What modpacks (if any) will i be able to run with these specs?

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Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-7020U CPU @ 2.30GHz

Video Card
Intel(R) HD Graphics 620

Video Card #2
NVIDIA GeForce MX110

4.0 GB

Operating System
Microsoft Windows 10 (build 17134), 64-bit

Is there any modpack i can run around or above 40 fps?


Forgot to mention my resolution is 1600x900
Also i get about 100fps in vanilla


Jul 24, 2013
You don't have enough ram to run anything new... Most modern packs (1.12.2) need 6-8GB allocated, more if you insist on texture packs.

Disable the Intel Graphics in your bios. Intel Graphics will normally steal up to 512MB from your system ram but by disabling it and running on the Nvidia card you can recover the ram. If you do not disable the Intel Graphics the ram will not be available. This will give you up to 3GB plus or minus to run Modded Minecraft.

The latest pack versions that can definitely run in that amount of ram are 1.7.10. 1.8 and 1.9 may have smaller packs that can run if you minimize the display settings a bit.
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Too Much Free Time
Dec 8, 2012
Lost as always
I concur with the Hambeau, 1.7.10 is likely to be the plateau of what you are able to safely and adequately handle with the setup described, with 1.8 and 1.9 being progressively more difficult. However, 1.9 was skipped almost entirely by the modding community, relatively few mods were updated for that version with 1.10.2 being the next 'stable' modded version. There were some mods that only happened in 1.8 such as Intangible and Thaumcraft 5, which would be worth checking out. However, 1.7.10 was a long-term stable modded version of Minecraft with MANY iconic mods and mod packs produced for that version of Minecraft. I think you'll find a mod pack in 1.7.10 that will fit practically any play style.

Unfortunately, you're going to be looking at 2GB RAM just to boot up a vanilla instance of MC in 1.10 and 1.12 (the next two versions of Minecraft with significant modded support), so the odds of successfully being able to run a modded instance on the resources indicated are... highly unlikely.