- fixed deprecated uses of getDrops
- fixed Splitting Conveyor being derpy after being rotated
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @necauqua with subpocket
necauqua said:
This mod adds personal infinite storage to the game. It is not as super-OP as it soungs though.

The subspatial pocket is one GUI that you are able to obtain by doing some tasks. It gives you a 160x70 pixels field, in which you can place and store any amount of items.

Technically, since we live in a finite world and use finite computers, you may not store true infinities of items. In Java maximal BigInteger is said to be 2^Integer.MAX_VALUE, which is far beyond both your brain can even try to understand and you RAM to hold.

Stack in this storage can be placed at any position and dragged with your mouse. But since your field is limited to 160x70 pixels there are enough types even in vanilla to fill all the space and make items overlap each other. This is the main 'anti-OP' feature, you need to be accurate with your sorting or you will never find needed item.

Also, items are not just picked with your mouse by some 16x16 bounding boxes, you have to point your mouse exactly at your item being rendered to select it properly. If some mod does funky rendering of some sorts, you can press Alt for the 16x16 bounding boxes to show up.

Keybinds. I am used a lot to MouseTweaks, so don't be surprised when mouse wheel works. Also, try out mouse wheel + ctrl key. And if you middle-click nonempty slot in subpocket GUI it will try to refill itself from your pocket.

The tasks you have to do are those (no in-game manuals included):

  • Survive for at least three hours (number of hours can be configured). When you do survive the required amount of time - look at the vanilla clock in the inventory - it's tooltip should say that you've survived long enough.
  • Fight a wither and kill it. The hard part is that your last hit should be done with bare hand. If you did it properly, clock tooltip should disappear.
  • Swallow a diamond. The easiest task, also you can swallow it only if you did previous steps correctly.
  • Get killed by the End Dragon. If you're playing in a hardcore world(or you've configured it that way) you can take half your health of damage instead of dying.
When all of these tasks are done you'll receive a paper from long forgotten God of Space and Time, that'll grant you a code. This code should be entered right in the game from your keyboard to access the pocket. Also gaining a subpocket forever blocks usage of ender chests for you (unless configured no to do so).

Your code works automatically if you are in the creative, you can get it by typing a command '/subpocket get code'. Also subcommands shown just tabbing after '/subpocket ' (you can also use '/subpocket help') should help you explore possibilities of the mod in creative.

Downloads are automatically uploaded to GitHub Releases as soon as new release is pushed, Curse uploading is done manually and may not be up to date.

Since this mod is licensed under MIT license - you may freely use it in your modpacks, but i am asking you to notify me about it, because i am interested in this information :)


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @RWTema with Extra Utilities
RWTema said:
Extra Utilities 1.12 - 1.6
- Added Chicken Wing Ring
- Added Ring of the Flying Squid
- Changed recipe for Angel Ring
- Fixed incorrect localization for golden lasso creatures
- Tweak deep dark generation to give less ores

and @Clayborn with Universal Remote
Clayborn said:
Universal Remote 1.12-0.9.0
- Fixed Forestry blocks only working at close range

- Fixed Integrated Dynamics reader/writers not working

- Fixed Extra Utilities 2 blocks GUI buttons not working remotely (e.g. redstone sensitivity)

- Added a config file and GUI. You can access the GUI through the forge 'mods' menu. (If you have a custom main menu this button may be missing.)

The configuration options include: fuel type (including 'none') and costs for each action as well as a blacklist for banning blocks or mods.

- General improvements in compatibility. If something wasn't quite working before it might be now! However, if you find an issue, please report it.

- Updated compatibility testing results

and @Tschipp with Carry On
Tschipp said:
Carry On 1.3
Carry On

Release Notes 1.3 (for 1.10.2, 1.11.2 and 1.12)

“The Key Thing Here”

New Features:

  • The Carry-key (Shift by default) can now be rebound. To carry things, press the carry key and right click. (suggested by stefrobb & others)
  • Entities drag you down in water (suggested by Darkosto)
  • Slowness values can now be tweaked using a multiplier value in the config file

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where certain blocks would crash on placing (Dispenser, Crafting Table…) (credit: TheGuyFromTheInternet)
  • Carrying Entities at night no longer darkens the screen


  • Some changes to default blacklists