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What is the point of a Mini Me?

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Archie Duffy, Aug 11, 2014.

  1. Archie Duffy

    Archie Duffy Member

    I've discovered the Golden Egg block from OpenBlocks and so I placed it as decoration not knowing it would shortly blow up afterwards. So when I heard the explosion I obviously went to go check out what happened and then was picked up one of my many clones, I then thought it was going to kill me but not long after I realised it was peaceful. It has now been 6 hours and it has not yet grown up and all it is doing is chasing me and picking me up. So what is the point of them?
  2. RealSketch

    RealSketch Purple Dragon

    Redirecting your question to...
    What is the point of fun?
    That's your answer. ;)
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  3. pizzawolf14

    pizzawolf14 Popular Member

    I found out about it and had it on top of my beacon-capped gold pyramid on top of my big reactor turbine and when it started glowing I got really excited... Then it blew up and the poor guy died a frozen death by cryotheum.
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  4. Mysticmage11

    Mysticmage11 Active Member

    Mini Me's are basically just a trolly mob that looks like your skin. You can change their skin via nametag.
    Basically they walk around, breaking seeds, flowers, and rearraging the items in your chests. They can also pick you up.
    They're basically useless.

    Unless you hate onions.
  5. Eruantien

    Eruantien Forum Addict

    ... you're telling me I wasted gold on "fun"?
    I've stuck mine in a safari net for the time being. Can't decide whether or not to trashcan 'im...
  6. pizzawolf14

    pizzawolf14 Popular Member

    As my old baseball coach used to say, "your asshole's *this* tight, goldfish. Have done fun" Yes, my nickname was goldfish because... Well that's a story for another day.
  7. Capital_Mayhem

    Capital_Mayhem New Member

    LOL!! But yeah it's about the same as the walrus from extra cells. Just another thing to screw around with
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  8. Bigpak

    Bigpak Well-Known Member

    That walrus is badass.
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  9. Mysticmage11

    Mysticmage11 Active Member

    So nobody understood the onion reference? I is dissapoint.
  10. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha Never Leaves Wiki Staff ModMyMC Editor

    would be interesting if mini-me's could be used to buff yourself.
    for example make a mini-me with your name, leave it at a beacon, and you'll get buffed by the beacon even when you're not close to it
  11. the_j485

    the_j485 King of the Wicked

    And when it gets hurt, you do too. You die, its dies. It wears armour, you wear armour. You get potion effects, it does too. (Vice versa to all that)
  12. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha Never Leaves Wiki Staff ModMyMC Editor

    interesting, I like that...

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  13. malicious_bloke

    malicious_bloke Over-Achiever

    Hey if I were to sacrifice one on my blood altar, would it atone for the sins of the world?
  14. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha Never Leaves Wiki Staff ModMyMC Editor

    no, but it's a start
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  15. JoeDolca

    JoeDolca Active Member

    I think the effect would be closer to the exact opposite. Maybe it'll summon a couple demons, some devils... give or take one or two satans.
  16. malicious_bloke

    malicious_bloke Over-Achiever

    *for a given value of satan, terms and conditions apply, consult your doctor before using this product and/or service.
  17. Mysticmage11

    Mysticmage11 Active Member

    Okay, because nobody understood the onion thing, Pakratt managed to create a Flower Farm in his bee room on the AS Let's Play.
  18. the_j485

    the_j485 King of the Wicked

    Who? What?
    Where when how and why?
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  19. Eruantien

    Eruantien Forum Addict

    Sounds amazingly close to a familiar... oh, Emoniph, lemme ask you something...
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  20. MaxTheFox1135

    MaxTheFox1135 New Member

    Mini me is basically a mob that you could use to show who's how's is who's or if you're doing a roleplay you could use it for that. Or you could name tag it your favorite YouTubers if you have multiple and trap them as your own. Or you could golden lasso or safari net them and trade them for something you want. So they're basically a mob made for fun.

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